Best Denim Jeans Sewing Machine in 2024

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You'll be surprised to know that you don't need a specialized denim jeans sewing machine to make your own jeans once or twice in a year.

I'll reveal the denim sewing secret tips later in this post so that you could easily sew jeans on your regular stitching machine.

Having said that, you will need a specialized heavy-duty denim sewing machine, if -

  1. You're planning to manufacture jeans in large scale for selling  
  2. You want to make readymade looking, neatly finished denim jeans
  3. You do many layers of quilting and crafts with denim fabric, or
  4. You love to sew thick fabrics like denim, fur, jute, leather, rexin etc. on regular basis

I am making denim jeans for many years because searching for a perfect pair of jeans had become a pain.

During lockdown, it has become all the more difficult to find your preferred brands and dresses anywhere. Thus, DIY sewing became a necessity everywhere.

I preferred to stitch jeans using my umbrella machine or Usha Janome Stitch Magic, I shared the DIY video tutorials in English and Hindi on Stitching Mall YouTube Channels also. 

Thus, I have experienced jeans sewing first-hand myself and learned a lot because when I first shared my jeans sewing experience,  there were no jeans tutorials available online. 

I didn't even get a proper denim jeans pattern drafting in any sewing books. I had to create patterns myself and thankfully they turned out successful.

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4 Best Sewing Machines for Home Use :-

Thus, I share this denim jeans sewing machine guide to help you understand denim sewing requirement and how you can get best from a jeans sewing machine.

Best Denim Jeans Sewing Machines :-

#1. Jack F4 - Heavy Duty Industrial Sewing Machine

A classic heavy-duty, metal body industrial sewing machine is best to sew thick fabrics like denim. 

Jack F4 machines are good for sewing denims because -

  • They have a high power motor for fast sewing
  • They have a sturdy metal body that doesn't vibrate while sewing heavy fabrics
  • Their stitching speed is good
  • These silai machines are designed to straight stitch only
  • You can use an industrial sewing machine for light, medium and heavy fabric material sewing 
  • You can sew garments, home decor, crafts for your own use or for selling
  • You can easily start a home based sewing business because this machine can produce volumes of work

#2. Singer 4423 - Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

Singer 4423 HEAVY DUTY Electric Sewing Machine

Most reputed sewing machine brands have stopped manufacturing old fashioned, classic heavy metal machines anymore. 

Instead, you get a number of plastic body sewing machines, that can sew as well as design and embroider with multiple built-in stitch options. 

These automatic sewing machines have an exterior plastic body but inside they are aluminum or cast iron metal body.

One of the best denim sewing machine, that I liked is Singer 4423 for many reasons. 

Singer 4423 machine is good for sewing denims because -

  • It has strong and durable internal metal parts
  • You can stitch multi layered fabrics with Singer 4423 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine. You can comfortably stitch jeans, leather, quilting and anything that requires stitching on many folds.
  • This sewing machine offers 1100 stitches per minute speed, that is pretty good to sew a denim jeans or denim jacket.
  • You don't need to worry about common problems like skipping stitches.
  • It is a sturdy and durable stitching machine for home use.

If you compare Singer 4423 with Jack F4, you'll see that both machines  are within the same budget range, but you get added benefit of designing and embroidery with Singer 4423.

#3. Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist - Computerized Sewing Machine

SINGER 9960 Quantum Stylist 600-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine

Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist is for people who sews on regular basis, and designing is their passion.

This is a premium sewing machine, which is heavy duty, sturdy machine. You can create a great number of designs with a memory card.

Once you learn and gain a little practice on this professional, computerized machine, you can stitch any heavy material such as denim or leather.

Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist is good for sewing denims because -

  • You can stitch denims and design them with 600 built-in stitches and 13 buttonhole options offered in this stitching machine.
  • It is an expensive sewing machine but it has truck load of features for sewing lovers, who do not want to compromise on quality and quantity of design options.
  • This machine is a powerhouse of creativity. 
  • Singer 9960 is an upgraded version of industrial sewing machine, that you can use for home use as well as home based sewing business.

Though, this is the best sewing machine you can ever buy, a beginner sewing learner may find Singer 9960 overwhelming because of its various features.

Conclusion - My viewpoint

For denim jeans sewing, the best sewing machine is a heavy duty industrial machine, but it can straight stitch only. 

If you want designing and embroidery stitches in your domestic sewing machine, then a straight stitch stitching machine will be too simple.

As I suggested earlier, Singer Quantum 9960 is most suitable for sewing professionals or people who want more features.

In case, you want a denim jeans sewing machine in a budget. then an automatic sewing machine like Singer 4423 is best to sew denims as well as create beautiful embroidery designs.

Usha Janome Dream Maker, Bernette Sew & Go and Stitch Magic are also some of the good denim sewing machines, that I have reviewed in this post.

