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I find Mini Sewing Machine cute adorable thing. I am seeing this handheld sewing machine around for many years. It looks like a toy and I enjoy holding it in my hand for fun. 

I remember, many years back, some women (my mom included) used to keep needle and thread in their purses, for emergency use! When I look at this thing, I wish my mom was around and I could gift it to her. I am sure she would have loved it, for emergency use!

I done a good research about this mini machine. If you are planning to buy a handheld sewing machine for yourself or for gifting, read my research guide. 

Do You Really Need a Sewing Machine?

Remember This, While Buying Sewing Machine

A Mini Sewing Machine is a small handheld sewing machine. It may either run on batteries or electricity. Some mini sewing machine models may work on both, batteries or electricity. 

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It can be small like a stapler which can fit into your hand, that's why it is also called Handheld Sewing Machine.

You can carry the bigger models of mini machine like your bag. 

To Buy or Not to Buy - Mini Sewing Machine



  • A mini sewing machine is cute & adorable.
  • You need less money to buy it, as compared to the money that you spend on a standard size sewing machine.
  • It is handy and you can operate it holding it within your fingers or keeping a mini size machine on your lap.
  • You can sew your clothes, mend the wear and tears and do last minute sewing tasks with no hassles. 
  • This machine does not run high speed so any beginner can handle it comfortably. 
  • It's great for gifting !
  • This mini  machine is good for small mending but not for big sewing projects. 
  • You can get the needle and bobbin from local tailoring shops. It does not need weekly repair and maintenance. But  if it gets damaged or stopped working, you can't really repair it
  • No big sewing machine brands manufacture this kind of machines.
  • It can be considered a replacement of manual stitching. You can not make your dress using a handheld sewing machine.
  • If you use this machine for longer duration, it may cause some pain.

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I am convinced that a handheld machine is good for gifting or for mending dresses but I suggest before buying it, you must know how it works. 

Click on each box below, to know answers of your questions.







I am sure you would have come across so many reviews and advertisements making us believe that we must have a handheld small version of a sewing machine for that last minute mending of dress. 

What Users' say -


Best product but very difficult to hold cloth while stitching, for beginners you must stitch thin clothes not thick choth if you try to do it will broke thread everytime or might broke needle to. if thread comes out it might be faulty..


Good product but not easy to use it is difficult to to sewing any cloth and it's body is not a hard plastic its look low quality plastic after 15 times sewing the cloth then it's perfect.

Arun Kumar


For the price it is very good personally I like
It most very useful for D I Y enthusiast so I recommend for those interested


What I think About Mini Sewing Machine

I think it is a good machine for emergency mending and craft project stitching but not for sewing lovers. 

if you are planning to buy for gifting anybody who is new to sewing, then it is a nice cute gift. 

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