Sewing Machine Safety Tips, When Kids Are Around

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Sewing Machine kids love to touch, feel and play with because it looks like a moving toy to them.

Are you careful enough with safety guide with kids?

Sewing Machine Safety Tips must be followed when kids are around.

It is amazing that some people give their sewing machines to their toddlers to play with as if it's a toy.

It is right that kids toys are more complex and mechanical than your sewing machine, but still, should you let play a baby with your machine?

It may not look like a big deal to you that your kid is with a machine which can pierce, tangle,shock and hurt your child for his innocence and your carelessness and you must take a stand before it’s too late.

(I know, I’m being harsh on you but being a mother of two I know how it may hurt kids).

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Sewing is not complicated but knowing how to use the machine makes it productive otherwise accidental.

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The purpose of this article is not to scare you off the machine but to make you more informed on how your sewing machine can be your best buddy while kids are around.

Sewing Machine Safety Tips for Beginners

Some of the common arguments people give are below and I also warn you what may happen before it actually happens because "A stitch in time, saves nine."


Non electric sewing machine is not less complicated and you need safety measures to follow even with that.

Sewing machines are not meant for kids unsupervised.

You are used to using your machine with care but your child may not be knowing these safety measures.

So, be careful because a domestic non electric sewing machine can also hurt by :-

  • Breaking needle and accidentally piercing in eyes or skin.
  • Needle piercing through the index finger. It is very common and painful.
  • Children have the tendency to put their finger between the pressure foot and needle to check how it touches their finger and hurt themselves.
  • Getting their feet hurt by putting feet under the stand of table sewing machine and not able to pull themselves back on time.
  • Thread seems to be very simple harmless thing to play with but polyester threads are very sharp and if pulled tightly may cut the skin.
  • I have seen some small children wrapping thread around their necks,which may also prove to be fatal.
  • There are many small parts like bobbins, screws etc. which a child may choke itself with.
  • Generally, for ease of access we keep button cases, needle case, small scissors, cutters etc. along with the machine, a child may reach to these things and get hurt.

You should keep your machine out of reach of any person (including kids), pets, elders or anyone who has reduced physical, sensory or mental abilities.

It may not seem like a health or safety hazard to you because you are experienced enough and you have the knowledge of your machine but the person or pet who is just toying with the machine may get hurt.

Even if you have anybody at home especially young adults, whom you are teaching to stitch,they must be supervised or given instructions to ensure their safety.

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Very well, your child is smart enough but you’ll also agree that he’s a child after all. Will you give your gas stove, microwave, iron, dish washer or any other appliance to him to play with.

Why not because now most of these things come in a beautiful plastic body which looks more or less like a toy.

If your child has attained an age when he understands things,even then you need to give instructions on how to use. Here, I share what I know for using a sewing machine with utmost safety.

Generally, we use non electric and electric sewing machines at home. There are some common and some special points to remember with respective machines.

Non Electric Sewing Machine :-

  • If children,pets,mentally or physically challenged persons or very elderly are at home, then keep your sewing machine out of their reach.
  • If it’s not practically possible then remove the needle, scissors, small detachable parts and keep them in a separate box safely.
  • Keep your machine covered. The cover will keep your machine clean and dust free, too.
  • Keep machine in a corner place. It should not be a center of attraction and should not be grabbing attention at the first place.
  • Keep machine in such a way that it does not drop on anything if somebody touches it by accident.
  • Remove the handle of your domestic hand operated machine, when not in use.
  • Remove the thread spool and bobbins also to store separately.

Sewing Machine safety tips: when you are a beginner and you don’t know much about your sewing machine, you must follow the safety manual

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Electric Sewing Machine:-

  • A sewing machine should never be left unattended when plugged in otherwise there could be a risk of electric shock.
  • Always unplug from the electric point immediately after using and before cleaning the sewing machine.
  • Always unplug before replacing sewing machine bulb, removing parts or oiling etc.

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