How to Save Money by Sewing (Interesting Facts 2023)

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Do you know that you can save a good amount of money by sewing.

You would agree, that our consumerism has not only depleted money in our pockets but also added clutter in our homes. 

We are becoming victim of being clones of our relatives, friends and neighbors.

Because we are buying and wearing exactly same as others are buying. 

Ever since I started sewing, it brought my sanity back. Now I buy less!

I make best use of fabrics and dresses dumped in closets.

I renew them. I make sure that everything in my house is coming to good use.

It is no longer occupying space for no reason.

This way, I could make saving a good habit and I show you how you can also save by sewing.

How to Make Your Own Sewing Pattern at Home

When you start sewing for the first time and you are unaware of the benefits,you do not know how sewing can change your perspective in many ways.

It is easier to doubt and ask yourself as why you should be sewing!

Years ago, I had a good debate with my grand mother.


She insisted that everyone must know Stitching but I thought otherwise.

I gave her good reasons as why there was no need to stitch anymore while markets are flooded with nice dresses on good prices.

Even now, when we enter the markets,shopping malls, our virtual markets in our rooms, we get to see a plethora of options to choose from.

Our mouths open in awe to see the choices, an ocean of choices.

I thought that Sewing was somewhat a desperate housewife’s pass time, but not any more. 

There are ample of reasons why to get your hands on a scissors and needle because here you don’t have to get your hands dirty.


The ladder to fashion industry starts with sewing or stitching. When we say sewing, we mean a lot of things.

Creating, beautifying, decorating and imagining the unimaginable. Stitching takes us to a new world of imagination and creativity.

This world is always in look out for creative ideas and imagination. There is a whole lot of opportunities for creative people.

You cut, paste, baste, stitch, trim and glow in the glory of your own creation.

You can mix,match, alter, cut, create,crop,design and get new dresses in a jiffy. Stitching lets your creative juices flow.


You can be minimalistic. You can have a clutter free home. You don't need to hoard a huge pile of dresses in the hope that someday perhaps you would fit into any of them.

Gifted fabrics never keep lying in the cupboard anymore. You can make anything out of your pile of fabrics.

This will serve two purposes – you’ll be using less to create more. Leading lesser burden on the resources of the Earth.

Secondly, you’ll save yourself the burden of cleaning up stuff, which can be productively used.


You are independent and you do not need to wait for your dresses made or mended by others.

You get the freedom to loose weight or gain some, you don’t have to worry about throwing away the expensive dresses if you lost those extra kilos.

You have the luxury to alter the size or design as per you liking any time.


When you can sew your dresses anytime for yourself, you do not need to spend endless hours on surfing shopping websites. Neither you have to plan your market visits. 

When the visits to the market are cut down; of course you can spend this time in relaxing or vacationing or planning something better.


Surely, you are not alone on this planet to tackle last minute invitations!

We have handled them all and know how painful it gets sometimes to buy things at the last minute.

It could be just anything!

Last minute invitations from school functions, parties or 'I got nothing to wear' screams!

When you sew, these things no longer disturb you.

You are always updated and handy with newer ideas to try on your clothes. You are always ready for emergency sewing.


Sewing is a hobby that pays you back - directly or indirectly.

Shopping dresses = Fluid economy=Lesser money for other things.

If you have little kids at home, you’ll agree with me that every few months you spend good money on their clothes and trash these not so worn clothes before they are optimally used.

Kids outgrow the clothes before we save enough for our next round of shopping.

Stitching means less visits to the market and you are spared of binge shopping.

There is no need to pay a hefty amount for a dress, which you can get as per your measurements over the weekend.

12 Proven Ways to Earn Money: Sewing Work From Home


Sewing can get you rich.

Yes, you read it right! Sewing is a very good profession. It can get you money instantly.

It has become a money minting business of millions of dollar.

You can never go hungry and without money in any part of the world, where humans inhabit.

No matter, you are educated or not, qualified or not.

If you know how to stitch or to market the related things well, you can get rich super quick and without any foul plays,too.

How Can a Housewife Earn from Home


I come across many people, women as well as men, who want to get their dresses made but finding a good tailor is very difficult for them.  

In case they find one good tailor, there are other issues of not getting their designs right.

And then the headache of not getting the dress on time.

We get our choice at our price.

Our wardrobe is a quintessential part of our shopping list and eat a major chunk of our money.

For good choices, we pay good price too.

We wait for the SALE, to get a good bargain and sometimes haggle with the shopkeepers to get that extra discount.

What if, we don’t need to think so much and still we get the new dresses of our choice with every changing season?

In fact, Stitching gives the pleasure of having a new dress every day.

8 Tips to Manage Scrap Fabric and Get Peace of Mind

In fact, Sewing is relaxing. 

Try it in a small way and you forget all your worries and get into action.

It increases your concentration, enhance problem solving skills and put the pieces together to get to the workable solution, which is an essential life skill.

How to learn sewing

What is your reason to Sew?

So, don’t wait anymore.

Get up or sit down to Sew and Share your thoughts with many others like you, who are waiting to listen to your motivation to sew.

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