Sewing Tools You Must Be Friends With

We get ready with our sewing tools to start with our Cutting & Tailoring. To start with, there is not a very big list but yes, small small things make a big difference here. While you sew, there are some basic tools. But when it comes to decorating your dress or sewing project, there is a huge variety to choose from.

First of all, I introduce you to the Stitching Material needed to go ahead. These are the very basic ones to begin with and as we carry on with our journey, we will find out some more interesting things.

In fact, the decorative material and other stitching material which we use to beautify our dresses are in abundance and surely it will be a fun to go along this road with good ideas and interesting materials to design our imagination.

For Cutting: 

  1. Measuring Tape
  2. A Notebook and a pen/pencil (to note down the measurements)
  3. A good sharp fabric cutting scissors
  4. 24 inches long scale
  5. A fabric chalk
  6. Clothe of desired length and width
  7. Iron + Ironing board
  8. Leg curve (optional)
  9. Tracing Wheel

Ready to use body measurement and standard measurement chart for men,women and kids.

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For Sewing:

  1. Your Sewing Machine in Good Working Condition
  2. Thread

How to buy a sewing machine.

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I know that you’ll say these are just a fraction of the whole but see, I had already told you that we’ll start with very basic ones and as we proceed we can any day add more material and more things to our stitching.

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Sewing Tools You Need

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Drafting Tools

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