19 Reasons Why Usha Janome Stitch Magic is Best | Usha Janome Stitch Magic Review

Stitching Machine Review

This is my detailed Usha Janome Stitch Magic Sewing Machine honest review guide after using Stitch Magic for 10+ years.

I am sewing and designing with Stitch Magic for more than a decade. Since 2014, I share DIY sewing video tutorials on Stitching Mall YouTube Channels and many people ask me why I love sewing on Usha Janome Stitch Magic sewing machine.

''Usha '' is Indian company ''Janome'' is Japanese company. Usha imports from ''janome'' Sewing co. Hence, Brand Name is '' Usha JANOME'' and Stitch Magic is sewing machine model.

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My husband constantly reminds me upgrading my sewing machine but I am reluctant to do so. 

I love my Usha Janome machine and there are reasons to it.

Stitch Magic is my best sewing machine because it is :-

  • easy to operate, 
  • sturdy,
  • feature rich - 57 in-built stitches, 1 buttonhole 
  • maintenance free - Never needed to get it serviced,
  • Works like new even after a decade.

I have worked with a number of different types of sewing machines.

Every machine has its speciality and adorable features but I found Stitch Magic one of my favourites.

So, I decided to open my heart and show what I feel about my Stitch Magic sewing machine. 

If you already have a sewing machine than you can relate to the features.

If you have just developed an interest in sewing, and you are thinking of buying a sewing machine for the first time, you must know the best sewing machine options in the market.

I love my Usha Janome because -

1. DIY Sewing looks professionally done

It enhances my sewing projects finishing and quality. It offers me so many features to show my creativity, imagination and usefulness.

This machine give good quality stitches with both sheer and thick fabrics.

2. Sewing speed can be slowed or increased any time

You can regulate the sewing speed. You can increase the speed of stitching or slow it down, depending on how much pressure you put on speed accelerator provided with this machine.

You can adjust speed and control the speed with your foot through pedal. If you want a slow speed, then you press gently on pedal.

3. Sturdy body and easy to carry

It is light weight sewing machine. It's body is made of aluminium die cast and robotic plastic, and the weight of machine is approx 10 kg. Height is only 16 inches. 

It's easy to carry from one place to another.

4. So many stitch, design and embroidery options

This machine comes with a whole package of multiple functions like stitching, embroidery stitching, button fixing, buttonhole and so many other useful functions.

I can do embroidery with this zig-zag stitching machine with different stitch combinations.

Even a beginner can do a lot of basic embroidery designing, using different stitch options, without any hassles.

An overlock stitch function is in-built, that is useful on everyday basis, but I use different stitch width and length combinations to get overlock finishing with zig-zag feature, because that is much faster. 

it is very nice machine, I must say.

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5. Compact machine, fits in Any Stitching Table

You can use any table to place and start using the machine. Extension table does not come along with it, which makes it less space consuming as compared to machines which come with an extension table.

It is a compact machine, which can fit anywhere. You don't even need to buy an extension table or an assembly table .

Its design is so good that you can use it on any table, stool or any kind of stable surface. You can also use it on the floor if you want so.

In short, you can use just any table at your home or get it fixed in a custom made stitching table.

You never need to compromise on your sewing room design, due to this machine's weight, height or size. 

6. Can stitch almost all types of fabrics

I sew different fabric materials on my stitch magic that includes heavy cotton, denim (I stitched my jeans on my Usha Janome Stitch Magic!), light and heavy materials, satin, fur, knitted fabric (lycra), upholstery, canvas, etc.

And I can make all kind of dresses with it. 

Only care I maintain is, I keep bobbin area lint free and change to a new needle (number 18) for heavy fabrics.

I never tried leather but I have this impression that small leather sewing projects can be done.

But of course, heavy leather sewing is not something, this machine is made for.

7. Comparison between Usha Janome Stitch Magic and Usha Janome Wonder Plus

When I wanted to  buy an automatic sewing machine, I had selected Usha Janome Wonder Plus Sewing Machine.

After comparison I realized that Usha Janome Wonder Plus is a lower model offering a limited stitch options as compared to Stitch Magic machine.

Whereas, Stitch Magic is a better model, offering better stitch options. Stitch magic has more options than wonder stitch plus.

Main differences are - 

Automatic stitch is high power, heavier duty and more sturdy as compared to Wonder stitch. Size is also a little bigger.

Both machines have 23 built-in designs but wonder stitch plus has only 36 stitch function having 4 step button holing, button fixing etc.

While stitch magic has about 57 stitch function having one step button holing, button fixing etc.

You can stitch heavy fabric like denim or jeans. I am using Stitch Magic for more than 10 years, and faced no problems till date. 

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8. Strong and good grip handle

Apart from its functions what I love most is, its cute and comfortable to hold handle. That makes lifting and carry the machine so much easier.

9. In-built motor control

This machine has in-built motor control that makes it safer to sew. No electric wires, exposed motor is there to be afraid of short circuit.  

It's an ISI marked machine, which assure that you are safe.

10. Motor does not heat after long hours of sewing

Even after long hours of sewing, machine motor does not overheat.

I use it continuously for more than 5 hours and motor doesn't heat up.

