How To Make a Pleated Top (Easy Do It Yourself)

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Learn How To Make a Pleated Top : These are different trendy designs to Measure, Cut and Sew a pleated top yourself. Full Cutting Sewing Video Tutorial DIY

I like pleated tops. I can achieve a beautiful look with some simple little layering.

And the best thing is, you don't need embellishments and trimmings to decorate a dress with pleats.

Plainer the fabric, better it looks.

You can add pleats to your skirt, long dress, tunic, kurti, suit, little black dress or any dress by the simple step, that I am going to show you.

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Pleated Long Dress with Yoke

I made this dress with Yoke and pleats. It has come out really beautiful and you can check full video tutorial here.

Satin Pleated Top with Lining

The best fabric for this kind of Top is Georgette, Chiffon, Silk, Satin, Crepe’ or any other flowing fabric.

  • The lining would add grace, durability, finishing to the Top but if you wish to make it otherwise over an inner then try to overlock or zigzag the edges so threads don’t fall around.
  • Length you can increase or decrease.
  • Width also you can increase adding inches. But width you can’t decrease beyond a point, because you have to fit into that Top,too.
  • This Pleated Top is not body hugging if you want it so, then keep the measurements as under :-


Waist /4 + 1/2″

Hip/4 + 1/2″

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Pleated Open Jacket Style Top Cutting

  • You can keep the width of pleats as per your liking. 1/2″ to 3.5″. Here, it is 1.5″ wide pleats.
  • You can make less or more pleats, as you wish.
  • Instead of front, you can keep the pleats in one side only.
  • You can even keep pleats in front as well as in back part to give it more fullness.
  • If you want to let the pleats flow instead of sticky then don’t stitch them together on the bottom side.
  • You can add the trimmings like lace, beads, buttons etc. as per your liking or simply wear it as it is.
  • Pleated Long Dress

    I made this V-neckline Long Dress with a pleated skirt, attached to the bodice.

    And this dress has top open designer sleeves, that I made in simple method. 

    Pleats I made using a fork and with hands, you can choose the way you liked better.

    Pleated Collar Waist Length Top

    This top is cut simple like a T-shirt, that I had shared earlier. 

    Here, I just added a zipper in the front placket. 

    And added a pleated collar to the neckline.

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