If we understand the measurement of our hip then we can make any length of any lowers with any styles. The basics would not change but the cuts, pocket, elastics, zippers and all the other trimmings can be changed to suit your fashion needs.


We have to just know that our seat or hip length and width is comfortably fitting. If that is done, then your legs are the limit to increase or decrease the lengths of overall lower dress.

You can make it as long as you desire till your ankles. Even if you want to extend it beyond the ankles, then keep the bottom tight with a hook, button or an elastic so it does not mop the floors.

This style makes your pyjamas a Harem Pants or if you keep it tight then they become a Chudidar salwar.


You can make your lowers in any flares or may be tights a bit. It makes a wonderful Palazzo with elastic. For Pants, a zipper is used in front with a well fitted waist & hip line.

But for beginner stitching enthusiasts, they love to call a pyjamas a pants to be more fashion forward, which is in any way good for the times. As long as your pyjamas give you a nice fit and good compliments, who cares if it’s pyjamas or pants?


Yes. Generally, hip length and hip width is kept same in ready to wear mass produced garments. You can also keep the same if fitting is not a very big issue with you. They will fit anyways (may be a bit loose).

You can keep hip length around 13″ to 15″ and so is the hip width.

You can keep waist 1.5″ less than the hip line and cut the outline of front and back part together.

Or, you can just keep an old trousers on top of the fabric, cut and sew. No hassles at all. Check out – DIY : How to make straight cut comfy pants

But if you wish you have your lowers the way they are technically made, then you better follow the drafting, I have put in efforts to share with you.