Even if you are a beginner, you must learn to sew picot edge to get an amazingly neat finished edges of your dress. This simple yet stylish stitch would make the bottom ends of your dress look professionally done. Provided you know how to sew picot edge!

What is Picot edge or Picot trim?

picot is a loop of thread created for functional or ornamental purposes along the edge of lace, ribbon, crocheted, knitted or tatted material. The word picot is pronounced [pē' kō]. It is derived from the French verb piquer, meaning 'to prick'. More about Picot

What does Picot Foot look like?

  • Picot foot looks similar to narrow hemmer foot but is designed to create a shell look edge on lightweight fabrics.
  • Groove on sole of foot match width of picot stitches for stitch formation. 
  • Groove on sole of foot allows stitches to feed evenly while being created and sewn.
  • picot foot

    picot foot

    Four Step Guide to How to Picot?

    With any automatic sewing machine, which can give you a zig-zag stitch; you can picot perfectly fine using a picot foot. There are some very simple steps to follow -

    1. Change the pressure foot for zig zag stitch. You can get the zig zag stitching with an especially designed picot foot.

    2. Change the stitch width and stitch length depending on thickness (weight) of your fabric. If fabric is thick like woolen, you may need 4 or 5 as stitch length & width. But if your fabric is thin like crepe', you may select 1.5 or 2 on stitch regulator.

    3. Test your picot stitch on scrap of similar fabric, that you are going to sew. If you are not satisfied with the stitch width and length, then readjust till you get a perfect picot stitch. 

    4. Place your fabric under the picot foot and set to stitch. Just pull the fabric in right direction and keep your eyes where your fabric is going. Help the fabric move smoothly but do not pull.

    Picot Edge Trimming DIY Video Tutorials

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