How to Choose Serger | Overlock or Interlock for Smart Finishing

How to Choose Serger | Overlock or Interlock for Smart Finishing

There is a huge confusion when you plan to buy your first Overlock, Interlock or Serger. First dilemma is to find out what exactly these monsters do? Ok, you found that out by checking out their definitions. Now comes the bigger question - which one is best suitable for your work? Should you buy an over-locking machine, interlock machine or simply a serger?

Wait! There is one more daunting and haunting question - Do you really need a serger or interlock / overlock machine or rather you manage interlocking with your sewing machine? Because that is also possible!  Which is the Best Machine for your kind of work?

You know about "cutting the corners" let's know something about finishing the corners and edges.

You would have seen that some of the fabrics' thread keep coming from all open sides. You get so stressed out - cutting and managing those threads, that you ​get small bits of thread all around you. And again! The same saga of small threads keep coming...To finish these threads coming out from the sides of your clothe, you use serging, overlocking or interlocking! Right?

Who invented a Serger?

Ahhh! How much I love ​the inventor of overlock stitching machines "Mr.J.Makens Merrow."

​Mr. Merrow and his son Joseph had a Machine Company in Connecticut in 1881 and they worked hard to ease our overlocking nightmares.

Know more about the man who invented overlocking machines.​

What is Overlock & what Other Names it got?

Overlock is a kind of stitch that is used to sew over the edge of one or two pieces of fabric for edging, hemming, or seaming.

Know More About Serger Overlock Machine

Difference between Overlock,Interlock, Overcast & Serger Machines.

  • · SERGER

An overlock is a kind of stitch that sews over the edge of one or two pieces of cloth for edging, hemming, or seaming.

The term Overlock and Interlock are used interchangeably.

Best Overlock / interlock machine​ if you own a boutique.

What Does An Overlock Machine Do?

an overlocker is a sewing machine that stitches with either 3, 4 or 5 threads at the same time. They are mainly used to join seams, trim off the excess fabric and stop the cut edges from fraying all in one simple operation.

I loved how detailed information is given on We'r in Stitches, you can also have a look.

Should You Choose a Sewing Machine with Overlocking Feature or a Serger?

Now, you would have known the difference and similarity between this edge sewing stitch known by different names by different sewing machine manufactures.

​Overlock feature may be added in your sewing machine but an overlock machine / serger gives you exclusive specialization of this stitch.

Overlocking for Domestic Sewing Projects

You can use an Overlocking , Overlock Stitch Sewing Machine Foot Snap if you have any of the following sewing machines - Brother, Janome, Toyota, New Singer Domestic Sewing Machines or

For domestic or home sewing projects you can have a sewing machine having overlock feature.

All these sewing machines have overlock feature.

 Serging for Professional Work ​Setup

But for professional set up, it's beneficial to use an exclusive serger to speed up your work.

There are many simple function models as well as advanced models in sergers / overlock machine category.

You can choose the serger as per your needs and requirement. Based on your daily work needs, the feature of the serger should vary.

The Simplest Plug-N-Start Serger / Overlocker for Professional Work Set up

(I loved it in my Fashion Boutique)

When the volume of work is high and we need our serger / overlocker to do work faster then we need to buy a specialized machine for the serging with a cutter.

I used a simple serger with a cutter. Initially, i was skeptical if I would ever be able to operate it as it looked complicated. But in fact, there was nothing simpler that that serger.


§ It is a high speed monster, ideal for fashion boutique and I love it. 

§ Easy to operate and extension table gives support while sewing.

§ Very economic.

§ Does only one task of overlocking but does it so fast and nice that it's a boon for a fashion boutique where you have to produce volumn.


§ This machine consumes space.

§ Threading needs a little practice.

§ Can do only one task. You can't do multiple designer kind of stitches.

§ You can buy a multi stitch sewing machine and enjoy a variety, just by adding some more money.

In my view, this machine is good when you have a huge volumn of overlocking work and you want to specialize on overlocking a monotonous kind of thing.

For home sewing projects, where we need variety in our designs, this overlocking machine may not be upto the mark.​

What to Consider while Buying a Serger / Overlock Machine?

