How to Make a Palazzo for Yourself within 30 Minutes

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How to Make Palazzo because it is as comfortable and easy to make as pajamas.

In fact, you can name a stylish, fashionable pajamas.

The only difference you can call between your pajamas, pants and palazzo is that you can design a pajamas or pants as a hybrid. 

The combination of comfort features of pajamas and pants are added to make a comfortable bottoms.

That's why i love my Palazzo Pants and I show you how easily and simply you can make it at home in less than 30 minutes!

You need measurement of :

Full length - waist till ankle
Waist round
Hip / Seat round
Knee round
Ankle or bottom round

Steps to cut and sew a Palazzo Pants -

1.Take two layers of fabric from your waist till your ankle and lay it folded.

2.Keep 1.5″ extra on top for elastic casing.

3.Then, measure full length and mark for half of bottom+1/2″.

4.Mark hip divided by 3, lengthwise from top.

5. Mark hip divided by 3 +3/4″ width wise.

6.Take midpoint of hip line and bottom.

7.Take 2″ above this midpoint and mark for knee round+1/2″.

8.Join and shape bottom, knee and hip mark.

9.Take 1″ inside at waist line and shape till hip length.

10.Take 1/2″ seam allowance on the sides and cut the outline.

11. I am not folding bottom but if you want to, then keep 1.5″ extra at the bottom to fold.


1.Stitch the hip curve.

2.Stitch (1″ wide and waist round length minus 1″ long)  elastic on both corners of the waist casing.

3.Fold the elastic casing and make a couple of top stitches on it.

4.Stitch the other side of hip curve.

5.Stitch the middle of leg.

6.It’s ready to wear.

How to Upcycle Your Fringe Fabric Length

You can make a palazzo very easily by recycling your fringed scarf, dupatta or stole.

I used my woolen stole to make this comfortable fringe palazzo, which I paired with top, tunic & kurti. 

If you are also wondering what to do with your fringe dupatta and wish to sew something interestingly comfortably; try this fringe palazzo.

How to Sew Fringe Palazzo or dress

If you already possess some dresses or fringe wrap around, you can use them to make yourself a cool fringe palazzo.

These type of fringe palazzo look nice if you make them in different lengths.

You do not need to make them full length.

Though, I am giving here the cutting and sewing tutorial for the full length palazzo but you can even make a shorts, capri or knee length fringe lowers.

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