20+ Popular Sleeves Patterns For Dresses (2024 DIY)

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Sleeves Patterns For Dresses: Trendy and Classic Sleeves Patterns for Dresses, which are easy to cut, sew and design for any type of dress.

These are 25 most popular Sleeves Patterns for Dresses, which are easy to cut, stitch and design for Kurtis, top, blouse or any type of dress. 

My Story - I used to get armhole measurement and sleeves fitting something difficult to do.

On top of that, deciding what type of sleeves patterns to choose for what type of dresses, added to my agony.

Therefore, I thought of sharing with you these 25 popular sleeves patterns, you can use for your dresses.

I add one more thing here - Cutting and attaching sleeves with armholes is a very easy part of making a dress.

To make sleeve making easier for you, I have compiled a Ready-to-Use Armhole and Sleeve Depth Measurement Chart, which you can use.

Before we start talking about different sleeve patterns, let's get to know about Cut Sleeve, which is also called Sleeve less design or Without Sleeves.

Summer kurti / kameez or blouses are most happening with cut sleeves patterns.

How to Make Your Own Sewing Pattern at Home

Different Types of sleeves - Length Variations

When I think of sleeves - different types of sleeves starts with their length. These types of sleeves are also known as simple sleeves.

But when you want your simple sleeves with different length you will have to be specific about how much length you want.

  1. Short Sleeves - Above elbow
  2. Full Sleeves - Till wrist
  3. 3/4 Sleeves - 3" Below elbow

A dress may start with cut sleeve or no sleeve to any length, you desire.

Short Sleeves Designs

Increase Length to Change Style 

Simple Short Sleeves would be cut till your biceps or above elbow, that would be about 5" to 7" length from shoulder joint.

When we increase the length of short sleeves they will change their name to full sleeve or 3/4 sleeves. You can see more sleeve designs here.

Ruffle sleeves


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