How to Make Kurti Kameez Tunic at Home (DIY 2024)

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A Kurti, Kameez, or Tunic is a timeless garment that blends elegance with comfort, making it a staple in many wardrobes, especially in South Asian cultures. 

I assume you are trying your hand at sewing your kurti or tunic for the first time and you need all the steps to complete your dress. Right?

Creating your kurti or tunic allows you to tailor it according to your own desired comfort and measurements with various style preferences.

In this DIY guide, I shall guide you on how you can create your very own kurti with very easy and understandable steps with various reference videos.

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How to Make Your Sewing Pattern at Home

Materials required:

  • Fabric of your choice (cotton, silk, or any lightweight material)
  • Matching thread
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Pins
  • Buttons or embellishments 
  • Interfacing (for collar and cuffs)

  • How to measure from a readymade kurti to make a new kurti

    It is a good idea to know your measurements and make a new Kurti, Kameez, or Tunic by copying an existing one.

    Take the correct measurements of your bust, waist, hips, and desired length for the kurti kameez. Take note of your measurements and draw up the desired pattern on a paper. 

    While doing so, you have to take one thing in mind, you don’t add up ease allowance. That is because your ready dress would have already been your size.

    But, you must consider the shrinkage of the fabric.

    If you face any difficulty understanding how to take measurements for your dress, check out the metric system below.

    Learn To Sew: The Metric System of Measurement

    How to take body measurements

    It’s not always that a perfect kurti is available with us and we wish to copy the same measurement and design to make a new one.

    In that scenario, it is always better to take body measurements.

    Taking body measurements is also necessary in situations when you wish to make a perfectly fitted dress.

    Sometimes, when we are making a dress for a person, who may have a disproportionate body shape, we need to take into consideration the desired differences in a normal body shape and body shape of that particular person.

  • If you increase the length then it becomes a Long Kurta. A long kurta with palazzo or sharara is a fashion fad now.
  • How to cut & sew Short Kurti | Tunic

    How to cut Simple Suit

    A Punjabi kurti is referred to a ladies’ suit, usually worn by women of Punjab,North India.

    It’s complete with a lower called a salwar. Kurti, Kameez or Salwar Top is widely accepted by women for the comfort and adaptation of it’s style in different climate conditions and occasions.

    There are many different ways how it can be styled and worn.

    Here, we have a few common variations which you can adapt as per your style :-

    • It is called a Suit, if upper is complete with a lower / salwar with a 2.5 meter dupatta or scarf. In traditional dresses, women prefer to wear it with darts for fitting. But in ready-to-wear market stock availability, they prefer to wear their kurti without pleats.

    How to cut & sew semi stitched designer suit with lining

    • In urban set up it’s called a kurti if the top is without a lower. If you cut short its length and wear with your jeans, then it becomes a top.

    How to Make Designer Long Kurti

    • You cut its length to your waist and it becomes a Crop Top.
    • If you do not attach the sleeves, it becomes Sleeveless Top or Cut Sleeve.

    How to Make sleeveless kurti

    • If you add sleeves to it, then it can be anything depending on the length and design of the sleeve – half sleeve, full sleeve, mega sleeve, puff sleeve, umbrella sleeve, flared sleeve or just any fancy name depending on the cut and design.
    • If you add layers or lining to this top, then it becomes Layered Top
      • What you get in the market and fashion world is – an embroidered , sequined, buttoned, collar, round neck, designer neck, with pleats, with darts and a hundred other names for a simple piece of upper body clothing.
    • As we learn a basic simple kurti making, you can add any of the above style to your creation. 

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