How to Learn Sewing as a Beginner at Home

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How to Learn Sewing as Beginner at Home to make your own dresses, sew some cute fancy dresses for your kids or sell your stitched garments.

When I was about ten year old, I made my school uniform skirt using my mom's manual sewing machine. During 90's internet had not entered our lives, so the only way to learn sewing was to -

  1. Join a sewing school,
  2. Work as an apprentice with some tailoring house,
  3. Take private classes for dress making, or 
  4.  Learn from sewing books.

I could not avail the first three options because I was full time into studies and it was out of question that I left my academics to learn sewing. 

Therefore, I took the tougher route of learning from books. After many years, I learned from fashion institute and run my boutique also. 

So, everything I share with you in this post comes with my experience and learnings of 31+ years.

To learn sewing, understand six major steps:-

1. Get a Sewing Machine

If you don't want to spend a lot of time hand sewing then you must have a basic sewing machine. You may buy, borrow or rent the machine as per your convenience and budget.

You may choose -

  • Manual Sewing Machine / Half Shuttle Machine / Treadle Machine
  • Electric or Industrial Sewing Machine / Umbrella Machine
  • Electronic or Automatic Zig Zag White Plastic Sewing Machine

Know : Different Types of Sewing Machines

2. Get Sewing Tool Kit 

You need a basic sewing tool kit to get started. A beginner sewing kit must have :-

  • Measuring Tape
  • Tailors Chalk
  • Tailors Scale straight 24"
  • Leg Curve
  • All Purpose Pins
  • Threads - White, Black, Grey and Cream/Beige colors
  • Hand Needle for Hemming
  • Tailors Scissors 10"
  • Paper Cutting or All Purpose Scissors
  • Tracing Wheel
  • Thread Cutter 
  • Brown paper for Pattern Making / Drafting, and
  • Marker for Drafting.

You may get all these basic supplies from your local sewing shop. If you are unable to track a sewing material shop near you or you want to save your time, you can get sewing essentials online.

3. Learn to Use Your Sewing Machine

About 77% people are not able to sew anything because they are too overwhelmed with their sewing machines. 

A sewing machine is a useful tool to make things and there is no reason why you should be scared of it. 

Open the cover of your sewing machine and learn these basic things about it:-

  • Sewing Machine Parts
  • Bobbin Winding
  • Threading the Sewing Machine Needle
  • Stitch Length and Width Settings
  • Thread Tension Dial Settings
  • Your Sewing Machine Accessories (if any), and most importantly
  • How to Clean Lint and Dust from Shuttle Race and Bobbin and 
  • Basic Cleaning and Maintenance.

4. Choose Your First Project

You may choose to make your dress, doll clothes, soft toys, pillow covers or giveaways. It all depends on your liking, interest and skill level. 

Ideally, you should start with simple beginner level projects and later you should try designer dresses or more complex sewing projects.

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5. Buy Some Fabric

It helps to practice cutting and drafting on papers to get confidence to handle the fabric. 

Once you are familiar with scissors handling, marking, drafting, it may be a good idea to buy some fabric and start making real clothes. 

You may wonder how much fabric you may need for your sewing projects. This fabric requirement calculation, you would find useful.

6. Get Sewing

Congratulations! Now you have reached the level six of your game. At this level you can explore designing, embroidery and dress making at an advanced level. 

If required, you may also try your hands at sewing and selling business ideas. 

After all, sewing is a productive hobby and a profitable business.

Happy Sewing:)

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