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How to Make Elephanta Palazzo


A variant of Palazzo, a curvy lower from knee and a bit flared from ankle to give that elephant’s leg like look. These kind of Palazzos are trendy yet comfortable.

They make a very good everyday wear but if worn with opulence they make a nice impression on everybody. Wear your Palazzo with a flared bottom and make a style statement in your own way.

How to Wear?

They can best be worn with well fitted Tees, sling tops, crop tops, waist defining shirts etc. Elephanta Palazzos are flared from bottom so an off shoulder dress with some accessories also go really cool with them.

What’s the best fabric for Elephanta Palazzo?

Though, a flowing fabric like crepe’, satin, Georgette, silk with floral prints look really beautiful but experimenting with nude colors also go great with an embroidered top. It makes a good party show stopper.

For a less formal, everyday wear or casual college day out, an Elephanta Palazzo would be good even in denims or floral cottons.

How much fabric would I require for my Elephanta Palazzo?


To measure the fabric requirement, find out your length from waist (where you wear your pants) till the ankle length.

Fabric requirement for Elephanta Palazzo would be double this length + 4″.

Generally 2 meter length of fabric + 6″ is enough for a person with a height of 5 ft 5 inches. i.e. Palazzo length 40″.


Width should be double your hip size + 12″.

For example, if your total hip size is 30 you keep width wise fabric = 30+30+12″ i.e. 72″.

  • It’s better to keep a few inches extra than to scratch your head for shortage of fabric later.

How to wear them differently than all my friends?

Even in your wardrobe, you don’t need to wear your Elephanta Palazzo in a boring same pattern. You can get them done in different styles, cuts, sometimes loose and sometimes a bit tighter from the knees, or may be you get them more flared from the bottom.

They are really very simple to make. You need very few things to stitch them.

So what are you waiting for. Just get some fabric and get sewing:)

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