Free Sewing Books to Make Your Own Patterns

Do you know that before buying sewing books, you must check out some of the free sewing books to understand the contents. The best way to learn anything including sewing is by referring to relevant good books.  YouTube is full of free video sewing tutorials and some of these are really good. But if you know your basics from a sewing book, your understanding increases manifolds.

Written material & books provide us a clear road map on how to go about our dress making project but initially we hesitate to invest in any new book as their usefulness is not very clear to us.

How to learn sewing?

How to buy sewing machine?​

Even if we are clear that we intend to buy a book on Cutting, Sewing, Tailoring & Dress Designing, we sometimes wish to know the content description and clarity before buying, which is very very important.

Sewing Books to Buy.

How to buy clothes?​

We Make a Better Buying Decision, when We Know the Content & Relevance.

As we gain understanding, it becomes easier for us to make a smart decision about choosing the reference material or books on tailoring to get closer to our goal of self tuition on Cutting & Tailoring or stitching.

Through experience, I realized that there are a number of books available in the market on Cutting & Tailoring and their content is somewhat the same but the way things are explained differs and one book may be easy to understand for your friend but it does not mean that it could be as easy on you as well.

Some people may be more comfortable with certain type of descriptive explanation and some of us can do with simple instructions and detailed narration.

It may vary from individual to individual. Still, I made some efforts to gather the information which I used at different points of stitching & dress making to get my concepts clear.

To start with, you may check out these books and reference material by experts for developing a clear understanding on the concepts of dress making. These are all FREE to read and to learn self tailoring :-

Sewing Books for Beginners

  • Cutting & Tailoring for Beginners – Even if you know nothing about stitching but interested to learn on your own then this book may prove useful. It covers the basic topics and content which will make you understand taking measurement, choosing clothe, setting your sewing machine in order and making basic draft for dresses.
  • Sewing for beginners  – This online sewing book provides contents in an easy to understand layout. You may try it. It has simple English to understand the basics.

Sewing Books for Sewists

  • Advanced Cutting & Tailoring with Designing – This book is an advance version of the above Cutting & Tailoring for Beginners Book. It is useful if you want to thoroughly understand the garment making process with a keen interest in designing. Alternatively, if you know the basics then you may skip to the chapter you are looking for. On the last pages you will find very easy to understand useful patterns also.
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  • Reference Material: Last but not the least important is going through the images given and checking out from the visuals because eyes never lie. Sometimes what a hundred words can’t explain, a picture can.
  • Basics of Sewing– This book provides limited information on certain subjects for beginners to start with. Only a few points are explained keeping in mind the simplicity and grasping levels of novices. It is a good idea to start small. That small information includes certain technical words and it might test your vocabulary. When you learn and do step by step, you can retain the knowledge for a longer period.

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