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How to Make Shirt for yourself or for others.

I make so many dresses for myself. When I finish a sewing project, my son or my husband sometimes give me a look, as if saying "make something for me also."

Though, they are not quite vocal about it but I feel that I must try making something for them also.

I have tried duplicating designs many times and I liked the recent development when I could duplicate a ready to wear shirt as it was.

The best part about this method is that you can copy or duplicate any dress.

This is how I made it in super simple way and you can also measure, cut and sew it with Patch Pockets. 

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Measurement and Cutting

You can measure any kind of dress by this method and duplicate the design, size, pattern as given in the original dress.

Then, you can cut the fabric same as the measurements you have taken or you can make changes as per your requirements.

Sewing  / Stitching

Observe the stitching of your original dress and follow the steps given in this video sewing tutorial.

'Watch each step carefully twice to get clarity to sew.

Though, it is simple to make it but for beginners it may be a little overwhelming. 

So, the tip is to make a pattern and then cut the fabric. You'll get the confidence.

Little Boy’s Shirt Sewing

With a peter pan collar, this is a simple sewing pattern guide. 

It has single shoulder back and you can make it for young boys.

These are the trendy shirts for this season, which are easy to make and can be sewn at home.

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