How to Choose and Buy Best Sewing Machine | Stitching Machine – Depending upon your purpose of usage, skill expertise and your budget

Best Guide to Buy Stitching Machine (Honest Tips 2024)

Denim Jeans Sewing Machine
Buyers’ Guide

Before buying a sewing machine, you must know the Difference between denim and jeans

Many people use the terms of denim and jeans interchangeably, but there is a difference in the meaning of both the words.

Denim is a type of fabric used for jeans, jeans is a type of garment.

Therefore, Jeans is a pair of pants made with denim fabric.

Now it'll be easier for you to understand what aspects make a sewing machine best for making your denim fabric jeans.

Tips to Buy Best jeans Sewing Machine

You can sew your jeans at home using a simple domestic machine but jean plants / factories use a number of different, specialized machines for making each of your branded jeans.

Based on the best practices and my jeans making experience, I am sharing the best tips to help you buy your best jeans stitching machine -

1. Your Machine Must Have a Powerful Electric Motor

Denim is a heavy fabric. So, it's most important that you must have a strong and powerful motor fixed or in-built in your sewing machine.

A strong motor can make sewing smooth and easy on toughest of fabrics.

Most of the heavy-duty machines have powerful motors for sewing tough fabrics with ultimate ease.

2. Metal bodied, heavy duty machines are best for denim

It's advised, if you sew jeans, leather or any heavy fabric on regular basis, get a sewing machine which is meant for such heavy work.

A strong metal body is important to have sturdiness while sewing multiple layers of fabric.

3. Presser foot that can be lifted a little more

Extra high pressure foot lift allows you to sew many layers of denim or heavy fabric under the presser foot easily.

You must check that your sewing machine pressure foot lifts more than usual because denim is a heavy fabric and layering makes it much thicker.

Singer sewing machines have needle adjuster that is beneficial while stitching many layers.

4. A Leveling button to adjust presser foot

You will love a leveling button on your machine to adjust the presser foot according to the thickness of your denim.

Though, not all heavy duty machines have this feature but it is excellent to have on a sewing machine, especially while working on heavy fabrics like denim.

One more thing, this feature will also reduce needles break while you sew seams of your jeans. Singer Machines have this feature.

These are Top 10 Best Automatic Sewing Machine for Beginner sewing learners. This list includes most trusted, reliable, budget stitching machines in India.

Best Automatic Sewing Machine for Beginner 2024 (Top 10)

How to sew denim Jeans on Your Regular Sewing Machine

You can use a regular sewing machine and you don't need a denim jeans sewing machine for making a jeans for one time only.

If you're just going to sew one pair, a home sewing machine may handle the denim jeans if you use the right kind of needles and techniques.

Most modern sewing machines can handle occasional sewing of thick materials, like denim.  But you should follow a few sewing tips.

Denim Jeans
Cutting & Stitching

1. Use right needle size

The correct needle size is the most important thing when sewing thickly woven materials like denim or canvas.  

If you are sewing through thick materials such as denim, then you need a needle that is both larger and sharper than your usual universal needle.

  • Needle number 70/10 – 110/18 have a thick, strong shaft and a very sharp point.
  • Needle size of 14 or 16  is used for stitching thicker and harder materials like denim, canvas, duck and other heavy, tightly woven fabrics etc.
  • Set a higher stitch length and lesser thread tension while sewing jeans.

2. Use good quality thread

Use top quality strong thread meant for sewing denim. While you use special denim needles that are heavier duty, use the denim thread as well.

For the thick fabric like jean or denim, you need to use  thread size 30 to 50.

3. Have patience

When machine stitching thick material, sew steadily and slowly.

Guide the fabric towards the needle and gently moving the sewn pieces away from the machine.  

Don't pull fabric in any direction. If you feel that the fabric is not moving, lift the pressure foot up, adjust and sew. 

4. Use a new, sharp needle for sewing jeans

It's a simple sewing hack but not many people will tell you this. Because it's so simple that most of the experts assume that you'll anyway doing it regularly.

Practice using a new sharp needle and work would be beautiful. 

5. Clean and dust off your machine

This is also an obvious tip that you clean your sewing machine regularly. Clear all the dust, lint, threads from shuttle and needle area.

Clean it inside out using a soft cotton fabric and a small brush (I use an old toothbrush).

Oil all the points and wipe clean surface area.

Your machine would work light and happy in general, and it would be easier to sew a jeans.

6. Use Jean-A-Ma-Jig

While using a domestic machine, it gets difficult to pass the needle through thick folds of bottom or belt

A product called Jeans-a-am-jig supports the rear of the presser foot as the front of the foot pitches up onto the seam.

This keeps the presser foot parallel to the work, so you aren’t fighting against the downward pressure of the presser bar.

7. Rub Piece Of Dry Bathing Soap On Tough Folds

Alternatively, rub a dry bathing soap piece (Lux or Lifebuoy types) on hard seam folds and your machine needle would pass through it smoothly. 

