Cutting & Sewing Tools You Must Have

We get ready with our sewing tools to start with our Cutting & Tailoring. To start with, there is not a very big list but yes, small small things make a big difference here. While you sew, there are some basic tools. But when it comes to decorating your dress or sewing project, there is a huge variety to choose from.

First of all, I introduce you to the Stitching Material needed to go ahead. These are the very basic ones to begin with and as we carry on with our journey, we will find out some more interesting things.

In fact, the decorative material and other stitching material which we use to beautify our dresses are in abundance and surely it will be a fun to go along this road with good ideas and interesting materials to design our imagination.

Basic Tools for Cutting, Pattern Making & Sewing for Beginners

Basic Tools & Material for Cutting

  • Measuring Tape
  • A Notebook and a pen/pencil (to note down the measurements)
  • A good sharp fabric cutting scissors
  • 24 inches long scale
  • A fabric chalk
  • Clothe of desired length and width
  • Iron + Ironing board
  • Leg curve (optional)
  • Tracing Wheel

Basic Tools for Simple Sewing Projects

  • Your Sewing Machine
  • Thread
  • Thread Cutter
  • Bobbin
  • Sewing Machine Oil
  • Hand Sewing Needles
  • All purpose pins
  • Measuring Tape
  • Marking Chalk
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Trimmings-lace, button etc

I know that you’ll say these are just a fraction of the whole but you should start with very basic ones and as you gain experience, you can add more material and more tools to your sewing kit.

Your Complete Cutting & Sewing Tool Kit

1. French Curves : For shaping armholes and necklines and for a variety of other shaping needs. 

2. Pencil & Sharpener : Necessary for pattern making.


3. Other Pencils & Pens : Use red and black colored pencils to identify pattern changes. Use felt-tip pens in green and blue for pattern information.


4. Notcher : Cuts notches on pattern. Indicates guide marks such as seam.allowance, ease and dart intake.


5. Tracing Wheel : Transfers muslin pattern to paper and paper pattern to fabric


6. Straight Metre Scale : For measure / Measuring on fabric


7. Eraser : Non-dust eraser.


8. Weights : To hold pattern in place while making or tracing. Anything heavy will do.


9. Marking Chalk : Used for marking fabric. 

10. Tracing Paper : To transfer muslin pattern shapes or to make copies of original.patterns.


11. Paper Scissors : To cut paper patterns


12. Fabric Scissors : To cut fabrics


13. Triangle (Set Square) : Can be with or without measurements.


14. Hip Curve : Shapes hip, hem, elbows and lapels.


15. L Scale : For making the patterns


16. Inseam Curve : Shapes inseams


17. Measuring Tape : For measuring form or figure.


18. Oil Pins : To keep fabrics in place 19. Scotch Tape : To hold the fabric in place

20. Notebook : To make notes


21. Muslin Cloth : To check the pattern before making actual garment


22. Stapler with Pins


23. Board Pins 24. Cutting Table


25. Hand Punch : Punches holes for storing patterns

26. Compass : For drawing circles and arcs


27. Pattern Paper

Kit for Sewing

1. Bobbin

2. Machine Sewing Needles

3. Hand Sewing Needles

4. Thimble

5. Seam Opener

6. Thread

7. Oil Pins

8. Measuring Tape

9. Marking Chalk

10. Fabric Scissors

11. Pinking Shears

Do It Yourself : Sewing Video Tutorials

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Sewing Tools You Need

Basic Sew Kit

Sewing Machine


Drafting Tools

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