What is Treadle Sewing Machine and How to Use It :

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Treadle Sewing Machine is the best sewing machine for heavy duty sewing and for boutique business because it speeds up work amazingly fast.

It is powered mechanically by a foot pedal that is pushed back and forth by your feet, hence your hands are free to hold and direct the fabric, while sewing.

Which Is the Best Sewing Machine Manual or Electric in 2024

It's a heavy, metal body machine, which is simple to use. The only thing that needs a little practice is the speed control.

Should You Buy New Sewing Machine or Fix Old One

Before you make up your mind about a treadle sewing machine, you should know the difference between a domestic sewing machine and a treadle machine.

Furthermore, you will notice that different sewing machine models may differ in looks, features and functions to a little extent.

Because of this reason, you need to focus more on your sewing requirement and choose the right machine.

Once you know your machine, your sewing level and your work requirement, the next step would be to learn your machine.

Why Manual Sewing Machine is good

I have never seen a Home, where a Sewing Machine is non-existent.

Many people inherit their machine from their grandmothers or mothers, which can be placed on a table top, while sewing.

My decade old sewing machine

Pros and Cons of Manual Sewing Machine

I learnt sewing on my mom's sewing machine when I was around 12 years' old and I have known the pains and pleasures of using this type of a sewing machine.


  • Space saving. Can be kept anywhere in a corner.
  • Cost effective as compared to other models.
  • Basic feature of straight stitch and reverse stitch.
  • Hand operated so it is easier to control speed.


  • Speed is so slow that you get tired sewing.
  • Your both hands are occupied. You can't hold fabric with both hands while embroidering or sewing necklines.
  • If you are a left hand person, you are in trouble with discomfort.


For occasional mending and repairing of torn clothes, a domestic sewing machine is a good tool to have.

But if you like to sew on regular basis for long hours, you are surely going to have cervical problems, shoulder and neck pains.

Correct sewing posture

Why Treadle Sewing Machine is Better

I always insist, BEST is a relative term. What is best for you may not meet my requirements.

But yes, sewing is our common pursuit. So you and I both may agree on certain features of a sewing machine; which is good for our work.

Therefore, I show you my high-speed Treadle / Umbrella Sewing Machine.

Pros and Cons of Treadle Sewing Machine

I bought my machine about 15 years back (second hand) from a closing boutique.

I wondered at that time as to how I would operate it because it was uncontrollable.

No relevant tutorials and manuals were available. So, whatever I learned was by trials and errors. Sometimes I got tips on handling the machine by veterans, too.

So, here I share my real sewing experiences.


  • Saves sewing time by 60%. Speed is awesome!
  • Sturdy metal body which can stand mishandling by workers.
  • Easy to start and operate. You can operate with feet or motor.
  • Neat and smooth stitches. Can  sew on all types of fabric, even leather.
  • Most importantly, you hands would be free to direct fabric and navigate your stitches well.


  • Want an exclusive space of about a computer table.
  • Can do simple stitches, reverse stitch, embroidery (with a different foot setting), Zipper etc.
  • If you use foot for long time, you may feel tired. Especially if you have electric motor option.
  •  Electric motor increases speed like a zap! You must practice and learn to control speed by hand wheel.


For heavy-duty sewing, you must have speed and tidiness of stitches. 

And a treadle machine/umbrella machine is best for simple stitching work. Speed depends on the motor or foot pressure that you apply.

When I started working on this machine, I started loving sewing more because now my work takes lesser time to complete. 

For all other designing work, I use Usha Janome Sewing Machine.

How to wind bobbin of Treadle Sewing Machine

Starting a treadle machine is easy.

You can wind the bobbin and thread the needle of your machine somewhat similar to your domestic sewing machine.

Due to speed you wind the bobbin fast.

You need to thread the needle manually and no bulb or extra light provisions are given with the machine.

How to control speed of Treadle sewing machine with electric motor

Pressure Foot of sewing machine is just like a car accelerator. You can increase or decrease the speed by pressing it gently or hardly.

The pressure foot of modern day domestic use electronic sewing machines are softer compared to the pressure foot of industrial use sewing machines.

Hence, it’s advisable that you keep one hand on hand wheel of the machine (initially, while you are in learning phase) to control the speed.

When you’ll master and would be knowing where to stop, then this practice may not be needed.

I have added some video tutorials below, which you can watch and learn to operate your machine in no time.

You can also check out and subscribed to Stitching Mall YouTube channel in English or Stitching Mall YouTube channel in Hindi / Urdu for regular updates.

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