How to Fix When Sewing Machine Skip Stitch

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When a Sewing Machine Skip Stitch, you need to follow a few simple steps and in 90% times, your sewing machine problem will be solved.

No matter how good a designer you are, if the sewing machine skip a stitch, your creation would not look the way it should.

While you work on your sewing machine, there would be times when you face sewing machine troubles and skipped stitches is one of those common little problems that you can fix pretty easily at home.

What Do You Mean By - Skip Stitch or Skipped Stitches?

skipped stitches are – loopy tangling bobbin thread at uneven distance at the bottom side of the fabric.

Last week, I had piled up a neat big bundle of dresses to be mended. A few stitches here and there and the work would have been done. I got everything in place. All my sewing supplies, my dresses, my mind and music in place.

Very neatly I oiled and cleaned my sewing machine and sat down to stitch my jacket with same color thread.

I was disappointed. My machine was not behaving the way it should have been. It was Skipping Stitches. That means, when I tried to stitch over a piece of fabric, the stitch was not coming the way it should have been.

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Why Your Sewing Machine Skip a Stitch?

Before we jump to the solution, we need to understand the problem. If we understand the cause of the problem, we would be in a better position to fix our problem. When our sewing machine skip stitch, we need to look at the possible causes, which could be -

Thread is inserted in wrong or improper way.

  • Clamping is poor or there is insufficient pressure.
  • The needle is worn out or bent and needs to be replaced.
  • You are using wrong size needle.
  • You are perhaps using wrong type of needle for the material. You need to use the right type of needle for the fabric. 

Generally speaking, a ballpoint is for knits, sharp for a woven. Yet, most sewing machine needles available in a fabric store are ballpoint or universal. 

So, you have to specifically ask them what purpose you want needle for.

Sewing machine needs cleaning and oiling.

You are using wrong thread for the fabric or material.

Thread quality is poor. You can break tip of the thread with your fingers. If it breaks easily, then replace thread with a sturdier better quality.

There are different needle sizes and thread weights which go in coordination. With experience you understand these things but you can also ask the seller at the time of purchasing.

If your sewing machine is showing signs of old age, wearing out then take some time to replace the rusted or worn out parts. 

Check if there are worn thread guides, paths or eyelets.

When sewing very fine fabrics, place a thick paper under your fabric and sew over it to prevent seam puckering.

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