Sewing Machine Guide: Buy, Repair, Learn

Stitching Machine

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Discover expert tips and advice on selecting the perfect sewing machine to suit your needs, whether you’re looking for a basic model for simple projects or a more advanced machine with a plethora of features.

Learn how to navigate through the variety of options available, from mechanical to computerized machines, ensuring you make an informed decision that aligns with your sewing aspirations.

This section will help you make the right decision to -

1. Buy the best stitching machine | sewing machine.

2. Troubleshoot stitching machine problems at home yourself.

3. Learn to Operate A Stitching Machine On Your Own.

4. Save and earn money using your stitching machine.

1. How to Buy the Best Sewing Machine :

Best Sewing Machine for Boutique in India is basically in two segments branded and locally made. The best boutique sewing machine must earn you money, save time and it should be sturdy so that it could last longer. The sewing machine I used in my boutique I have an umbrella

Which Sewing Machine is Best for Tailoring | Boutique Business

You can buy a used sewing machine and save a lot of money. You must keep a few tips in mind while finalizing on a used sewing machine so you don't end up being at a loss. I used my mom's sewing machine and much later my first sewing machine

10 Tips to Buy Used Sewing Machine (Honest Tips 2024)

How to Choose and Buy Best Sewing Machine | Stitching Machine, depends upon your purpose of usage, skill expertise and your budget for this purpose. If you wonder how to buy a stitching machine, then consider that buying a stitching machine is a long time investment, because you don't change

Best Guide to Buy Stitching Machine (Honest Tips 2024)

Singer 1409 and Usha Dream Stitch Comparison Review 2020: Choose a sewing machine based on your requirement, budget and usage. Singer 1409 and Usha Dream Stitch are two popular sewing machine models.Both sewing machines are good to start with but the biggest challenge is to decide which is the BEST

Singer 1409 and Usha Dream Stitch Comparison Review 2024

These are the Top 10 Best Automatic Sewing Machine for Beginners to learn sewing at home. This list includes the most trusted, reliable,  premium, and budget friendly / cheap stitching machine brands in India. The first question in your mind arises, what’s an automatic sewing machine, and why should you

Best Automatic Sewing Machine for Beginner 2024 (Top 10)

Choosing a Serger or Overlock Stitch was difficult for me, because these words created so much confusion. On top of that, I found so many words which are used for the same stitch. I gathered all those details for me and you, so we save time and energy. I hope

What to Choose? Serger, Overlock or Interlock Stitch Machine

2. How to Troubleshoot Stitching Machine Problems Yourself

When you work with a machine, it is obvious that the machine will need regular oiling, maintenance and care.  

Don't give up on your machine even if it does not behave well. 

Try to learn its external body, internal parts, functioning, break-downs, wear and tear. This will help you in managing the machine without the hassles for a long time.

If you understand your machine, you will find it amazing that it can follow your instincts. (it happens with me and I am sure you'll experience it too!)

Increase Sewing Speed by enhancing the efficiency of your sewing machine, sewing posture/ergonomics, reducing distractions and preventing sewing injuries. Some of you may be doubtful that to increase sewing machine speed by 400% seems impossible! But I am sure some of you would 100% agree with me that it is

4 Tips to Increase Sewing Speed for You and Machine (2024 Guide)

Seam Puckering is gathering of a seam during sewing, after sewing, or after washing, which makes seam appearance look uneven and ugly. is a common problem on woven fabrics than knits. Sewing machine makes sewing so much fun until we face seam puckering or other minor troubles. The enemy number

5 Hacks To Fix Seam Puckering (Sewing Machine 2024)

How to Fix Sewing Machine Needle Break: 5 Common Problems and their Solutions when your sewing machine breaking a needle very often. You may be feeling frustrated when you are happily making your dress but suddently... ..sewing machine needle breaks. You change to a new needle, but again another broken

