How to Make Palazzo Pants in 2023

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Learn How to Make Palazzo Pants in 2021 (Easy Sewng Project), also called Palazzo, Plazo, Pallazo, Plajo, Palajo, Palazo Pants etc.

Palazzo Pants have been around since the beginning of clothing and it got reintroduced in different styles and designs in fashion streets.

So, what exactly the mystery of palazzo about? What exactly it is? Why people call entirely different type of pajamas - Palazzo? And above all else, how to make them with no mess up.

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What is Palazzo or Palazzo Pants

Let's clear the confusion, which is prevailing everywhere. Everybody seems to be in love with their pyjamas but not knowing what exactly it is!

In layman's words, a palazzo is a kind of pajamas. Super comfortable, ideal for summers, loose and flowing with summer breeze and breathable in hot weather. In short, comfortable for movement.

A Palazzo can be known by culottes, gaucho, flair pants but it's not a cigarette pants. Let's check out the difference and similarities between all of them.

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Step By Step Method To Take Measurements For Palazzo Pants

A palazzo can be cut and styled in different manners but measurements would be taken the same old classic way.

You need measurements of :
Full length
Knee round (optional)
Ankle or bottom round (optional)

Check out this video below and find out what measurements you need and how you need to measure right.

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How To Make Your Palazzo in 10 Minutes straight

If you ever made pajamas, then you don't need to fret at all. You can easily make any kind of palazzos.

You keep the flairs less or more; choose the fabric, cut, elastic, belted, shape of the belt as you want to keep and voila, you got the right fit for yourself. I show you some of these methods.

Steps- CUTTING : Palazzo Pants

1.Take two layers of fabric from your waist till your ankle and lay it folded.
2.Keep 1.5" extra on top for elastic casing.
3.Then, measure full length and mark for half of bottom+1/2".
4.Mark hip divided by 3, lengthwise from top.
5. Mark hip divided by 3 +3/4" width wise.
6.Take midpoint of hip line and bottom.
7.Take 2" above this midpoint and mark for knee round+1/2".
8.Join and shape bottom, knee and hip mark.
9.Take 1" inside at waist line and shape till hip length.
10.Take 1/2" seam allowance on the sides and cut the outline.
11. I am not folding bottom but if you want to, then keep 1.5" extra at the bottom to fold.

STITCHING : Palazzo Pants

1.Stitch the hip curve.
2.Stitch the 1" wide and waist round length minus 1" long elastic on both corners of the waist casing.
3.Fold the elastic casing and make a couple of top stitches on it.
4.Stitch the other side of hip curve.
5.Stitch the fork of leg.
6.It's ready to wear and show off the trend.

Palazzo Designs - 


Cigarette Pants are straight, body hugging, slim or well fitted to give a formal finish to your look.

Palazzos are fitted from the waist but flared from the bottom. You can imagine bell-bottoms, in which style, we get bell shaped bottom look.

But, a palazzo can be much more versatile. You can experiment with the texture, finishing, pockets, trimmings and so much you can do, to make a palazzo super comfortable for yourself.

A palazzo can be worn as semi-formal or casual dressing. Some workplaces have accepted this comfortable dress as part of their office attire.


Culottes are slit or divided pants, which look like skirt. Culottes can also be known as skorts (skirts + shorts). Ideally these are knee length or slightly longer.

These are also called gaucho pants.

Gaucho (cowboy) pants are wide, calf-length trousers, high waist cut and are loosely tapered from the thigh till a few inches below the knee.

The right synonym for palazzo is pajamas. That explains the whole garment. Comfort, looseness and no airs around it!

How To Style Your Palazzo Pants

Now, you got your palazzo made or you shopped, but how to pair them up with style? You can pair your palazzos with just anything - top, t-shirt, shirt, tunic - these would look super fabulous and comfortable. So, take your pick and don't forget to share your style tips.

You can make your palazzo pants in different styles and designs.

Palazzo with a bottom Slit

Umbrella Palazzo Style DIY

Flared bottom palazzo Design

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