How to Make a Shirt

A shirt has been known as a men's loose upper body garment for ages but considering it's comfort, it is adapted and adopted by women as well.

A shirt can be made in different styles and can be made simpler or fancier as the fashion trend is prevailing. Commonly, shirt is referred to as -

  • Half open shirt​ - A half open shirt usually has a front button or zipper opening / placket till chest line or slightly below. 
  • Full open shirt - A full open shirt as the name suggests has a full button opening in front.
  • Open collar shirt - This is a casual style of shirt, in which peter-pan style of collar is attached. This type of collar is cut in single piece and turned out.
  • Closed collar shirt - This is a formal shirt, worn in workplace and business places. The collar is made in two pieces, which can be folded outwards.

How to sew shirt collars.

How to sew shirt.​

Besides, there can be different types of shirt based on their cutting and design -

  • Manila Shirt
  • Safari Shirt
  • T-Shirt
  • Plain Shirt
  • Night Shirt
  • Nehru Shirt / Kurta
  • Kalidar Kurta | Shirt
  • and various other styles for women such as frill shirt, pleated shirt, umbrella shirt, biased shirt, asymetrical shirt to name a few types.

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