5 Solutions for Sewing Machine Needle break

Learn How to Repair Sewing Machine at Home by using this basic understanding of your sewing machine common problems and solutions. There are some common situations when your Sewing Machine does not work well. You can fix these problems at home, and resolve these troubles without a visit to the

How to Repair Sewing Machine at Home | Sewing Machine Repair at Home

Learn How to Fix Bobbin Thread Break. A smooth good stitch is what beautifies a dress. What would you do when Bobbin Thread Breaks too frequently. How would you Fix your Sewing Machine Stitch Troubles, that also yourself at home? I share my sewing machine experience with your and how

How to Fix Bobbin Thread Break in Sewing Machine

When a Sewing Machine Skip Stitch, you need to follow a few simple steps and in 90% times, your sewing machine problem will be solved. No matter how good a designer you are, if the sewing machine skip a stitch, your creation would not look the way it should. While

How to Fix When Sewing Machine Skip Stitch

3. How to Learn Operating a Stitching Machine on your own

Sewing machine safety tips when you are a beginner and you don't know much about your sewing machine. Your machine will be your best friend ever. If you know how to take care of it and be safe while working on it. As they say-safety first! But, due to any

Sewing Machine Safety Tips for Beginners (Hacks 2024)

The best way to learn stitching as a beginner is to get familiarized with the sewing tools and stitching machine, learn basic mending & try simple projects. There are many ways leading your imagination to creativity (sewing) and here I share some of the best ways, how I learnt sewing

Best Way To Learn Stitching as a Beginner In 2024

14 Days' Guide to Learn Sewing at home This is a 14 days' guide to learn sewing for anyone who wants to make good use of their time during these coronavirus outbreak times. Coronavirus has suddenly made so much time available to you, which you never thought really belonged to

14 Days Guide to Learn Sewing in 2024

How Start to Sew -​ I am sewing since my childhood. I started a fashion boutique business and now I sew for sharing my experiences with others. Many people asked me recently on the YouTube Channel,"How do I start to sew?" That is a simple question and it got a

How Start to Sew : My Sewing Routine to Make a Dress

These Tips will help you learn sewing with YouTube videos in 2021, as a beginner. It helps to learn sewing, watching real sewing videos by the people who love sewing. And you can even ask all your questions, doubts, queries about sewing on YouTube DIY video tutorials. They are more

6 Tips to Learn Sewing with YouTube Videos in 2024

Picot Stitch Sewing Tip Without Using Picot Machine - Pico Machine is a total waste. Especially if you stitch for yourself or for fun! Right ? I agree, an exclusive pico machine I will get when I got loads of hemming to do. And I agree that I can get

1 Picot Stitch Sewing Tip Without Using Picot Machine

4. How to Save And Earn Money Using Your Stitching Machine

These are 12 Proven Ways to Earn Money Sewing Work From Home. These money-making ideas are practical and you can work from home using them. I love to sew and I earned money using sewing as my anchor. I have practically worked on sewing projects from different angles and almost all

10+ Ways to Earn Money Sewing From Home

Learn How Can a Housewife Earn from Home by Sewing, Clothing business or any other online business. A flexi-hour work ensures happy, healthy and fulfilling life. Work from home sewing business ideas A couple of days back, I watched a video where housewives were shown as desperate and lonely. They

How Can a Housewife Earn from Home by sewing

Create and Sell Your Own Clothing Brand Online: 8 Detailed Steps to Success Ready to bring your clothing brand to life? Congratulate yourself because it is one of the best business decisions. There may be many ways how you can do a garment selling business. In this step-by-step practical business

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Learn Learn How to Earn Online with Sewing in 2022 with your gmail account, and how Google helps your make money from home. Google has changed the way you used to earn with sewing. Learn the ways how to earn online with sewing and earn money working from home I

How to Earn Online with Sewing in 2024 (with Google)

Some of you have been posting your stitching work on this website and you had been coordinating with people,who are willing to stitch. You can still share your needs here or on our facebook page. We are most happy when you get what you want. This page is to introduce you

Work From Home with Stitching Hobby (Sewing 2024)