Why Sewing Machine is a Thoughtful Gift Idea

It is tricky when you have to choose thoughtful yet modern gifts for her on an anniversary. You would have considered flowers, chocolates, diamonds and all sorts of things but there is a thoughtful gift that you can choose for her.

It is said that "when we choose a gift, we should consider how we would feel receiving it." This single thought has created a havoc in my house because I am flooded with strange things, which I would never ever imagine buying or using; not even passing on to my enemies !

I have always believed that gifts should be either consumables or those things, you really know the receiver would cherish.


Gifting for the sake of gifting is a BIG BURDEN ON THIS EARTH.

It creates clutter, hopelessness and economic strain.​​​​​

When you really putting your money to buy a gift, why not put some heart into it, too? A little understanding of the receiver's profession,education, social circle, hobbies, family can help us make this decision wisely.

4- Makes Life Easier

​Your gift should be such which could make the life of receiver a little bit easier. If the receiver finds the gift messy, cumbersome, difficult to handle or space consuming to store; then it's unlikely that he/she would ever use it. Reason is - our brain does not like to start things which are difficult to start with! Gifts need not be expensive, they need to be simple to make life easy!

5- Gives Pleasure

All these points go hands in hands but as the personality of the receiver differs, so the gift choices for them.

For a creative person what could be a better gift then gifting her the pleasure to c reat e!​ That could be in multiple ways. I suggested a few ideas through the shared links but you can explore somewhat similar things on the same page and make the right choice.

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