Choosing a sewing machine may be an overwhelming task because there are so many brands and models to choose from.

Three common problems people face while buying a sewing machine -

1. Should you choose more in-built designs or more speed?
2. Will the plastic body sewing machine be durable?
3. What exactly should you look for in your sewing machine?

To make your life easier for choosing your sewing machine based on your needs, requirement and specific budget, I have created a checklist.

This will help you in making the right decision.

  • Choose lesser in-built Stitches with low SPM if you are a beginner & sew occasionally.
  • Choose more In-built Stitches with higher SPM, if you are a Sewing PRO, who loves to sew regularly.
  • I am regularly asked for recommendations on best machines, tools, kits and resources available for stitching (sewing). 

    People particularly want to know best sewing machines for beginners, home use and jeans sewing that are durable. 

    As a result I’ve put together a list of recommended sewing machines that I’ve either personally used (in most cases) or which have come highly recommended to me by people I trust.

    I will add to these lists as I come across new sewing / stitching resources that I recommend.

    Best Sewing Machines for Home Use

    • The sewing machines mentioned below are good for -
    1. alterations, 
    2. mending,
    3. DIY sewing projects,
    4. dress designing and
    5. embroidery.
    • These Autumatic zig-zag machines are Good for -
    1. Pico,
    2. Saree Fall,
    3. Zip fixing,
    4. Button sewing,
    5. ButtonHole making,
    6. Zig Zag Designs,
    7. Piping and many more things.
    •  All these sewing machines have - 
    1. Auto Bobbin Winder,
    2. Free Arm for Circular Stitching,
    3. Light Bulb,
    4. Electric Pedal,
    5. Sewing Tools Accessory Box etc.

    Best for Beginners

    7 in-built stitch and 550 Stitch Per Minute (SPM) speed.

    Best for Sewing, Designing Lover

    57 in-built stitch and 860 Stitch Per Minute (SPM) speed.

    Best for Denim, Leather Sewing

    23 in-built stitch and 1100 Stitch Per Minute (SPM) speed.

    Quote left marks

    Vaishnavi Sawant on Stitching Mall Youtube channel asked:-

    I want to buy a sewing machine under ₹10,000 & I am confused between Usha Janome Dream Stitch (zig-zag one), Singer 1304 & Singer 1408.

    The use of stitching machine is going to be for making scrunchies & for basic home use.

    Would you please suggest me the best one as I am going to invest money once. 

    Thank you in advance 🙂

    Dimple Anand from Stitching Mall replied:- 

    All three sewing machine models you have chosen are excellent for making scrunchies, dresses, DIYS, home decor, and many sewing fun things.

    Choosing the best sewing machine among all three models is slightly tricky, but I try to make your decision easier.

    All three machines are easy to operate, an automatic zig zag with designing and embroidery options.

    1. Dream Stitch is hot selling, most popular sewing machine right now.

    It offers seven built-in stitches and SPM (Stitch Per Minute is 550.

    That means it is a sewing machine for complete beginners.

    2. Singer 1304 offers six built-in stitches, and SPM is 600.

    Good heavy frame durable sewing machine in classy design. Faster stitching than Dream Stitch.

    3. Singer 1408 offers eight built-in stitches, and SPM is 750.

    Fastest sewing machine among these three machines with more features.

    A good option if you want to pursue making your dresses and sewing regularly.

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