How to Fix Bobbin Thread Break in Sewing Machine

Stitching Machine Repair

Learn How to Fix Bobbin Thread Break. A smooth good stitch is what beautifies a dress. What would you do when Bobbin Thread Breaks too frequently.

How would you Fix your Sewing Machine Stitch Troubles, that also yourself at home?

I share my sewing machine experience with your and how I do fix it at home. I am sure it’s going to make your stitching somewhat better.

How to Repair Sewing Machine at Home

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Over a period of time, your sewing machine starts showing the signs of wear and tear.

To overcome the routine problems and to prevent them beforehand, it is advisable that you take care of them by regularly oiling and cleaning our sewing machine.

In the earlier post I had mentioned some of the machine troubles and how to fix them.

Apart from them, there are some more problems which you can prevent or troubleshoot at home.

Reason 1.: The bobbin thread is not threaded properly in the bobbin case

Solution : If the bobbin thread is not threaded properly in the bobbin case, then you need to thread bobbin case. The steps to thread the bobbin case are :-

  • Place the bobbin into the bobbin case. Make sure the thread unwinds in the direction of arrow.
  • Pull the thread into the bobbin case slot.
  • Draw the thread under the tension spring and into the delivery eye.
  • Leave about 4″ of free thread.

Reason 2: Lint has collected in the bobbin case

Solution : If lint and dust have collected in the bobbin case then you need to clean the shuttle race area and bobbin case with a dry soft cotton fabric.

Reason 3 : The bobbin is damaged and doesn’t turn smoothly.

Solution : Over a period of time, bobbin is worn out and damaged. Therefore, we need to exchange bobbin.

Reason 4 : Bobbin screw are either too tight or too loose.

Solution: If we have filled Anchor thread in bobbin for some designing or embroidery stitches or we have used thread elastic for shirring our dress, we should remember to check screw of bobbin.

These processes gets the screw loose.

If the small screws on our bobbin are loose, we need to screw them slightly. They should neither be too tight nor very loose. Fixing the screws solves the problem sometimes.

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