How to Make Boat Neck : Sew Boat Neckline Design

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Learn how to make boat neck for any dress and body type. Boat neck line is the safest neck design, which you can pick for any dress. Be it classy wedding gown or a chick evening cocktail party.

I love it more because it's simple yet enhances looks, appeal and looks oh so graceful.

And the best part is, it's so easy to make just for any dress, be it blouse, kurti, tunic, kaftan, top, gown or just anything. If I want an amazing neckline, it has to be a boat neckline!

Common worry - will a boat neckline look good on my body shape ?

It's so common that you wonder if a neck design would look bad on me or not. Especially if you have less weight or more.

Let me assure you, a boat neck line covers up your collar bones (almost) so you look good even if you are too thin.

At the same time, if you are fat, you be assured that a neckline highlights your face and neck. You can still wear it and look amazing!

It is loved by all dresses and all people with different face cuts :

This type of neck line makes you look attractive and pretty. Irrespective of your fat or thin body, you can wear it confidently and look pretty.

what is a boat neck design

A boat neck or a bateau neckline is a type of wide neckline, which is extended below the collar bone. This is a wide horizontally running neckline till shoulders.

This neck design is also called Sabrina neckline. It is traditionally liked on knitwear, evening dresses and wedding dresses. 

In present times, boat neck is a popular neck design, which is loved and adopted for almost all kind of dresses.

This neckline looks quite elegant and classy therefore women have started developing keen preference for it for every day wear clothes.

How to Make Boat Neck Brocade Blouse with Lining

This is a party wear golden blouse. 

Brocade can be a little skin irritating, so lining is added.

You can make a blouse without lining, using this method.

How to Make Boat Neck Caftan / Kaftan Dress

This Caftan's neckline is cut on single piece. No shoulder stitches and cuts are made.

It's a single piece design, which is easy to make and chances are that you will not get anywhere else.

How to choose right size for your neck line

Using the sewing tips given in this tutorial, you can make any kind of width and length for your necklines.

It will help you make your neckline wider or deeper as per your liking or style requirement.

How to Make Boat Neck : Step by step Instructions

Measurements needed for dress

Fabric required:-

  • 2 meter for small, medium size
  • 2.5 to 3 meter for xl & xxl respectively

Cotton fabric is used. Printed 1/2 meter & 1.5 meter plain white.

Measurements you need:-

  1. Full Length (desired length of the top)
  2. Waist length – nape of the neck till mid waist
  3. Hip length – nape of the neck till widest part of hip/seat
  4. Shoulder – one shoulder bone to another
  5. Chest round
  6. Waist round
  7. Hip or Seat round
  8. Armhole circumference, if you don’t want to use calculations
  9. Sleeve length
  10. Sleeve bottom round

Measurements required to Make Boat Neck

  • CHEST/12 + 1.5″ or till 6.5″ for front as well as back neckline width
  • CHEST /12 + 1/2″ for length of the neckline

If you want wider neckline then you should leave 1″ shoulder strap and widen the Boat / Bateau Neck as desired.

This Top is comfortably fit but if you wish body hugging top, then add 1/2″ to Chest,Waist, Hip/4 + 1/2″ ease allowance instead of 1″.

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