10+ Ways to Earn Money Sewing From Home

Stitching Work From Home

These are 12 Proven Ways to Earn Money Sewing Work From Home. These money-making ideas are practical and you can work from home using them.

I love to sew and I earned money using sewing as my anchor. I have practically worked on sewing projects from different angles and almost all of them worked. 

That is why I can vouch for these methods to earn money by sewing or stitching work from homeThe most satisfying part is that I have seen success stories in almost all of these work from home sewing/stitching work ideas.

And I can assure you if you have set your hands and your heart into earning money yourself around the stitching, then these are your road-maps to success.

What are you doing now?

Are you forced to sit at home due to hard circumstances or just anything which is beyond your control, but you love to earn your own money. 

What would you do? - Sulk, frustrate and vent your disappointment on your family? Or better, would you choose to work from home - relaxed yet doing your work on your terms?

You have many opportunities out there to work online but even in sewing or stitching, you can explore so much and earn handsomely even sitting at home! An most importantly, even if you cannot sew/stitch you can still make money around the stitching industry.

But how? 

2 Important Rules of making money

Rule 1 - Never believe 'get rich fast claims'

I have suffered and I do not want you to suffer from all those Get Rich Fast Claims. Money asks some ACTION before it can  come into your pocket.

My Story :- About three years back, when I used to open newspapers in the morning or check my emails, I used to get the shiny messages of all those opportunities of Work from Home.

Those pop-ups used to induce me to earn money online, work at home, get online work from home, do online business and earn money, how to earn money online, make money from home and what not!

I am sure you would have also come across some of them but please don’t make the mistake that I made by registering myself, paid money (though a small amount) and made fool of myself.

Understand – there is nothing called a freeee lunch! You have to work to get money respectfully and legally.

I know how much I cursed the emails and people behind them when I realized that I had been played with and my hard earned money was used to make someone’s dream of Earn Money Online come true!

But falsehood doesn’t last long! Truth is truth. Sooner or later, we get wiser and stop giving attention to such online work nonsense. Some of us rather stand against it and make things clear for other wannabe victims of such traps.

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Rule 2 - Real Work Earns you real money

How much I wished in my hectic days in office that someday I’d work from home and voila! Here, I am! Working and earning from home. And it’s NOTHING to do with my degrees! Believe me. If I can, then anybody can, as well!

From the basic level to advanced level, there are many levels on which you can work or get work done and earn your heartiest desire. It’s not multi level marketing or some earn money fast overnight kind of thing.

The ideas I share with you are the practical ones. I know they work and I tell you how you can make them work for you to earn money.

I will be sharing all these ideas in detail in my upcoming posts, one-by-one. You can apply them on one-to-one customer interactions or make them online work opportunities for yourself and I would show you HOW!

12 Proven Sewing ways to make money from home


#1. Sew and Sell garments

You can quickly set up a sew and sell type of small business. I share a small real life story with you here.

I found it motivating for many damsels in distress and it really worked each time. Clothing is a primary need for humans.

You can never go wrong on this. Read on and see if this option is for you!

  • Alterations for any particular type of dress

Alteration of clothes is always needed by almost everybody. You can start as:

  1. self-employed and work from home,
  2. work for a dry cleaner,
  3. work for a big retail fashion store, or
  4. find a position at a department store or boutique shop in the tailoring department.  

If self-employed, you can list your business on Google My Business for free, so when someone googles alterations, up you appear in search results.

  • Custom Sewing for any occasion

 This can be an extension of your alteration business.  People buy ready to wear clothes but for special occasions such as wedding, they love to get clothes custom made.

You can also specialize to re-style an out dated garment or to cut down or let out trousers.  

Women on a budget, but who cannot sew, buy patterns and fabric for garments they want, usually for a special occasion like evening wear or a prom dress.

  • Sell Men or women Shirts

People, especially those who have less than an standard sized body measurement, become instant customers when they find how comfortable a shirt is made to their own measurements.

They are also impressed with fine detailing that gives the garment greater ease.

  • Market Children’s Handmade Comfortable Clothes

Good cotton and natural fabric clothes, which are soft and baby skin friendly are hard to find.

I remember I started sewing when I always had to loosen the elastic of my baby's new bought pajamas.

You can make some handmade baby clothes in classic designs and sell them pretty well.

#2. Outsource stitching work, Be a link

If you are not willing to sew yourself then it’s a good idea to get work done by others and sell that work or product yourself.

This way you keep your profit margin up and above the net price.

Sometimes back, I ran a fashion boutique successfully but the shop was on rent and as soon as I started making profits, the shop owner sold the shop.

Leaving me and my dear customers high and dry and wondering – what to do?

That time, I started taking work – project basis. Customers used to visit me with their orders.

After noting down their requirements I used to pass them on to my skilled workers, who used to complete the work on their respective places and delivered me finished garments before or on due dates.

I used to save on rent, electricity, sewing machine upkeep, staff salaries, lots of time and energy.

Workers were also happy as they used to get their share of money on time and they could also work from home!

How to Benefit from Boutique Business Partnership while making your boutique business profitable for yourself and for your partner as well.

How to Benefit from Boutique Business Partnership :

#3. Start a Fashion Boutique Business

Many people call me to inquire about learning sewing as they wish to start their fashion boutique.

I learned fashion designing out of interest and then I also opened a fashion boutique.

I can tell you by my experience that it helps if you have some very basic knowledge of sewing, but to open and run a successful fashion boutique, you don’t need to go through the entire fashion designing or cutting and tailoring course.

