Where to Buy Wholesale Clothes for Boutique in 2024

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If you want to buy wholesale clothes for your boutique, then where would you head to? 

There are some places you can purchase wholesale clothing: You can explore local wholesale market.

Besides, online wholesale showrooms and trade shows are good places to purchase wholesale clothing from.

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3 Important Things While Buying For Your Boutique

1. Wholesale Price
2. Good Quality products, and
3. Minimum Order Quantity that you want

Three places to explore wholesale buying

1. Local Wholesale Market

2. Fashion Events and Trade Shows

3. Online Wholesalers

#1.Local Wholesale Markets

Most of the places have a local wholesale markets for clothes. The benefit for visiting and buying directly from the market is building your creditworthiness in the local market.

You build business relationships which prove beneficial in many spheres and you get first hand feel of the products before buying.

Apart from local markets, you can try finding young struggling new designers who have just ventured into entrepreneurship.

You would get some really good clothes from them at a reasonable price, mark it up a little & you are good to go. Your clients will love it.

To reach such wannabe designers, keep an eye on Facebook groups & communities of leading fashion colleges.

It is very likely that these budding designers will post there.

Just connect with a few designers & you can have a steady flow of designer garments.

#2. Fashion Events and Trade Shows

Fashion​​​​ Events provide a more nuanced look at upcoming trends and new clothing vendors. 

Trade shows are both showcasing and events that take place in major cities all around the country at seasonal times of the years.

If possible, visit fashion shows and events to catch up with the latest trends and collections. 

These shows are very important because they exposes you to valuable information and knowledge that you can’t pick up isolated in your hometown. 

#3. Online Wholesalers to Buy Wholesale Clothes For Your Boutique

Purchasing clothing online has become the overwhelming buying method to a strong boutique. 

Online wholesalers refer to websites that host major clothing vendors on one platform with the functionality of viewing and purchasing wholesale clothing.

Online you can purchase the latest trends and have the ability to immediately stock up clothing from the ease of your work place.

There are a lot of online wholesalers that can help create a flourishing business for you it’s just a matter of pin pointing which ones the right fashion for your customers and hit the right price points.

Buying From Online wholesale Sites

  1. Speedy And Secure Communication,
  2. Verified Suppliers And Manufacturers,
  3. Direct Addition Of The Transnational Data In The Systems Of The Company,
  4. A Large Variety Of Clothes As Well As A Large Number Of Offers And Demands,
  5. Expanding The Competition,
  6. Speedy Negotiation Process,
  7. Everything just a click away.

If you want to purchase hot selling and popular styles regularly, like every season, then your clothing wholesaler should have abundant products styles and fashion trends products.

If you want to find this kind of suppliers, below are some online shops for you:

#1. Ali Express or Alibaba

They offer very strong product search and help you in finding large quantities of suppliers for each product.

Buy Wholesale Clothes for Boutique, ali express

Be aware though, that all the stuff comes from China, so it does take a bit of time to arrive (about 3 weeks to one month). There are thousands of vendors and some sell the same item so, of course, find the one with the best price including shipping.

You should also, if you haven’t already, think about the style of things you want to offer. Is your boutique going to be more conservative or more alternative or flashy and glitzy and blingy?

What style or look of your boutique will also depend on where you get your wholesale stuff.

Also look to see what your competition is and try to be a little different.

The truth is that finding Wholesalers is the easy part, there are plenty of manufacturers that can stock your boutique in a short while. 

But the real part is to be interesting in choice of your collection and marketing.

#2. China brands

You can start your online boutique or drop shipping store with wholesale branded goods from this site. Full catalogs for more than 500,000 products is there. New and trendy arrivals is added every day.

china brands

#3. Shein

Shein promises to delivery your products across the globe and also offers free shipping if your order crosses a certain amount. 

They specialize in modern trendy fashion and boutique clothing. You can find a great deal of fashion items on this platform


#4. Zaful

They are one of the most amazing online store for fashion apparel collection and they are also one of the top rated china clothing wholesaler suppliers that provide you with nice and affordable clothing.


Wholesale clothing with your custom design

If you want wholesale clothing of a same type for customizing design, such as printed T-shirts for brand promotions etc. you have some custom design wholesalers.

#1. Apliiq

This US online store sells custom design clothing or other wearings. You can also buy wholesale from this shop.


10 Tips on how to market your boutique Business well

  • You leaned to stock your boutique well. Now you need to know some business tips to get into profit while giving quality to you customers.
    Here you have some of the tips :-
  • Travel in various markets and work with a dressmaker to offer a few simple dresses but beautiful unique fabric. 
  • Participate in Local Events (Get connected with your customers)
  • Be Active on ALL Social Media Sites (Take advantage of free advertising)
  • Find the Best Location (Lot’s of foot traffic and competitive price)
  • Consistently Hold Big Sales
  • Create a Loyalty Program.
  • Try to give some extra value to the customer. Try to be different in some way.
  • Try and get a “brand” name in your store that appeals to the masses, whatever the trend is.
  • Build a mutual selling/buyer relationship with up and coming and emerging designers in your community.
  • Pay attention to marketing and shop design. If you are selling through online portal, make sure your online shop is easy to use and mobile responsive.

5 Criteria To Decide Online Or Off-Line Purchase

Markets are expanding and world is shrinking. So, how would you decide whether you should buy online or purchase from a wholesaler near you. 

In fact, this is a very broad question, your decision to buy would depend on:

  1. market level at which you’d position the boutique - local or global
  2. target market whose needs you’re trying to satisfy -
    for Example :
    • Men Fashion Clothing
    • Women Fashion Clothing
    • Kids Clothing
    • Winter Clothing (Jacket, Hoodies, Sweater )
    • Fitness Clothing
    • Women Clothing
    • Men Clothing
    • Sports Wear
    • Custom Clothing
    • Workout Leggings
    • Plus Size Clothing (Men, Women Both)
  3. Brand image and aesthetic you want to get across
  4. type of fashion boutique you’d like to run
  5. host location of your boutique - transportation & logistics

You can easily buy anything wholesale from Ali Express but typically when opening a boutique, you need to decide the types of items you want to be sold there and the types of suppliers you would want to work with. 

Once you’ve decided on the above, then start looking for suppliers and wholesale partners that suit these requirements.

  1. Ease of Use (Accessible and functional)
  2. Customer Service (Returns and Cancellations)
  3. Legitimacy (How long have they been around?)
  4. Online Reviews
  5. Fast Shipping

10 valuable Tips when you buy Wholesale clothes for boutique

You need to find out the price points you need to hit in order to be successful in your community. What’s your price standards for the clothing which is very important.

  • Don't overprice merchandise or buy too expensive items that are not feasible for the customers to purchase.
  • The rule of thumb is that you take the wholesale price you purchased for and times that by 1.5 to get the retail price you should be selling at.
  • If you find some good affordable vendors and use this equation I am confident this will put you on the right path to being successful.
  • Then, figure out the clothing type of your boutique. Who is your target customer? You are selling for women, for man or for baby and kids?
  • Be very selective on what you buy. Overbuying will put you out of business! What market will you cater to? Don’t try to have lines that cater to all ages.
  • If you are buying online, check how long can you wait for the shipping time? If you can wait longer then the international online shopping will fits you.

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