How To Sew Your Own Clothes in 2023

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You want to sew your own clothes but you have never stitched anything till date, how would you start sewing your own clothes?

You may get apprehensive, afraid and even skeptical.

But, sewing is easy and just anybody can sew with a little practice.

It  is not hard to make your own clothes, because -

  • Clothing industry is a labor intensive industry. Almost all the clothes are handmade by a person.
  • Most of them do not hold any degrees.
  • My father was against me pursuing sewing because basically it’s “unskilled” work.
  • You don't need technical and academic excellence to make a clothe.
  • Sewing is a common hobby worldwide. It is easy to find high-quality materials, patterns, and equipment at low prices. 
  • You get good sewing courses every where, with formal degrees or hobby classes.
  • Simple Google what clothe you want to make and you will get hundreds of free DIY tutorials..

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Sewing skill is hard to master because -

  • Sewing is taxing on your time. You spend so much time learning it.
  • When you make a dress, it may take hours, days and sometimes weeks.
  • Pattern making demands you to be on your toes for long hours.
  • Sewing may be pain for your back. 
  • Long hours of making a clothe can be tiring.
  • You need practice, up-gradation of your skills, tools and relearning with the trends.
  • Not all clothes that you made going to be great.
  • Most of them may just go out in the dustbin, because of sheer ignorance of small details like right type of fabric or trimmings.
  • You always need a new design for the second dress. Nobody wants a copy of a friend's dress worn in front of her.
  • Sometimes it’s hard to find good ideas and sometimes your ideas are lame.

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Steps to get started making your own clothes

Disclaimer : These five steps seem easy to read and follow through.

If you start with simple sewing projects, it is in fact easy to get started and learn along the way.

It is advisable not to start with complicated things in your first sewing attempt without any expert guidance. 

#1. Get your tools together

Go to a fabric store and look through their patterns.  

Many are designed for beginners. 

Start with a simple project, like shorts or a skirt or a shirt.  

See what fabrics are recommended and purchase a sufficient yardage and thread to match.  

If buttons or zippers are needed, buy them also.

#2. Learn what you want to make

Look at the library for books on sewing, and look for tutorials on YouTube.  

Every skill you will need to know are explained and demonstrated in these resources.

#3. Be comfortable with your mistakes

Learn the basics as you create a simple garment.  

Don't be afraid to make mistakes. 

Sometimes you will have to rip things out or even cut a new piece.  

That's OK, because you will learn from your mistakes. 

#4. Beautify your creation

After you have assembled the garment, snipped off loose threads, and pressed it, put it on and show it off!

Don't worry about alterations and adjustments just yet.  Learn the basics first.

#5. Learn some more

Once you have confidence in making simple garments you can learn how to customize patterns to fit you perfectly.  

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Sewing tips to help you make your own clothes

  • If you decide to learn sewing, there are several classes from sewing centers that can get you started.
  • If you want to learn on your own, start out with simple pieces like an apron or a pillow cover.
  • Practice is the most important thing just like how many other skills are learned.
  • Sewing 5/8″ straight seams is challenging but not difficult if you follow the guide on the machine.
  • Start slow and with practice your speed naturally increases.

Finding custom sizing is expensive so knowing how to sew can come in handy.

Making your own clothes is very satisfying, when you know that you have the latest styles that fit you perfectly.

Moreover, you feel proud when someone asks where you got that particular outfit and you say "I made it."

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