How to Learn Sewing Clothes at Home as a Beginner



I believe that sewing is a productive hobby and a profitable business which can never let you down.  You never have to be bothered about your friend wearing the same dress bought from the famous mall as you have your unique collection, which no one can copy.

But the question which may be popping in your head for some time is "Is it too much work and too difficult?" and moreover "Am I able to learn all those things to make a perfect dress at home myself?"​

It is easy to answer this question, if you close your eyes and imagine yourself as a kid who is ready to try new things. Excited to ​be yourself and explore what all you can do!

If you loved cutting and scattering pieces of paper / fabric tit bits around the room, liked pasting, joining, decorating, creating something out of nothing then your chances of being successful as a designer is very high.

Believe me, this is a hobby, which can keep you engaged, productive and mentally stimulated too. You may wonder Why Should You Stitch in these Ready-to-Wear times? There are ample reasons in favor of sewing.

But Where Should I Start?

We live in very happy and good times when so many people are ready to share their skills and knowledge with us free of cost genuinely.  Earlier, we used to search and find the resources (books, teacher,  institute etc.) by going through different places, which was very time consuming but now, we can even learn through online videos tutorials at our convenience.

7 Steps Guide to Help You Learn Sewing | Stitching

as a Beginner

Practice makes a person perfect and there is no denying this fact. But another fact is every expert was once a beginner.  Here I share with you the steps which may help you tremendously in your creative pursuit :-

    • ​Whatever you want to learn, it helps to have a mentor. Be it your mother, friend, teacher or online community which you can trust to answer your queries. Have a mentor or join a like-minded group of people or community. It will help you understand the basics fast and gain expertise quickly. You will be elated that there is someone you can always go back to, when things are not going your way.
    • Trust the pen, paper and books. The tips I am sharing with you may be different from all the advice you ever got about learning to sew your dress but these things helped me so I believe they can help you too.  Have some online or offline reference books which you can check, when needing clarifications. Keep a notepad and write down details about the sewing project you take. For example, if you make a handkerchief - write down fabric material taken, measurements taken, thread and needle chosen etc. with the date of initiating your sewing project. This practice will help you learn and keep a record of your learning, which you can revise at any time in future for reference. Also note down success rating of your project. Why it turned out good and what improvement needed for the next project? 
    • Collect all the tools that you need to make your dress. You'll need measuring tape, tailors chalk, scale, fabric scissors, Iron and ironing board, pins, tracing wheel etc.  These tools are easily available at any sewing supplies store near you or you can check out online as well.

    • Understand body frame and how to measure using a measuring tape. You need to understand that making your own clothes is not as difficult as some people have made it.

    Joining a big fashion institute for learning dress making is a silliest mistake that you can make (because I have already made that mistake!) They teach you drafting, illustration, sketching, portfolio building and hundred other things which leave you exhausted and wondering if fashion designing is really about making dresses!

    Actually fashion designing is much much more than dress making. So, to understand dress making in a layman's words, you need to understand how a HUMAN BODY is created.

    • It's got WIDTH & LENGTH which we need to cover beautifully and elegantly. For this you need to know a little bit about measurements. That's simple! 2+2 together. That's it!
    • Next comes cutting dresses to your measurement. Though, ready made dress patterns are available in the market, it is advisable to learn pattern making yourself. That way, you save your energy in find out patterns, money to buy them and then the storage to keep patterns intact for the next use. Pattern making is easy and I generally mark and cut the fabric directly. If it's a designer piece then I adhere to patterns. so, learn the practical way of cutting and making dress with me by joining me on youtube channel.  

    There are many methods and different techniques you can use to make your dresses. One is to keep your ready fitting dresses on the fabric, leave some seam allowance and cut. Another method is to use formulas and calculations and make a proper fitting dress. I explained all different methods on

    sewing tutorial channel which you can learn from.

    The next step is sewing your dress. In each tutorial I explained in detail. If you have any doubts you can ask me or the other members.

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