How to Buy Clothes?

For a very long time, I didn't know how to do shopping and buy clothes. It used to be a tiring time waster for me. To avoid shopping, I started sewing my clothes. Then I knew I needed to shop for fabric a lot more! Thankfully, my fashion designing learning years threw me in the bazaar I dreaded most! Now I knew, not only to buy clothes for comfort but the good, bad and ugly about different fabrics too! 

Let's explore how to buy clothes for comfort, style, fun, occasions and affordability!​

When the weather changes, the first thing comes to our mind is, “Oh! I got NOTHING to wear!”

When it gets almost peak of season, most of us still wonder – what to wear and what to shop or sew? We search through stores on-line and off-line but either the designs and styles are too lame or too much. Nothing sort of you could carry comfortably.

On top of that, the biggest fear is, SHOPPING itself, ” If the shopping turned out of be money and time waster then?” “If the clothes are not up to the mark, then?”

Well, I was also going through the same ordeal when I bumped on some of really cool designs which are awesome to carry and reasonably priced, that also from trusted website Amazon. I never faced any troubles with amazon products, so I can confidently vouch for shopping dresses from amazon.

Otherwise, you can also try your hands on making these dresses yourself as I’ll guide you how to cut and stitch these kind of dresses through my video tutorials on Stitching Mall English or Hindi channels respectively.


Not everyone’s an expert in shopping that includes me. There are as many fraud cases in online shopping as many are there in-person market hopping. We have to be prudent shopper to come out with great deals.

There are certain things which will help you in short as well as in long run. You need value for your money and a style statement to make but not at the cost of poor fabric which may cause skin irritation, dizziness, continuous perspiration and discomfort. Watch out while you shop.


When you go out shopping it’s important to choose skin friendly fabric. Skin friendly fabrics are those fabrics which are organic or you can call them natural and they keep you cool in hot weather. You know, even your Denim is cool for the summers. Though, Denim looks thick but in fact it’s good for any weather including summers.





Sometimes you don’t get certain designs and textures in cottons. Your preference may also require a wrinkle free, smooth fabric. There are many good quality blended fabrics or mixed fabrics available, which you can try for different occasions or purposes.



In person shopping, you can try the dresses on in the trial room and find out your right size to be precise.This seems to be a practical method when you are shopping for yourself but while you are shopping online or for somebody else, you can rely more on the Standard Size dresses.

Standard Body Measurements Vs. Body Measurements

To know your size, check out some measurement taking videos online and understand what’s your measurement. Otherwise ask your tailor to give you a detailed measurement slip mentioning your chest, waist and hip sizes. Though, it’s quite difficult that any tailor would give you this detailed measurement slip but perhaps if you explain him your dilemma in purchasing online dresses, he may help you with this. Accordingly, order your dress.

To make your shopping life easier, I share the Size Charts with you. Check these Size Charts for Men and Women to know your size SIZE CHARTS FOR MEN AND WOMEN and don’t forget to let me know if it helped you:)

Eight Valuable Tips to Remember while You Buy Clothes!

  • Don’t do all your shopping from a single website or store until and unless, you have tried their product and service earlier.
  • Buy one or two items initially and once you are confident that you got your right fit and style, then go for it again.
  • You are head-over-heels over those FIVE dresses and want to buy immediately but guess what! if all of them turned out to be bad, then you’ll be so much disappointed. The markets would come up with better choices tomorrow as well. No need to get hysterical. Even if you just got your paycheck. Wait for the right product or get your dress tailor made.
  • Don’t fret over deals. Buy less but buy quality.
  • Expertise comes with experience. Keep your wardrobe minimalistic.
  • Buy at the end of a season for discounts or in the beginning of a season to get the latest designs. If you buy in middle of a season, you get on-the-streets popular fashion trends at regular prices.
  • Look around the kind of people you wish to gel with and how you, yourself want to project your personality. Based on that, make your purchases.
  • If you made some bad yet expensive purchases, don’t stick with them till lifetime. Give those dresses a toss; alter to wear or give them altogether. This way you’ll come out to be a wiser shopper.

I remember, once I bought a pretty expensive branded jacket at a hefty price. It was too loose to be worn. I hoped that I would gain some weight some day but that day never came in 10 long years! Every season, I used to get that jacket out, tried that in case I could fit inside and wrapped that back nicely.

That thing wasted so much of my energy and time in its upkeep. Ultimately, I had enough of looking after that and I gave it away!

Now, when I buy anything anymore I remember that awful experience and set my priority right. The dress must fit good now, rather than in someday in future.

Even if you made a bad purchase any day, don’t worry – God is great. He has given you enough money to make another purchase another time.

How to shop for clothes.

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