How To Do Anchor Thread Work with any Machine

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Learn How To Do Anchor Thread Work Embroidery with Simple Sewing Machine. You do not need fancy settings.Neither you need any embroidery classes.

Do you know that you can do beautiful anchor thread embroidery work from your simple domestic sewing machine at home.

You do not need fancy stitch length and stitch width settings.

Neither do you need any embroidery classes to master this simple tactic to get a plain fabric into fabulous piece. 

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Never under estimate the power of a simple straight stitch sewing machine.

A straight stitch using a simple domestic sewing machine can help you make plainest of fabrics look dramatically beautiful.

Do Straight Stitch Designing using Anchor Thread that is simplest of the ways to do embroidery on a plain fabric.

I share with you a technique which I learnt from a veteran designer.

I love this technique because you don’t need a designer machine for this. Any sewing machine which can stitch a long straight stitch would do.

Things you need to do anchor stitch thread work

You need -

  1. anchor threads
  2. any sewing machine,
  3. polyester or cotton thread (matching or contrast),
  4. scissors,
  5. plain fabric,
  6. paper pasting,
  7. measuring tape,
  8. fabric chalk

Anchor thread technique to do embroidery

1. Fill anchor thread in the bobbin case by hands.

2. Thread the needle of the machine with your normal polyester/cotton thread.

3. Mark the design on the fabric (using paper pasting makes the design look more neat and tidy.

4. Stitch straight lines on back /wrong side of the fabric. Your anchor design will appear on the right side.

5. Press lightly.

6. Cut the excessive side threads and fold or stitch the open sides of thread with piping etc.

7. In case your bobbin case runs short of anchor thread and your design is not yet complete. You are in middle of a stitch then don’t worry.

Fill the bobbin case again and start the thread stitch again where you left it.

After completing the design, using a small drop of fabric glue, make the thread stick straight and look neat.

Can you do anchor thread work with hands?

This technique, if done by hands, I mean by hand needle, looks good too. But then, it’ll be just like a running stitch.

The machine stitch will give you a uniform stitch but a hand stitch may give you a not so uniform appearance.

And one of the most important thing is that you’ll have to have a longer stitch on front side of your dress and narrower stitch on the back side.

Unlike a machine stitch, in which you have your normal polyester/cotton stitch on wrong side and anchor thread on right side; you get anchor stitch both sides.

Can you use any other thread? Alternate thread method.

Yes, to get the desired look, it’s important to use anchor threads (may be by some other brand name) but if you are reluctant then you can try the same technique with wool or thicker threads / dori as well.

In fact, you can try the same technique with your zig zag stitch to give a different look to your dress.

How to get best results out of anchor thread method?

This thread designing looks best on a plain dress.

If you want to try it on a printed or textured fabric then it is advisable that you highlight the design on a plain contrast or matching fabric and then stitch it on the focal point of your dress.

You can use contrasting or matching colors of the thread for designing your dress.

It all depends the purpose for which you are designing and what do you wish to highlight in your dress.

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