Best Sewing Machines 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

How much fun and joy it is to have the best sewing machine on the Earth to create, what we want to create provided that BEST SEWING MACHINE existed! I bet you agree with me!

But you'll also agree that there is no such thing called "BEST" on this Earth. Everything is not for everybody and everybody can not have everything. Moreover, we can not do with "whatever" is available, we just want the perfect fit that suits out needs.

Each one of us have unique personalities, needs, wants, desires, visualizations, creativity, expertise and not to mention the budget!

Best Sewing Machines 2018

​This world is full of choices. As soon as we are born and claim our existence, we are bombarded with so many choices and decision makings that it becomes all the more crucial to reach at the best decision in every sphere of life. That includes choosing the best sewing machine for ourselves. 

Many people ask me on Stitching Mall English ​YouTube channel as well as on Stitching Mall : Hindi / Urdu about the best sewing machine they should buy. They have different needs as a beginner and as a professional. 

I have been sewing and loving it since the time I know my existence, so I believe I researched enough and I have hands on work  on a number of sewing machines, which I can suggest you to buy right now.

It's a wonderful sewing machine. Its functions are simple, easy to understand. Once we get acquainted with the machine,, it's super, it's needle threader is very helpful. I recommend you for the domestic projects. Applique work is awesome. Extra foot we can buy. Button hole foot is nice. I bought gathering foot, Pintuck foot etc... Extra bobbins I bought from Amazon... Rajesh bobbins. It fits in Usha janome wonderstitch.

  • Features
  • in-built stitches
  • performance
  • Automatic zig-zag sewing machine with free arm for circular stitch
  • In-built motor; built-in needle threader and light with switch
  • Drop feed for embroidery; triple strength stitch
  • Auto tripping bobbin system; Sewing speed: 860 SPM; dial type stitch selector

All in all, this is a good sewing machine for home sewing projects. As a beginner or as an dress maker for small to medium projects, you can rely on this sewing machine. It gives you a number of designer stitches to choose from. But this machine is not recommended for professionals or industrial workers.


  • Good product for home use.
  • Reasonably priced
  • Easy to operate with foot pedal.
  • Spares and service easily available.


  • Not suitable for advanced learners.
  • Needs frequent lint cleaning, which is a common problem with machines in this segment.

2.Singer Stylist 7258

This is the sewing machine which you can pass on from one generation to another. It will outlive your expectations of performance. Singer has been a leader in sewing machines. This machine has all the features to make you love your creative skills. It has the features of (1) the self threading needle, (2) the clear, see-thru bobbin case so you always know how much bobbin thread you have left (3) the drop down needle position feature for easy pivoting around corners, and (4) the thread cutter.

  • Features
  • in-built stitches
  • performance
  • The machine is also very quiet and runs smoothly compared to older versions of Singers. It does not take up too much space, and travels very well if it should need to be taken anywhere. The machine is also quite cute, as the digital display is a beautiful turquoise color. Overall, the Singer Stylist is a lovely machine for seamstresses of any skill level and works beautifully for a variety of projects.
    • The machine has a simple, digital stitching interface that is extremely easy to work with.

This machine easily sews through 4 layers of denim with interfacings! You can also make a lot of clothing from knit fabric and love the stretch stitches available on this machine. This machine is a real workhorse.


  • Good product for home as well as small to medium garment sewing business.
  • Price seems to be a bit high for the beginners but it is a durable machine for a long time usage.
  • The instruction manual is incredibly detailed. The Stylist manual even goes so far as to explain many of the included 100 stitches. The machine is pretty self-explanatory to get setup if you've sewed before. But it's nice that any questions you have are probably in the manual and won't require a long Google search.


  • The storage compartment should have been a little larger.
  • Its cost may make you check your budget.

3.Brother GS-2700 Electric Sewing Machine With Extension Table

The GS2700 traditional sewing machine features a wide range of stitches ideal for repairs, dressmaking and home furnishing projects. Includes features designed to make sewing quick and easy such as automatic needle threader and quick set bobbin system. While the LED light is bright and gentle on the eye and will last the lifetime of the machine.

  • Features
  • in-built stitches
  • performance
    • Extension Table: 13.4 inch x 8.9 inch is the important feature of this machine.
    • Foot pedal attached with machine not with extension table. Extension table gives the support to the clothes.

With 51 watt electric motor built inside the frame of this machine, it is a good buy. The added feature of this machine is it's extension table, which you can buy separately as well.


  • Good product for home use and beginners.
  • Easy to operate and extension table gives support while sewing.


  • You can get the extension table separately so that should not be the sole criteria to choose this machine.

4.Singer 8280 Sewing Machine

Want to get creative with needles? Buy the Singer 8280 Sewing Machine. This sewing machine not only help you to stitch slightly torn clothes that you do not have a heart to part with, but also nurture your sewing and embroidering knack. It comes with a host of stitch functions to make your job smoother. Above all, it is lightweight and portable, easy to set up and use. The Singer 8280 Sewing Machine is a basic yet, reliable sewing machine that won't overwhelm you with too many bells and whistles.

  • Features
  • in-built stitches
  • performance
  • The machine provides 24 stitch functions with a maximum stitch width of 5 mm which allows you to try out new designs, bring out new ideas, and stitch wonderful creations, all in the comfort of your home.
  • Adjust the tension and stitch length to ensure consistent stitch quality on any type of fabric. This versatile sewing machine comes with an accessory storage facility in the extension table and has a built-in thread cutter in presser bar.

If you want to enjoy safe and fuss-free sewing, shop for the Singer 8280 Sewing Machine. It is an easy-to-operate sewing machine which is designed to cover everything from fashion sewing to home decorative sewing. 


    • Changing presser feet in seconds
    • In-built thread cutter in presser bar
    • Accessory storage in extension table
    • Oscillating Shuttle Mechanism (Half Shuttle)


  • The operation is simple, but requires sufficient practice, before we can fully utilize the functions of the sewing machine.

How To Choose Your Sewing Machine?

​Now, you are knowing about some of the good sewing machines, you can choose from. But remember one thing, no matter how many reviews you read or how much time you spend finding out the best machine for yourself. Understand your need first. It's not important that you buy a sewing machine with 27 stitch functions while you occasionally sew and hence you can easily do with 13 features.

Likewise, if you love sewing like anything then spending some more to get a sewing machine with 100 + features is not at all a bad deal!

So, go for it and let us also know which sewing machine you chose and why?​

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