Sewing Low High Dress | How to Make Asymmetrical Dress

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Sewing Low High Dress: Easy but Essential Sewing Tips for Sewing at Home.

These dresses are fast becoming popular worldwide.

They are easy to carry and stylish too.

An Asymmetric Dress or Asymmetrical Hemline Dress is a Dress with High and Low Hemline.

Hemline is generally high from front and low from the back of the dress.

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Here, you can check that the design patterns are becoming more bold and dynamic.

There is a vast variety of designs and cuts available in the market. 

As I particularly  insist on going minimalistic and making the best use of your resource to get your paisa's worth,

I share some of the most useful yet common style tips, which are not so common when we do a binge shopping.

This kind of a dress makes you look a class apart. You stand out in a gathering.

Here, you should be clear the kind of effect you want. The look you want, that nobody could miss - an asymmetrical look.

Reason is, that human mind follows the LINES. Due to slight zig-zag style in these kind of dresses, your look is highly noticed by others.

1. While choosing an asymmetrical dress, you can emphasis on a purely traditional look or a casual look.

2. Choosing a semi-casual look will serve your purpose for an evening get together as well as an office party.

3. For festive,traditional look, you may go for bright colors with embroidery in gold, copper or silver threads.

4. A plain asymmetric skirt can be combined with bold printed, bright colored jacket of any length.

What Fabrics would be Right

A high-low asymmetric dress is designed to give the effect of a fall from one side or both sides. 

1.To get the perfect look, flowing fabrics like Chiffon, silk or polyester or other synthetic materials are used. 

2.Glitz, shimmer, pearls, beads, feather, crystals are used to decorate the fabric / dress for special festive occasions.

While you buy such a dress or fabric, make sure that there are no cuts and defects in design.

3.Some dresses are embroidered and have lace work on them.

These are delicate pieces so you much check the color fastness and cleaning instructions beforehand.

4.Synthetic laces are less expensive but harder than cotton or silk/satin work, so you can check your skin sensitivity accordingly to the season, when you will be wearing the dress.

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What Should Be the right Cut

The Unique Selling Point of these asymmetric hemline dresses is their cut.

Ideally, they are cut on Bias fabric to give you a body hugging bodice but a flowing hemline. 

You can choose cut of the dress and hemline as per your desire.

There are many design pattern cuts in skirts, one piece dresses like kurti or tunic. You can also have your dress in an asymmetrical gown style.

Pleats, frills can be added to get added style to your look.

The noticeable hemline is knee length from front and long gown from back but you can also get a look where you get one side falling from another shoulder.

What Color Choices You Have

1.Classy, elegant, neutral shades are preferred for formal for semi formal wear.

2.For a fun vacation or an evening with friends, you can go with flowery bold prints.

3. Bright and shimmery colors, rich work is for opulent nights and celebrations.

4. One more important thing you can miss that you can combine two or more colors to add a focal point to your dress. 

You can add one color till waist or add another below the skirt. For more ideas, you can check DIY Video Tutorials

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