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Free sewing books help you understand the steps, layout, drafting and basic to advanced level skills.

I remember when we were kids, our cousins, relatives, friends, neighbors and sometimes strangers used to pass on their books to us. 

Exchanging books was (and still is!) a common practice. Even if that book costed huge money to the buyer; it is FREE to the receiver. 

I, myself prefer passing on the valuable books to interested readers rather than selling or throwing them away.

Some beginners may ask, when YouTube is full of free sewing tutorials, why should you refer to sewing books!

6 Tips to Learn Sewing with YouTube Videos in 2024

Why you need a sewing book

There are many reasons why you must have a sewing book or basic tailoring book. Some of these reasons are :-  

  1. You get clear understanding of tools, equipment, methods, steps, terminology, industry standards and best practices.
  2. You're able to make your own sewing patterns correctly.
  3. Not only the basics but you also understand sewing concepts step wise.
  4. You get better understanding of sewing instructions.

What to expect from a Free Sewing Book

Before your take any skill learning book free or buy it, keep your expectations real. 

There are a number of sewing books available online and offline, and their content is somewhat same but the way things are explained is different. One type of book may be easy for your friend but it may be hard on you.

Some people may be more comfortable with certain type of descriptive explanation and some of us can do with simple instructions and detailed narration.

There may be in-depth information, guidance and professional tips in most of the best selling books, and they may or may not be free.

A basic free sewing book will help you know the baby steps and later, you'll be able to choose the right type of sewing book yourself. In short, you'll be able to -

  • Understand basics before investing money into sewing tools and equipment.
  • Get familiar with sewing vocabulary
  • Understand your level of sewing skill and take necessary course, tutorial or book.
  • To understand your learning preferences, needs and journey.

This is a 14 days’ guide for beginners to learn sewing and sewing machine in shortest time possible, utilize your free time and learn DIY sewing

14 Days Guide to Learn Sewing in 2024

Where to find free sewing books online

#1. Borrow Hundreds of Books in this free Library 

If you love books the way I  do. Then I share the 'books treasure' that I discovered recently.

It so happened that I desperately wanted a few books but I was not able to buy them.

My daughter is also an avid reader so she suggested me a website, that I could use anytime to read any book any where.

The name of the website is Internet Archive, that is non-profit, digital library of Internet sites and other artifacts in digital form. 

Just like a paper library, it provides free access to researchers, historians, scholars, the print disabled, and the general public. They have noble mission to provide Universal Access to All Knowledge. 

You can either borrow, donate or purchase books from this site. It is an open source library, where people like you and me upload books so that others could read them.

I have read so many books here while commuting from office to home. I simply loved it, and you will find huge collection of books on sewing.

Simple SEARCH for the term SEWING or the author you want to read and that book would be in front of you (if it is uploaded by anybody).

I liked the way mermaidsden has displayed the interesting set of vintage sewing books. 

#2. Get free sewing book from your sewing machine brand

Some of the big sewing machine brands provide free sewing books online. USHA Sewing Machine Company has initiated into uploading a free Sewing ebook, that you can find here.

I liked this Usha Tailoring Book for its detailed information, step by step guide and some beginner level sewing patterns.

This book is a good start for you as a sewing learner. It is online and downloadable. It's free for all and there is no scam around it. 

You can freely enjoy sewing and learn sewing tips from this simple, easy to understand book.

Besides, you can check out similar free sewing book initiatives by your sewing machine brand as well.

#3. Get free sewing patterns locally

If you have access to a local library, you'll find many books on designing and drafting sewing patterns.

Some sewing books like Moda Murfy provides free sewing patterns. Some books come with a CD, and you can print sewing patterns using that CD.

You can get the book issued, scan the pattern, make/trace a copy or take a picture of the pattern.

The illustrated written words may be easier to follow than a YouTube video. You learn to draw patterns with a book easily.

You can create the latest designs in fashion for yourself or for selling. Act as

How to Create Latest Designs in Fashion

#4. Get free Sewing patterns online

Some designers, especially those who offer PDF patterns, will have a free pattern on their website so you can try them out to see if you like their instructions, and how they put things together.

You can often find instructions for simple projects online.

Simply type in “Free Sewing patterns” on Google and there will be so many patterns you would never be able to make them all in your lifetime.

Some will be written so that you need to measure, draw and cut them out.

These are usually very simple. Many are PDF downloads.

Keep watch and you can find professional patterns offered for free.

If you are looking for a certain type of pattern, narrow your search by say, for example, “skirt patterns”.

AllFreeSewing and FaveQuilts are both great resources for free sewing patterns. You can use their search function (top left) or search the menu and tags to find what you are looking for.

Like anything else, you get what you pay for. So expect free patterns to be simpler and smaller than projects you pay for. 

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