§ A good serger / overlocker should have at least three or four threads. Mine had three threads but more the merrier.

§ It makes sense to have adjustable pressure foot as per your sitting position.

§ For thicker fabrics, two step pressure foot lifter is a good consideration, otherwise you may get inconvenience while pulling the fabric out.

§ Adjustable bite width and stitch length would allow you to make designer eye catchy beautiful hem on kids' dresses and similar projects. You can also adjust the width and length as per the fabric thickness.

§ Another feature that you need is Adjustable Differential feed (for lettuce edge – wavy hems, or easy gathering).

§ A cutter or Retractable upper knife is generally given in a serger but you can check with your sewing machine because they generally don't have this feature.

§ Though most of the sergers / overlocking machines come with a Free arm (for sewing tubular items) it's not an essential.

Pros and Cons of Buying a Serger / Overlocking Machine


§ You'll be surprised how it reduces the amount of work involved in producing your finished project.

§ Your sewing projects get a professional and clean finish.

§ I make my handkerchief in a jiffy and it's also excellent for attaching elastic.

§ We can get a variety of fancy edges or hems in very less time.

§ I love the time a serger / overlocker saves me by finishing the hem so fast.


§ Overlockers / sergers can be expensive to buy.

§ Initially, I spoiled so many fabrics while I made the mistake of not paying attention - where my fabric was going. An attached cutter needs attention while working on a serger / overlocker.

§ Learning to thread an overlocker and set the correct tensions can prove to be interestingly mind boggling.

My View on Buying a Serger / Overlocker

It's not a rule on a rock that you must have all the features. Depending on your budget and requirement, choose a serger / overlock or interlock machine which can serge well with a clean finish.

Best Serger / Top Overlock Machines

Summary In a Nutshell

Through my experience, I can say that a serger or overlock machine is the best sewing companion that you can have. Or at least have an added feature of overlocking in your existing sewing machine ( I already explained the over locking snap on foot earlier in this post)

I have shown you many ways how you can get the best in serging / overlocking. You can compliment your existing sewing machine with a snap on overlock footer or buy a sewing machine with overlocking features.

Or for the sewing lovers, buy an exclusive serger. But before that check your budget and the features you want and based on that, choose the one that suits you. ​

A serger is not something you buy everyday, so make a wise decision and buy it considering a long time investment.​

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How to Buy Sewing Machine as Gift

How to Buy Sewing Machine as Gift

It is said that "when we choose a gift, we should consider how we would feel receiving it."

This single thought has created a havoc in my house because I am flooded with strange things, which I would never ever imagine buying or using; not even passing on to my enemies !

I have always believed that gifts should be either consumables or those things, you really know the receiver would cherish.

Checklist to ​buy a perfect gift for anybody on Hufffington Post.


Gifting for the sake of gifting is a BIG BURDEN ON THIS EARTH.

It creates clutter, hopelessness and economic strain.​​​​​

When you really putting your money to buy a gift, why not put some heart into it, too? A little understanding of the receiver's profession,education, social circle, hobbies, family can help us make this decision wisely.

WHEN IN DOUBT, GIFT CONSUMABLES (Chocolate,sweets, dresses, flowers etc)

​Let's see what other's choose as a gift on wikihow.

15 Steps Guide for Gift Selection

Find a perfect gift for anybody needs a lot of thought. I share with you a checklist based on which you can choose the best possible gift simply by going through that list.

When you zero in on the gift selection then we go ahead with choosing the best sewing machine for gifting.

1- Usefulness

Usefulness of a gift is a very individualistic term.​ What could be useful for a 45 year old may not be appropriate for a 5 year old.

I read a joke lately, which was like - The little Sam was wrapping a football as a gift to his grandmother. His dad got curious and asked, why he was gifting a football to the grandmother, when it was of not much use to her!" Little Sam replied,"For the same reason, grandmother gifted me the bible on my birthday!"

​Not all sewing machines are for everybody. How to buy a sewing machine?

While a beginner may find a hands on simple to operate sewing machine useful; for a seasoned designer, a pattern book may prove to be more attractive or may be a high value serger.

