DIY Draw String Neckline : Perfect for Babies, Maternity & Comfort

String neckline is also known as Drawstring, Gathered neckline, Cord neck design, Dori neck design, Elastic neckline etc. 

What is String Neckline

There can be many variations of a string  neckline. You may find a dress with noodle thin strap or wider thin shoulders, while googling the stores for string top.

 But here, we are talking about one of the most famous drawstring neckline, which is an all time classic neckline and a favorite for anybody who wishes for comfort. 

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What is the Best Sewing Machine?

Who Must Have a String Neckline Dress

Particularly, for babies, nursing mothers, hot summers, nightwear and elderly - this string or drawstring neckline is a must have.

How to Choose Best Neckline for yourself?​

What is the Difference Between other Necklines & String Neckline

String neckline is different from other necklines because this kind of neckline is wider than your shoulders (Width = chest or bust/4+2") but can be fitted to your neck round by pulling a string, which is generally in the center of the dress' front neck.​

Alternatively, there can be elastic instead of string, which can be easily pulled while wearing the dress and it is adjusted around the neck.

Neck ​Designs for Blouses

Neckline Designs for Any Dress

How to DIY String Neckline : Cutting Sewing Free Pattern Making

It is very simple to make a drawstring or string neckline design for any of your dresses. You can make this kind of dress in no time. 

What more! You can even pull out your dad's or your old baggy T-shirts or shirts and cut their neckline, the way I have shown in this easy DIY tutorial and easily convert them into ready-to-wear string dresses. 

If you have babies at home, then you can even use small fabrics to make baby comfy frocks for your little ones.

What formula for calculation is required?

  • We simply fold the fabric to cut front and back together.
  • Take Armhole depth/length = chest/4 + seam allowance 1/4" or 1/2"
  • Extend Chestline by marking chest/4+2". If your tummy or hips is wider than your chest, then take the fullest part of your body (chest/hip or tummy-whichever is widest) and then divide that by 4 and add 2" to it. 
  • Neckline depth of back can be 1" to 7" deeper from back, as desired.
  • Neckline for front should be Chest/12 + 1" to 4" or as desired. If you keep neck depth/length deeper, then make sure add a few more inches to the total length of your dress. Reason is, when you would pull the drawstring, the dress length would go up.
  • You can make drawstring dress without sleeves, with megyar/kimono or mega sleeves or reglan sleeves to get a perfect trendy look. Simple sleeves can also be added, if desired.

So, what neckline do you prefer & why? 

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