6 Tips to Learn Sewing with YouTube Videos in 2024

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These Tips will help you learn sewing with YouTube videos in 2021, as a beginner. 

It helps to learn sewing, watching real sewing videos by the people who love sewing. 

And you can even ask all your questions, doubts, queries about sewing on YouTube DIY video tutorials.

They are more than happy to answer your comments and queries in no time.

That is the reason why most of us learn something or the other from YouTube tutorials.

That's how YouTube can enrich your learning and sewing tremendously.

And this is the ideal YouTube learning community.

But beware, learning from YouTube tutorials could be a dangerous thing!

When I say beware of YouTube learning, I particularly refer to Sewing but YES the points I discuss may cover up other things as well.

I give you the reasons of YouTube sewing confusions and I also tell you how you can overcome those hurdles so you learn right!

Not half baked knowledge.

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6 Tips to Learn Sewing from YouTube Videos

Before you start watching a sewing video, subscribe to a channel, unsubscribe, make a few dresses, get frustrated and wonder 'how to learn.' know how the YouTube system works and how you can learn in the best possible way from this video sharing platform.

#1. Learn Sewing at Your Own Pace

Sometimes back, it was a struggle to learn something, particularly making your own dress.

Earlier it used to be a dilemma between choosing your hobby or profession.

Pursuing an interest used to be a time consuming effort and Stitching or sewing was not considered a creamy profession, therefore most of the people gave up even trying and carried on with whatever career they were pushed into.

But now, with increasing number of sewing enthusiasts, willing to share their expertise on internet, you have loads of useful tutorial videos and resources to learn sewing / dress making at your own convenient time and space.

Moreover, you do not have to pay anything if you do not wish to. 

#2. Separate Crap from Workable Sewing Tips

YouTube learning method's biggest advantage is its biggest drawback.

When you have a huge ocean of sewing tutorials, your mind gets confused -what to trust and what not to!

Of course, time is limited and your comprehension ability is also scattered in the beginning.

So, it becomes difficult to know the accuracy of any method.

People, who have just ventured out to learn a new method of making a dress or those, who have started exploring their level of comfort in learning cutting and sewing; they struggle to understand why there are different methods used by different experts on a common subject.

One of you asked me this all prevailing question on Stitching Mall YouTube Channel as Why everybody has different method of making dress drafts and calculations?

Understand the method which you like best and focus on improving your sewing skills.

Keep asking youtuber if you have any doubts.

There are different methods of sewing but you need to separate grain from the husk!

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#3. Understand Why Different Sewing Methods are shown on Different Channels

Different Methods and Techniques existed even earlier. It is not that these techniques popped out of nowhere.

They did exist!

It was so, that these different methods were adopted, adapted, modified, used and taught within their circle of experts and learners.

There were limited means and ways to compare the techniques of different fashion designers, tailors, experts or design houses.

You could read the books if any, published by any of them. Or, observe their methods through the patterns they launched in the market.

But comparing and watching them work was not as easy as it is today.

Now, you can watch the work of tens of designers or experts within a couple of hours’ time and criticize them over their method or compare them with others.

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#4. Keep Yourself Focused

It is an age old saying that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing and it holds true even in modern times.

The problem with online YouTube learners is that you superficially watch a self help video or read a blog in a hurry.

Most of the times, you skip the steps and don’t bother to understand and observe fully.

Your mind is preoccupied with some of your own imaginations and calculations.

If you skip any of the steps or do not pay attention to any of the details, you tend to miss the crucial information or tip.

With your half knowledge, you assume that the video is no good or the blog resource is incomplete and you are left resentful.

To overcome this situation, you need to pay attention and ideally watch a self help video a couple of times.

It helps if you note down your understanding of the important steps to memorize and understand better.

#5. Identity the Right Sewing Method for You.

I agree that there are a number of methods and techniques adopted by different designers.

They have their own set of pattern making.

Therefore, when you feed yourself on exactly different methods of doing a particular work, you get confused and wonder if you are going right.

To get over this confusion, either -

  • Ask same question to many sewing channels.
  • Refer a sewing book on each topic and then watch related video tutorials.
  • Get a mentor, join a sewing community which is active or join a paid short term sewing course for basics.

#6. Understand the Sewing Basics

Basic methods and techniques do not change.

Different individuals may have a different understanding and personal / practical / experiences to add to an existing method, but the basics are basics, they can not be changed.

You’ll agree that food and clothing are very much a personal thing.

We all eat and most of us do cook as well. But, each one of us has a different taste and understanding of food, based on which we make changes in our methods of cooking.

Likewise, we all wear clothes but how each one prefers to carry his / her dress is very different and personal. 

Based on that personal preferences, the methods / calculations are modified.

Fashion Fad inspire 'the basics' to
+ ADD or  - DELETE
from it's existing knowledge stock.

Secondly, fashion fads and trends keep changing with time.

Using the basic methods, some changes are introduced and a new formula is created to fit the dress into practical everyday wear.

For example,for armhole measurement :-

– if you wrap the measuring tape around armhole,or

– Calculate Chest/4 – 1.5″, or – Calculate Chest/8 + 2.5″, or

– Measure from a ready dress or

– You wrap the fabric around your body and mark on it directly, or

– You may devise some other method which you find convenient to follow.

Use the method which you understand well.

Don’t disturb yourself over methods but understand why a method is so and what result it would lead to.

Once you polish your observation and understanding of human anatomy / body, which needs to be dressed, you’ll be better at understanding dress making.

Why to Learn Sewing from YouTube Video Tutorials


  • You can learn at your own convenience, that also Free.
  • Too much competition on YouTube, so every presenter tries to give the unique and best sewing tips in her videos.
  • Variety of sewing tips and resources to choose from.
  • You can ask your questions and get answers from your favorite you tuber. They are in your Comment's reach.


  • Each channel presenter has her own way of explaining things, methods, formulas, pattern cutting etc.
  • Too much confusion of cutting and sewing techniques.
  • Too much focus on video editing, music, advertisements, gaining subscribers, popularity.
  • Most you-tubers do not reply to your real questions.
  • Some sewing videos channels show just quick fix things, which are not practical in real life.

Conclusion: This Way Learn Sewing from YouTube

As I explained, sewing is a vast subject. 

It has many approaches and techniques to it. You can never say if one method is wrong and another is right.

You use different techniques for different purposes.

So, as a beginner, get most our of your You Tube sewing tutorial videos by following these tips - 

  • If you are a beginner, it would help if you get a sewing book to refer to and a notebook, to write down your understanding of the subject.
  • When you watch a sewing tutorial, try to watch start till finish.

Watch simpler projects first. It’s better if you refer to your sewing book and likewise refer to the tutorials on You Tube to increase your understanding.

  • Do It Yourself tutorials are practical hands on projects. Don’t hurry to go through all of them in a single day.
  • Watch and understand carefully. Ask questions and DO. You won’t be able to learn until and unless you do by yourself.
  • Differentiate if you are watching a video to learn or for pure entertainment.

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