11. It’s Fully Covered With A Free Hard Case

 Usha Janome comes with a FREE sturdy cover to keep it safe from dust, babies and pets.

12. Range Of Tools And A Tool Box

You also get all the tools featured on sewing machine box like foot for various stitches like zipper, buttonhole, hemming, set of needles and bobbins etc. a basic tool kit.

There are four types of pressure foot and one stitch guidener comes with it. Different footers for various uses are -

1 Zig Zag Foot,

1 Zipper Foot,

1 Blind Hem Foot,

3 Bobbins,

4 Single needles,

1 Buttonhole Foot,

1 Round Hemmer Foot,

1 Twin Needle,

 1 Seam Ripper,

1 Screw Driver,

2 Threads

And an in-built tool box to keep your tools and accessories safe.

It comes with a yellow light bulb also to make sewing easier during dark hours.

It is a half shuttle machine and you need to keep shuttle area lint free always.

Having the right sewing tools will enhance your experience and add to your skill. You can start with a few basic sewing tools to get started.

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13. Free Demo, Sewing Tutorials And Usha Sewing School

When I purchased this sewing machine in 2011, I was provided with Free Demo by the company sales guy.

But he took one week to come. By that time, I had already explored and started sewing my things on machine.

When he was explaining machine functioning to me, I taught him better:)

I found the functioning easy to use and you don't really have to wait for demo class to start.

You can go online and check any youtube video tutorials to start your machine.

Get over the fear of your new machine. It's not complicated at all!

There is a manual and markings on the machine which can help a beginner to use it easily.

Moreover, to start sewing fast, a demo CD comes with the machine so it is not difficult to operate the machine for beginners.

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14. Easy Availability Of Spare Parts And Service

Spare parts and serving can be availed from local sewing machine repair shop.

If you need to replace bobin, needle or any of the sewing machine part, you can buy from local Usha showroom, online or your regular sewing machine repair shop.

15. Light weight plastic bobbins

Usha Janome comes with 3 plastic bobbins, which are light weight and easy to fill.

I can't use metal bobbins with stitch magic. But I am not complaining because using these plastic bobbins instead of metal bobbins keeps pressure on the shuttle race light.

16. warranty is given, but Stitch Magic Never broke down

Free service is provided when the machine and motor is in 2 years' warranty period.

Most sellers give the invoice for product warranty and warranty card and these are sufficient for any communication with Usha company.

Additionally, to claim "warranty" you can search for the nearby service center & get things done.

If you got the faulty piece or any other issue then talk to the seller or dial their toll free number.

If you bought a machine online, then go for Amazon customer care.

It's amusing that within six months' of my purchasing this Usha Janome from a local seller, that shop closed down.

I wondered what would I do, if I needed servicing for it! 

Thankfully, I never ever needed to get it serviced.

Normal, regular cleaning keeps this machine fit and fine.

17. Maintenance free machine 

You don't need monthly service for this machine. It's a maintenance free machine.

You will get 2 years warranty. When you face any issue with this machine, then call customer care 1800 1033 111 and raise a complaint.  Engineer will visit you free of cost.

18. Saves power

It doesn't work without power but you can operate it through an inverter supply as it consumes only 70 watts of electricity.

Or, it can work on your domestic power connection. A power cord and presser foot comes with this machine. 

That wire is to be connected to electric circuit but consumes as little as my light bulbs in my house.

19. Helpful in Boutique for designing

Usha Janome Stitch Magic is a great machine for home use but what you can use it for designing in your boutique clothings. 

This machine is definitely not for high volume stitching work and production.

I had Umbrella Machines because I needed speed monsters for fast and timely production in boutique.

But, I used Usha Janome also for specific designing purposes in my fashion boutique.

To sum up, it cannot replace a professional machine. It is an ideal machine for home sewing which can be used for designing and embroidery.

External body parts of Usha Janome Stitch Magic

Automatic Sewing Machine

A Sewing Machine is a combination of many small parts. All these parts have a different role to play.

Sometimes, these roles are inter-twined and some are independent but it’s for sure that all these parts work together as a team to get you a perfect dress on time.

I have three different sewing machines for different purposes.

It’s my hobby. It’s my passion to stitch and it's my work, I introduce my Usha Janome Stitch Magic to you.

Before we start the journey, I want to make it very clear that it’s not an advertorial by any company or brand. This is my personal experience with my sewing machine, that I share. 

(Update: Some links in this post may be affiliate but I personally use this machine)

All sewing machines may behave differently. Any machine has the capacity to give you headaches, depending on how you take care (or not take care) of it.

Thankfully, my machines are wonderfully good and they share a good rapport with me.

Now, I take a tour to know my Usha Jenome Stitch Magic sewing machine and take you with me to explore what Stitch Magic looks like -





















b 1


a 1






























Usha Janome Stitch Magic Sewing Machine Presser Foot Lifter


It’s an introduction to the external parts of Usha Janome Stitch Magic sewing machine. 

Though, it’s Stitch Magic but almost all the domestic sewing machines are more or less the same.

If you are familiar with one type of sewing machine, you will find no difficulty in getting yourself acquainted with any kind of advanced model of the same family of sewing machines.

New models keep coming with time but the basics will not change. Basics are forever.

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