In fact, you need very basic know-how that you can learn by watching online resources or YouTube videos.

Rest you would learn on the job. Hire a good tailor master. Better if he’s an all round expert.

Get a couple of industrial sewing machines. Get your shop all dressed up and say the word GO!

#4. Stitch for someone else as a freelancer

Here the point is reverse.

You stitch for other production houses. It could be any work for them.

There are hundreds of such small, medium and big scale production and design units, where you can easily contact to get work.

#5. Liaison between Demand and Supply

Another idea is being a middle person to earn profits and build your brand. I give you an idea.

Even when I was running my fashion boutique from one place, I contacted some big corporate houses. There were a great deal of women employees there.

They had high paying jobs, knowledge of latest fashion trends and willingness to spend to get dresses made to order.

But they didn’t have time to visit their tailor or designer to get dresses done.

There I was!

how I earned money when I didn’t want to do sewing

  • I visited customers with my tailor or alone.
  • Took Customers' measurements and orders. 
  • Got the orders done.
  •  Delivered the dresses. Many times customers bought unstitched fabric and accessories, too. that added to the profits.
  • got hard cash.

Additionally, I benefited by making good friends in high profile places and no money hassles. Big orders and regular income! See, if you can create this type of business for yourself.

#6. Sell within your social circle or whatsapp group

You can form your Whatsapp groups, who could be regular sewists or fashion houses and sell them all the sewing related fabrics, material, machines etc. with a profit margin and earn good money, that also by working from home.

How to Create and Sell Your Own Clothing Brand Online. Learn to start a successful clothing brand or clothing line in 2020.

8 Steps to Sell Clothing Online in 2024 (Complete Guide)

#7. Set up a Home Shop

It can be a good idea if you could set up your sewing area as a home shop, selling essentials of sewing supplies. 

For a person who is set out to complete a sewing project,it is most frustrating when she runs short of some sewing supplies.

A handy sewing supplies home shop would help such a customer in need and give you some extra cash.

#8. Sketch, make illustrations and sell to design houses

This is for you if you like to sketch or make human figures.

Even if you can’t, you can easily learn checking out online courses. That’s not a big deal!

You can contact fashion houses with your portfolio and get regular work and be paid handsomely. But here you may need a professional certification.

All the above work can be done online as well but you may need to invest somewhat more for that.

So, here I share some more ideas as how to earn money by online work from home by investing less.

Online Work From home opportunities

#9. Start online courses or webinars

Everybody is aware of the power of knowledge and internet.  We all take up some courses to upgrade our skills.

You can set up some small courses of your choice on YouTube premium memberships, through your own blog / website or other websites like udemy.

#10. Sell the products online

Dress making is a huuuuuuge industry. You can sell any product you like. It could be amazon, ebay or snapdeal to name a few, where you can sell online.

You can register yourself as seller and start selling things of your choice. Drop shipping or e-commerce also come under this type of work.

Yes, I agree - you cannot start doing it from the day one because it needs a few more resources.

May be if you want more details, you can write in the comment section that you want details, and I'll post a detailed guide of online selling business.

#11. Start a blog

Learn How to Earn Online with Sewing in 2021 with your gmail account, and how Google helps your make money from home.

How to Earn Online with Sewing in 2024 (with Google)

I heard people work from home to earn money online by their blogs and I also desired to start a blog.

That time I didn’t know even the meaning of a Blog. So, I checked and found that it was kind of some diary Journal.

I thought that was pretty okay with me but I couldn’t figure out how to go about a “BLOG”. So, I started with blogger.com by making my free blog Mind Marathon.

But before starting that I needed to create a Gmail account and that changed my working life forever!

Starting a blog is not as difficult as I thought it to be. I just bought a domain and hosting and found that HostGator customer care people were so humble and helpful that they held my hands virtually to get my blog where it is today.

They helped a non technical person like me set up my blog, which I never thought was this easy!

#12. Start a Vlog / YouTube Channel

Earning from a blog takes a good amount of time and patience.

The one I had started was a free blog with blogger that meant that even if I earned anything, a big share of that went to the host of that blog.

Out of curiosity, I started exploring gmail and YouTube and started Stitching Mall YouTube Channel.

These are only some of the easy to start opportunities around stitching.

There are a number of money making ideas you can create for yourself. Clothing is a primary need for everyone.

Any industry can see lay offs and decline but this is an industry which will present itself with newer, better and more interesting work from home or work within the industry opportunities.

Stay up-to-date. Stay ahead. Learn to earn because this is a way to a bright future.

Case Study :  How This lady earning money sewing Petticoats

Once a rich lady visited my father and thanked him for guiding him a long time back.

She seemed to be in good fortunes and was doing very well in her garments business.

I was also there so I found it strange as my father insisted that he didn’t recall meeting her ever.

She explained that she visited my dad’s workplace a few years back when she was into misfortunes.

She had lost her husband and had to feed three young kids.

She had no support from anywhere and thought of ending her life with her kids as she was not skilled to do anything to earn food for her kids.

It was then, she visited my dad’s telephone booth to make a last phone call and my father advised him to learn anything small and be so good in that, so she could earn money.

He advised her to learn as small a skill as how to sew Petticoats and sell them.

There she was!

She learnt the simplest work she could do.

She didn’t need any qualification, much resources or any fancy fairy.

She just sewed different colored petticoats and sold them till the time she was able to hire and train other people under her and managed to start a garment factory.

See, turn of tables and a Miss turning Fortunate!

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