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Saris Simple Sewing Tips to Help You Make Your Saris dresses in Different Ways. To make sari wearing simplified, people turn them into dresses.

There are many ways to stitch your saris into a sari dress or turn it into a completely new dress by draping it differently.

Take heart, it's easy and simple but need a little willingness from your part. 

My Story :- I had a number of saris which I stopped wearing, yet I was reluctant to get rid of them.

They were occupying space in my closets and I was forced to spend money on new dresses for work.

Problem with space is that you can not stretch it.

And problem with me is that I wanted space in my house but couldn't imagine getting rid of my prized possessions called saris.

I had problems because of Saris not worn, which I thought I loved but I always avoided them.

  • Sarees, not being worn but cluttering the space.
  • Closets overflowing and not accommodating new dresses.
  • Money going to fund new dresses and causing depleting bank balance. 
  • A feeling of helplessness and anxiety to manage my things well.

My Saris Solutions :-

Once I knew my problem, it became slightly easier for me to get quick with my solutions and I started working on some of them. I decided to learn - 

  • Different styles of wearing a saree such as gown style saree draping.
  • Dresses made from saree such as gown, palazzo, maxi, kurti etc.
  • Cushion Covers or some home decor things made from saree.

Different Styles of Wearing Saris

Don't jump into cutting and stitching all your saris into a new dress immediately. Check out if some of them can be worn into a different style.

These are some of the Ways to Drape a Saree in different styles.

Saree Dress Design Patterns

When you are convinced that you are left with some sarees which can not be worn in any other style ( or you are not willing to try them at all as a saree !) then go ahead and note down what is your expectation from a saree ?

You want it as a maxi, gown, top, palazzo, kurti, lehnga, skirt or what else ?

Though, you can make almost any dress by cutting your saree but the final look depends on the type of saree itself. 

If a saree is too heavy with embroidery and work, you can get a lehnga or gown made. if it is light weight, you can get a kurti or a casual dress made out of it.

Here I got a few saree dress design patterns which can be easily done at home. 

Stitch Your Saree into a Beautiful Dress at Home : DIY

Once you have tried draping your saris in different styles and moved to checking out saree dress patterns, the next step is to make a dress yourself or get it done from a tailor.

Learn Stitching at home

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