Things to Remember While Taking Measurements (2023)

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In order to cut and stitch correctly, it’s important that we take correct measurements, in correct order and write them correctly,too.

If all necessary measurements are not taken in proper order then it would be difficult even for a professional to deliver a well fitted dress.

I know a few very talented old ladies, who can take measurement by their hands and fingers and get a nicely fitted dress.

But, this method may not be suitable when you need to know the professional way of stitching.

Taking measurement by hands and fingers also need expertise and lots of practice. If you are ready to do practice then why not by Metric System of Mesurement?

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  • Knowing and following the metric system of measurement ensures that we do not need to go by guess work and we save our time and energy.
  • A systematically written measurement in right order will save our time. We will not have to re-check the measurements or if we are stitching for someone else, we won’t have to ask them again and again.
  • When we recheck or ask again about the measurement then the other person may lose confidence on our skill of dress making.
  • It also shows our unorganized way or working, if we do not know the basics of taking measurement.
  • If measurement will be systematic and correct then of course cutting will be right. If cutting is right then dress will be well fitted.

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How to take measurements

Follow DO’S & DON’TS While Taking Measurements

    • Measurements should be taken lengthwise and then width wise.
    • We should be careful that the person who is being measured is not to be moved around too much. Rather, we should move to take measurement.
    • W should avoid gossiping too much while taking measurement.
    • It’s important that we have control on ourselves. We should not be intoxicated, sleepy, too much lethargic.
    • We should be attentive and careful.
    • No need to be too firm, too jovial or too much expressive about anything while taking measurement.
    • Very few people have a standard perfect body. We don’t need to disclose the shortcomings of the person, we are taking measurement of.
    • We need to be well mannered, clean and gentle with the person, we are taking measurement of.
    • While taking measurement, we can keep a distant from the person. We don’t need to touch the other person’s body unnecessarily.
    • It’s important that we know what measurement we need to take. While taking measurements, we should keep a notebook and pen handy and write down the sequence of measurement beforehand.
    • While taking lengthwise measurement, we should start with the hard 3″ metal side of measuring tape.
    • Width wise measurement are taken from 1/2″ metal side of measuring tape.
    • We should stand on the right hand side of the person and start taking measurement by holding inch tape in our right hand moving towards left hand side.
    • We should not stand in front of the person to take measurement. Sometimes, it makes the person uncomfortable and some people smell so bad that it may make a difficult situation for you.

    So, next time when you venture to take measurements, keep these things in mind for right cut and right stitch, which comes after right measurement.

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