Though, it does not require a degree to understand how to dress up well but no matter how good we are with clothes, someday or the other this huge dilemma haunt us. We wonder how to dress up and we get desperate, we spend so much time pondering over this simple matter and ultimately we give up and wear whatever lays in our hands. But if we keep certain things in mind, we can very easily get over this problem. Find out the rules of dress up well!


These rules implies even if you work for government or corporate; get ready to work or to meet your clients or simply work from home office.  It will allow you to stay up to the mark and well organized and lead you to success. In fact, you can call them dress rules to success!

1.Stand out

You don't need to look like one among a penguin family. All suited booted look. Make your style stand out not blend in. If you don't have a dress code to follow, you can create an image by adding a uniqueness to your dressing style. 

Tip : The uniqueness should be subtle not vulgar. Adopt your industry acceptable dress code.

2. Fit well

Make sure whatever you wear - fits you well. Not too tight nor too loose. Cut to order dresses give you a good fitting. 

If you are buying ready-made dresses, then check the size and get the dress resized to your body measurement, if needed.

Generally, people buy over-sized dresses and get the dress cut to size from sides. But they forget to notice that shoulders are dropping from the sides, giving hint that the dress was ACTUALLY not your size! So, either buy your size or check the shoulder width also. 

Tip : Shoulder joint should fall on your shoulder / arm joints.

3.Right Color Coordination

Not many would appreciate rainbow dressing in workplace but to make life interesting add some color to your otherwise white, black, beige, brown,pale,  dresses. A hint of red, maroon, green, yellow, blue may help in making your personality stand out. Using metallic shades should be minimalistic if your are not into glamorous profession.

4.Uniform, yet so different

Neat, tidy, clean and crisp - this mantra would make you mark your presence even if you are wearing same color uniform as your colleague. You should also pay attention to accessories you are carrying.

5.Friday Dress : How casual is formal?

Some people take Friday dressing somewhat more casual. In fact, it is formal dressing but in a relaxed and casual manner. Stretching the necklines low or roaming around in flip flops, wearing too short dresses or showing off all tattoos and junk jewelry may be something, people may not object but it would tarnish your image as a professional.

Know the purpose of your clothes - an athlete-wear or yoga pants to work is not something, which you call casual for a Friday dressing.

6.Jeans @ Workplace

Jeans are accepted as Friday dressing in many corporate houses now. If you work in an office environment where there is no client or public dealing, jeans are accepted even in work weeks. Though, for a professional and formal presentation, jeans are a big NO!

7.Ethnic clothes at work

When we work in a global work environment, it's always better to be dressed more conservatively as globally accepted.

We can add our style to the accepted dress code but that should not be too loud.

8.Office after party

.Sometimes, we head to party just after work. In that case, we can add a little color to our makeup or hold a colorful silk stole or scarf, ear danglers to add style. For men, they can change one strong element in their look - roll up the sleeves or lose the tie.

Tip : You can add freshness by adding a good dab of perfume.

9.No nonsense office look

There are certain unwritten rules about office dressing, that includes - no loud and busy prints, garments with prominent branding, tongue-in-cheek message T-shirts, flip-flops etc. 

Besides, it is seen that small office home office is a rising trend, which has increased people working in casuals, but shabby dressing is not casual dressing. 

If you work well dressed and organized, you'll notice the work output you get.

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