How to Create Latest Designs in Fashion

Latest Designs

You can create the latest designs in fashion for yourself or for selling. You can copy the secrets of top most fashion designers and follow these steps to make your own fashion designs at home. 

Learn about fashion designers' success tips.

Find out your reason to create a design. This reason might be - 

  • A Specific Cloth, A Design You Saw,
  • Something You Need But Can't Appear To Find In Shops,
  • A Garment You Saw On The Road,
  • A Specific Color Pattern,
  • A Retro Fashion That You Wish To Bring Back,
  • Or Some Other Different Things. 

Simple Steps To Make Your First Design

If you wish to become a professional fashion designer, you need to polish your skills further, but you can take a few simple steps to start designing your own clothes as per the latest designs in fashion and later sell your designs to earn money.

You don't have to be a master illustrator or designer to create your first design. 

If you are making your design for yourself, it is easy because you can modify it as per your comfort. 

If you are making designs for selling, you can find out who would like to wear your designs and why? After getting this point clear, you should start the designing process.

Express Yourself

Whether you choose to design for yourself or for others, you need the ability to communicate your vision. 

Have a drawing course, study some books, and do lots of practice. The main part of learning any new skill is simply doing it a lot. Set aside each day to practice drawing.

Learn About Stitching

Even when you don't wish to be the one to sew your designs, you should know sewing.
Popular sewing machine brands offer sewing classes. You should also learn pattern making if you want to sew your clothes. 

You'll need to understand how a garment is assembled. Understanding how to split down design is an essential part of being able to sew a garment.Buy some basic patterns at a craft shop to practice with, or make some patterns yourself.

Sewing tips and hacks for beginners are useful because they make sewing life much easier

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If you want to generate innovative designs, you must understand the basic design theory. It will help you learn how to think like a designer.

If you wish to design clothing, you might want to learn everything you can about fashion. You might think as an individual of yourself, but understanding how to groom yourself is the tip of the iceberg.

if you're designing based on what's hot at the moment, by the time your design is complete, it may already be out of fashion. Develop the skill to calculate what the next big fashion design will be. 

View videos or look at images from high-profile style shows online or go in person if an event is happening near your area.

These shows may provide you a good idea of what types of trends will trickle down into style later on. 

In addition to knowing your way around a sewing machine and a sketchbook, you'll have to learn Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

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If you would like to do your sketching on a computer rather than in a sketchbook, you'll need to purchase a fantastic pen tablet, like a Wacom.

If you want to sell your designed clothes, Do this:-

What type of person do you imagine purchasing your designs? What does that sort of individual need in a garment? Be practical when designing yourself clothing, design things you will love wearing or owning. 

Combining current fashions and tendencies may be an interesting way to create new looks. You can try to combine components that are military, more flowy ones, with softer fabrics. What would the 2020s match with the 1950s look like?

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Find Design Inspiration This Way :-

When you start learning, the basic challenge is to START. When I started I also faced some roadblocks and I overcame my way.

I am sharing my experiences and insights, you may need to modify or create your solutions to the unique challenges which comes in front of you.

For a long time, fabrics kept lying in a corner,waiting... when they would be stitched but I found it  hard to decide on the designs.

When it was urgent to get some new clothes. I used to select designs for my dress in one of the following ways :-

  • Tailor suggested me some designs or I checked the Fashion book or design books on his table.
  • I noticed what my neighbors, friends, colleagues and everybody around was wearing and noted that down. 
  • I listened to the people, who visited the boutique at the same time and shared their designs.

Now, it is simpler. You got a number of websites, groups and social pages to check out the latest designs in fashion on your mobile.

Stitching Mall on Pinterest

3 Tips to duplicate any design

  • Understand the design, fabric, texture, cut, trimmings etc.
  • Understand the BASICS of stitching, designing and styling.
  • Designs Look Different If The Fabric Texture, Color Are Different.
  • If in doubt, ask an expert or Stitching Community.

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