What Is a Good Beginner Sewing Machine ?

A Brief History of Sewing Machine

A long time ago, people knew stitching by their humble needle by hands only. It used to be a time consuming and strenuous work.

Though, embroidery and certain types of designer stitches are still done by hands even now but the invention of Stitching Machines brought revolution in the lives of millions of people worldwide. Sewing Machines changed the way garment manufacturing was done in mass production.

Though, Stitching Machines’ invention work was in progress in late seventeenth century but a successful wooden sewing machine came into existence around 1830 by a humble tailor of France.

A lot changed for betterment in the manufacturing of Sewing Machines and even the metallic spare parts were being made in good quantities.

A gentleman called Mr.Singer invented a good quality sewing machine for us in 1851 and it was a revolution in Stitching World when Singer became a household name.

Some more companies introduced their Sewing Machine models in India but people preferred Singer or USHA. In 1935, USHA Sewing Machine factory was the first one to start production of Sewing Machines in India.

With time many other companies also introduced their Sewing Machine models. Some are really good and some of them failed with time. Though, the brand name helps you to get the required service and spare parts from their authorized dealers; I think even using a locally made machine serves the purpose as well if the reputation is trust worthy and you get service on time. I am myself using a Rohilla Sewing Machine for more than thirteen years with utmost ease and problem free sewing but for designing purposes I use USHA Jenome StitchMagic.

I love my Sewing Machines and I think they also love me back.

Let me know your views on your first Sewing Machine and your experience with it. I’ll be waiting to know your machine.

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