How To Make Yoke Design in Different Dresses (Guide 2024)

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Learn How To Make Yoke Design for adding some contrast, design, pattern illusion, adding strength to the layer of the dress or cover-up shortage of fabric.

It is quite simple and easy to make a yoke design. 

You can add a yoke in any kind of dress. A top with a yoke is called a yoke top.

There can be any reason for adding yoke to a dress as I have mentioned above.

How to Make Your Own Sewing Pattern at Home

As per the dictionary meaning a yoke is a part of a garment that fits over the shoulders and to which the main part of the garment is attached.

A Front Yoke Top is a Top, which has a separate joint at the front.

This joint can be a separate fabric or the same fabric with some design/pattern changes, which you wish to add to the main dress for some dramatic look.

Sometimes, a Yoke is joined, when you are short of same color fabric from the same length.

But most of the times, a frontal yoke is added to create a focal point in the front of a dress.

How to add a yoke to a dress

Why add a yoke to any dress

We come across situations when we have a beautifully done fabric but the designs are scattered here and there instead of being at one straight place.

In that scenario, it gets to be tricky for us to scratch our brains as how can a nice dress be made out of it?

Blouse Designs with Yoke

I see a challenge in that.

I make all the mental calculations to find out how best that scattered, asymmetrical design be put into place to get a more eye appealing look.

This is one of those kind of Tops. Here, the neck design was somewhere else & the front bottom design was someplace else.

Either I could sacrifice the neck design or the bottom design but I didn’t want to sacrifice either.

So I cut the pieces separately and joined them together, hiding the joint with a ribbon. You may use a lace as well.

How to sew a yoke Top

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