It is our mission to revive sewing / stitching as a productive hobby and a profitable vocation for everyone.


To make sewing / stitching a simplify diy craft and unite every sewing enthusiast in learning and sharing.


To make sewing / stitching and related activities, a simple to understand and do it yourself pursuit for just anybody and everybody.


Promote minimalism and self sustenance by enabling everyone in creating out of the available. This will lessen burden on the environment, economy and leave us with more resources to share with less privileged.


Not only to follow the rules of the trade but to create, invent, discover and polish the existing practices to come out with smarter and better methods and ways to do things.


And above all else, promote self sustenance, learning and earning potential of everyone so willing.


🙂 Happy Stitching 🙂    Stitching is…Joining Parts Together.


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