Do You Want to Foster Your Creativity or Make Money from Stitching Industry?


If you want to save yourself money, time, headaches and foster your creativity


if you want to make money out of more than 3 trillion dollars globally expanding industry, then you are at the right place.


Stitching Mall is everything about Stitching. Stitching in a wider sense. Stitching is a very big industry – starting from tip of a needle to high end processes and machinery and fashion shows and what not.. But all this starts with a humble Stitch.


My Stitch : From Hobby to Full Time Stitching Enthusiast.


My name is Dimple Anand. Since my childhood, I am very fond of crafts particularly cutting and stitching. After my high school, I wished to take up fashion designing as a profession but being academically good, I ended up making a career in management.


Till end of 2011, I served as Training Manager in Public Health project of central government but then circumstances led me to an institute, where I studied fashion designing.


I was so enthusiastic that very soon I started a fashion boutique, which gave me good experience and profits in a very short while.


My boutique was on a rented place, which was very soon sold out. Meanwhile, I ended up in a personal turmoil, which led to shutting down of my shop, which was very painful.



Stitching Mall Was Created.


When I was a full time professional in corporate world, many of my colleagues used to ask me about the dress patterns. People used to ask me tips and tricks on sewing and related things.


So, when I ended up at home with a broken jaw, I created Stitching Mall to share what all I knew.


When I started my boutique, I yearned to have a platform for having all the components of stitching industry at one place.


The purpose of making this platform is to make any stitching enthusiast to enhance his/her skills. You can share your projects, use the ones shared by others and add on the information to enhance others’ insights.

I wonder why a simple pleasure of stitching should lead us pillar to post?


Why can’t we have all material, machines, manpower, makers, mentors and related things at a single place to help our hobby or operations of our business smooth?

The purpose of making this platform is also to achieve that ease of doing business without hassles of stitching industry.

 The mission is to make a better stitching world.