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Dress Patterns Sewing Ideas to Make Your Own Clothes at Home You can make easy simple sewing patterns and Designer dresses also.

I love to create my own dress patterns. I like it when others appreciate and find these dress patterns easy to create.

That's why I do share my sewing tips with others.

Moreover, I find it easier to create my own dress patterns because anyways I'll have to make so many changes in a ready-made dress pattern.

Therefore, I feel why not make a pattern myself !

I prefer to draft on the fabric directly to create any dress but when the design is complex or I got exact fabric length, I resort to paper patterns.

I am sure you will love these free sewing dress diy ideas with step-by-step guide. Most of my YouTube and Facebook friends (subscribers) sent these designs to me.

On their individual requests, I made these dresses and sewing projects and uploaded the videos on Stitching Mall YouTube channels in English as well as Hindi / Urdu.

How to Make Your Own Sewing Pattern at Home

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