Singer Fashion Mate 3342 Sewing Machine Review in India 2023

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Singer Fashion Mate 3342 is an Electric Sewing Machine for beginners for -

  1. sewing daily use dresses,
  2. mending or repairing old clothes, 
  3. home decor,
  4. school projects, 
  5. picot, fall fixing,
  6. button fixing,
  7. button hole making and
  8. variety of design options to make beautiful dresses.

Singer 3342 comes with 32 built-in stitch patterns including basic stitches, stretch stitches, decorative stitches, as well as an easy 1-step buttonhole.

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Singer Fashion Mate 3342 - Beginner Friendly Machine

Singer Fashion Mate 3342 Sewing Machine

Singer Fashion Mate 3342 Sewing Machine

Is Singer Fashion Mate 3342 good machine for you?

Singer Fashion Mate 3342 is a good machine for you if you are beginner, who loves to sew.

If you are buying your first sewing machine then Fashion Mate is a good choice for you because -  

  1. it is easy to operate, 
  2. good number of stitch designs,
  3. medium level stitching speed,
  4. budget friendly and
  5. it can stitch light to medium fabrics.

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Popular Features of Singer Fashionmate 3342:

  • 32 Built-In Stitches
  • Basic, stretch and decorative stitches
  • 1-Step Buttonhole
  • Consistent results every time
  • Built-In Needle Threader
  • Effortlessly thread the needle to start sewing faster
  • Top Drop-In Bobbin
  • Easy to see and easy to thread
  • See your sewing area clearly
  • Adjustable Stitch Length
  • Customize stitch length for various types of fabric
  • Adjustable Stitch Width
  • Customize stitch width as desired for your projects
  • Heavy Duty Metal Frame
  • Long lasting durability
  • Free Arm
  • Provides easy access to cuffs, collars, pant hems and other smaller or difficult-to-reach areas
  • On-Board Storage
  • Accessories are conveniently stored in the removable storage compartment so they are easily accessible
  • Adjustable stitch length, adjustable stitch width ; Amps: 0.5A ; Watts: 60w ; Voltage: 110V
  • FREE Accessories Included
  • Great basics to get you started: All-Purpose Foot, Zipper Foot, Button Sewing Foot, Buttonhole Foot, Sew Easy Foot (bonus item, may not be included in some areas), Darning Plate, Bobbins, Pack of Needles, Auxiliary Spool Pin, Seam Ripper/Lint Brush, Spool Cap, Edge Guide
  • 2 Year Warranty

Frequently Asked Questions about Singer Fashion Mate 3342 - 

1. Do you get warranty on Singer Zig Zag Sewing machine?

Yes, Singer offers 2 Years warranty on this model.

2. Do you get Demo when you purchase Singer Fashion Mate 3342?

Yes, you can get two FREE demos, which you can book as per your convenience. 

3. Are Demo Videos available online?

Yes you can there are a number of online tutorials and videos about Singer Fashion Mate 3342. Check here -

4. Is it possible to use Twin Needle on Singer Fashion Mate?

Yes you can use twin Needle with Singer Fashion Mate 3342 Sewing Machine.

5. How many stitch functions/ patterns are there in Singer Fashion Mate sewing machine?

This Model has 77 stitch functions that makes sewing, designing and embroidery easy, fun and enjoyment.

6. Can you do Embroidery with Singer Fashion Mate 3342?

Yes, you can do Embroidery with the help of this sewing machine.

7. How to fill the thread in bobbin?

There is a bobbin winder provided in the machine through which you can easily fill the bobbin with thread. 

8. How to change a presser feet attachment in Singer sewing machine?

To Change the presser feet you need to lift the release lever behind the machine to detach the presser feet. After that the presser feet needs to be placed just below the needle. To Know more, watch this video.

9. Does Singer Fashion Mate 3342 sewing machine have Blindstitching, Picot, Hemming & Overedging option?

Yes, This sewing machine will do Blindstitching, Picot, Hemming & Overedging.

10. Is reverse stitching possible in this sewing machine?

Yes, This sewing machine has a reverse stitching feature.

11. Is the Bobbin Case made of Plastic or Metal?

The bobbin case is made up of Plastic that is a normal in all the plastic body zig zag machines.

12. Does this sewing machine requires oiling?

No, there is no oiling required in this model.

13. How to attach foot controller to the sewing machine?

You can insert the foot controller by attaching the wire into the sewing machine and switch on the Power button.

14. How to adjust the presser bar?

You can adjust the presser foot through the Presser foot lifter behind the machine.

It will help you while removing or inserting a cloth.

You can insert the foot controller by attaching the wire in the sewing machine and switch on the Power button. 

15. Does Fashionmate sewing machine have Automatic thread cutter?

Yes, you can cut the thread easily as Fashionmate has an automatic thread cutter.

16. Does Singer Fashion Mate 3342 sewing machine has free arm stitching feature?

Yes,This model has a free arm stitching feature.

17. What can be done to avoid needle break?

To avoid needle break, you need to fix the needle at the right position with the flat side facing backwards, you need to use the needle as per the fabric and it should be inserted correctly. 

18. What can be done when the thread breaks?

In case if the thread breaks, you need to insert the thread in the given direction specified on the machine and set the tension disk at 3-4. If the tension is too tight, it will lead to thread breakage.

19. What can be done when the thread starts gathering on the cloth?

If the thread starts gathering, you need to set the tension disk on the top at 7-8 . 

20. How to make decorative designs with Singer Zig Zag Sewing Machines?

Singer has readily available attachements which can help you in making beautiful and creative designs through various attachments like Flower Stitch Attachment, Ruffler Foot Attachment, and many more.

21. Is the sewing machine capable of stitching buttons?

Yes, It has 1 Step Buttonholer that helps you to stitch buttons & buttonholes.

22. Does the sewing machine have automatic bobbin winder?

Yes,This machine has an automatic bobbin winder.

23. What kind of Fabric can be used in this sewing machine?

You can use light fabrics only and Minor alterations of Medium weight Fabrics can be done.

24. What can be done if fabric Is not feeding properly?

If the machine is not feeding the fabric,you need to lower down the presser feet and continue sewing and make sure that the stitch length control is not set to ‘0’.Stitch length setting should be increased.

25. What is the reason for needle break & how to avoid it?

Needles break when it is either damaged or appropriate needle is not used according to the fabric.Avoid pushing or pulling the fabric while sewing.

26. What are the reasons when stitches are skipping on the fabric?

Reasons if the stitches are skipping on the fabric are-

1. Needle does not go up to the needle clamp with flat side facing backwards.

2. Needle is not appropriate according to the fabric.

3. Damaged Needle should not be used.

Singer Fashion Mate 3342 Sewing Machine

Singer Fashion Mate 3342 Sewing Machine

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