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Designer Kurti : Make Yourself a Designer Kurti in 4 Simple Steps at Home

If you ever wondered how to make a kurti, then you can be assured that it is a simple garment that you can make in a short time.

Though, I shared hundreds of designs on my youtube channels but here we start with the simplest to get you acquainted and then gradually move to more designer cutting and sewing kurti tutorials.

So, let's start.

There are different methods of making a dress. We can make a dress by taking measurements, draping or wrapping fabric around the body, making marks or by putting a well fitted dress on the fabric to cut and sew as our requirement.

How to Make Your Own Sewing Pattern at Home

#1. Decide a design for your kurti

You need a design for your designer kurti. This design should be based on -

  • Occasion - daily wear, party, office etc.
  • Season - summer, winter, spring etc.
  • Your Fabric choice - not all designs look same with different fabrics. A cotton kurti will look like a daily wear dress but a simple silk kurti will look perfect for a party.
  • Your Personality - This should be the first consideration.  If your skin is allergic to anything other than natural fabrics like cotton,  no matter what the design demands you can not settle for anything else.
  • Your sewing skills - You  can make a designer kurti even if you are a beginner.

Having said that, some designs demand high level of expertise, if you don't feel fully confident yet, start with simple designs.

#2. Take Measurements from Ready-made Kurti or take Direct body measurements 

Note down all the measurements you need to cut a kurti.

For example, note down - 

Full length = 39"
Waist length = 14"
Hip length = 21"
Shoulder = 14"
Chest / Bust = 32"
Waist = 28"
Hip = 36"
Sleeve Length = 16"
Sleeve Bottom = 5.5"

(change these measurements as per your body measurements and design requirement)

#3. Make a Pattern or a Basic Drafting - Sleeveless Kurti

Sleeveless Kurti Pattern DIY Video - You  can use this pattern to make a designer kurti without sleeves.

A basic sleeve less kurti can be made by you even if you are a beginner.

If the fabric differs, you can use the same pattern for making a sun frock or chemise for yourself. 

It would also help you understand the body fitting and accordingly making adjustments.

Short Kurti Top

A kurti or tunic can be made in different designs and the length may differ as per the liking of the wearer.

You can start with Short Casual Tops, which you can team up with jeans, pajamas, palazzoes or salwar.

If you increase its length, it would be your casual kurti or tunic.

#4. Add Detailing to Make a Designer Kurti

This dress has a drawstring neckline and reglan sleeves.

Cutting and sewing this dress is very easy after understanding the basic cutting pattern of a kurti. 

You can increase the length of the dress to make a long kurti or a gown. 

It’s about making a dress in a jiffy. Get a kurti / top ready within an hour’s time (even lesser, depending on your machine) and get, set, go!

Designing takes a little longer but if you know exactly what style you want and how to get it then, it’s easy like anything.

Free Cutting Stitching Books to Make Your Own Patterns

Make A Designer Kurti with Imagination

When you sew, it is definite that some fabric scrap would be left. 

That scrap fabric may be so beautiful, that you may cling to it and may not feel like throwing it ever!

But gradually, as you keep progressing with your sewing projects, a heap of scrap would start collecting under your cupboards, bed bunks and almost everywhere. 

To utilize the scrap, it makes sense to stop shopping for a while and make some designer kurti fashion clothing for yourself. 

Princess Cut Kurti

Fashion changes with time but there are some classic styles which live forever. Princess cut dress is one of those classic styles.

You can make any dress like a top, blazer, shirt, blouse,gown, maxi etc by a princess cut method.

A princess cut kurti or tunic is a popular trend which is not going away. So, you may try this simple yet chic style for yourself.

So, get going and try adding a yoke – in contrast to add a statement to your simple kurti top.

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