I have done it a number of times and shared the video of my jeans making earlier.

Best Stitching Machine for Beginners

Discover the art of sewing denim jeans at home with our step-by-step DIY tutorials. Create custom-fit jeans effortlessly!

How to Sew Denim Jeans at Home | DIY Jeans Tutorials

How to Fix Sewing Machine tension for jeans

You should sew in a sample of fabric pieces.

If thread is lose on top, then you need to tighten the bottom tension.

If thread is lose on bottom then you need to tighten tension on top.

The way to loosen or tighten your top tension is by using a very small screw driver and on the bobbin case on the side is a small screw that can be tighten or loosen.

As for the bottom tension that is on the top part of the sewing machine but machines are different for adjusting tension,

Somewhere on the top part of the machine you will find a knob with measuring numbers next to it could be the tension indicator.

The knobs operates differently in different models.

Turn it according to the measuring number next to it or in some machines you need to push in.

How to make patch on Knee of a jeans

For machine sewing patch, you'll have to take apart at least one side of each leg of the jeans.  

You'll be sewing one layer of denim to one layer of patch, and two layers of denim (to re-stitch the out seam).

You can use any sewing machine while you apply the sewing tips given above.  You may choose a straight stitch, zig zag, and buttonhole. 

The tip to sewing thick fabric is to sew very slowly, so the needle has time to withdraw completely before the fabric moves.

How to Fix Sewing Machine Needle Break

Best Denim Sewing Machines for Starting Jeans Business

These are 12 Proven Ways to Earn Money Sewing Work From Home. These money-making ideas are practical and you can work from home using them.

10+ Ways to Earn Money Sewing From Home

You need a heavy duty machine if you're going to sew a lot of jeans or you want to start a jeans sewing business. 

All the heavy duty sewing machines can sew denim jeans and other heavy fabrics nicely. In fact, an industrial table-mounted industrial machine is best for making jeans. 

A single needle walking foot machine can sew through several layers of denim without breaking a needle. 

It has a separate large motor that runs constantly, so the needle is at nearly full velocity when it starts moving.

You can check out an industrial triple-feed machine, which is an advanced specialized type of machine for heavy duty sewing, if you want to set up a factory.

It uses a robust hook system and a needle system that accommodates needle sizes double the diameter of an 80/12 needle. 

Industrial needles also have specialty triangular points and wedge points for denim that work a lot better than the geometry of a domestic 15x1 denim needle.

The triple feed thing means that the fabric is fed by three synchronized mechanisms.

Normal feed dogs at the bottom, a synchronized rate walking foot on top, and needle feed- the needle penetrates the fabric and moves rearward, assisting the other feed systems.

They’re also big and heavy, which means more mass, more potential energy available to drive the needle through the fabric.

There’s a lot of inertia, or resistance to change in velocity, that the fabric would have to overcome to stop the machine from operating.

Types of Sewing Machines for Jeans Sewing

If you are thinking of setting up a jeans factory which is called a Plant, then you need more than the above information.

Because the jean industry uses a complicated process of sewing jeans.  For this purpose, it uses a number of different sewing machines.

A commercial jean manufacturer uses 8 or more different types of machines for various sewing tasks, from the inseam, to belt loop binding, to bar tacks, and so on.

Most of the stitching is actually done on over lock and double chain stitch machines. 

1. Straight stitch machine 

It is a needle feed machine that allows the needle to rock forward as the machine is fed by the feeders.

This prevents stitch condensing and broken needles.

This machine is used mainly in low tech jeans sewing plants for stitching the back pockets, fly and detailed work.

Larger jean plants use twin needle lock-stitch or chain stitch for pocket hemming.

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2. Serger 

Serger is used for in and out seam finishing. This machine is a heavy duty 5 thread overlock with tractor feed.

Serger, Overlock Machine is different than Interlock Stitch. Serger / Overlocker is a special machine but you can interlock with sewing machine.

What to Choose? Serger, Overlock or Interlock Stitch Machine

3. Union Special cylinder machine

A Union Special cylinder machine is used for hemming.  This machine has a rear puller to pass each side seam without snapping needles.

4. Programmable stitchers

Back pockets are generally done on programmable stitchers with folding devices so the pockets are symmetric.

5. Singer 302 cylinder chain stitch machine

Waistbands were traditional done on Singer 302 cylinder chain stitch machines, but some jeans sewing plants use needle feed machines for this job.

6. Programmable tackers

Belt loops are attached using 42 stitch bar tackers. Many large jeans making plants use automatic belt loop inserter and programmable tackers too.

7. Rivet machine

Take a breathe. The list is not yet finished.

An air operated rivet machine is used for pocket and another one for the front

This is a short peek in the jeans making industry but that's not all.

There are many high end machines which are adding up from time to time to make  jeans making a more advanced technology.

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