2- Uniqueness

​Everyone loves to receive a gift which is unique. Something they have not used before and something which is so awesome!

For such people, who are always ready to explore so much more and already have their sewing machine in place, you may consider gifting them a set of various presser foot feet kit, which could fit in almost all branded modern sewing machines.

There are many types of presser feet that you can check out to choose right.​

Imported 32 Sewing Machine Presser Foot Feet Kit fit for Brother Singer Janome

3- Creates Value

Your gift must add value to the receiver's life. If the person, you wish to present a gift to, at a stage where he/she is struggling to get something done; you can step in with a gift to add value in his/her life.​

4- Makes Life Easier

​Your gift should be such which could make the life of receiver a little bit easier. If the receiver finds the gift messy, cumbersome, difficult to handle or space consuming to store; then it's unlikely that he/she would ever use it. Reason is - our brain does not like to start things which are difficult to start with! Gifts need not be expensive, they need to be simple to make life easy!

5- Gives Pleasure

All these points go hands in hands but as the personality of the receiver differs, so the gift choices for them.

For a creative person what could be a better gift then gifting her the pleasure to c reat e!​ That could be in multiple ways. I suggested a few ideas through the shared links but you can explore somewhat similar things on the same page and make the right choice.

6- Latest in the Market

​What is old, may not be gold! The old saying has a twist in today's times, when things are changing at a rapid pace. Technology is advancing and benefiting us with better, newer and wonderful features - same goes with the features of our sewing machines.

I remember my mom's sewing machine, which used to be a pain in the neck and shoulders if the sewing project was a little lengthy. I loved sewing but not sitting long hours just to make my dress complete with pain.

​In later stage, I bought the machines with advanced features, which made sewing fun and fast.

What we are getting in latest models as built-in stitches, we couldn't think of a decade back. Here, we need to check out that the latest is also time tested and value for money.

7- Makes Life Smarter

What else you need on Earth but something which makes you smarter, saves your time, makes you look cool and trendy all the time. A sewing machine in-tune with a few designer stitches adds smartness and style to your wardrobe. It's no wonder that a sewing machine is an investment for a fashionista!​

8- Helps in Achieving Something

It seems easy to buy a necklace or dresses for your loved one. That's perfectly fine when you are in a hurry and just don't bother to think too much about the usage of the gift.​

But if you really care, you'll surely think if your gift can make the receiver achieve something more than momentarily happiness!​

Why should you buy a sewing machine at all?​

9- Fulfills a Goal

There is an old saying - if you want to make someone handicapped, feed them forever. But if you want to make them independent, ​teach them something.

​A well meaning gift, which fulfills the goal of the person, who is seeking it; then nothing is like that. A sewing machine as gift can fulfill many goals. Identify the one and fulfill it.

10- Provides a Sense of Belonging

A personalized gift which makes one feel loved and cherished is something, we value forever. I am sure this is the kind of feeling, you also wish to achieve, by gifting something valuable to your loved one.​

Some people like surprise gifts but there is wisdom if we suggest our gifting intentions and​ choose the gift most suitable to the person, who is going to use it. We can suggest a few options and observe the inclination for the gift.

11- Solves a Problem

​I have yet to meet a lady, who is not particular about her choices and solutions to her problems.

One of the common problem with most women, especially moms is mending, designing, creating, recycling and solution to all these problems is a good handy creative sewing machine. Which could work like magic!​

12- Helps in Saving Money

​The biggest irony of our times is that almost everybody looks no less than a celebrity on facebook, instagram and all other social networking sites. But if you meet them in person, they are walking beggars. Clicking with borrowed dresses, accessories and what not!

In earlier times, we could wear a dress in many many more occasions and nobody really bothered to care. ​

At least, we could repeat the same dress on two different get-together. ​But our visibility has changed now. Even if it's a small gathering and we deliberately choose to not post our pictures online; there would always be somebody in the group, who would post our pictures and make our dress public.

​So, what's better - picking up fights or creating new dresses? Of course, the later. Because it saves your money in shopping, surfing and spending. So, if you wish to make someone realize the value of money, a sewing machine is the best gift to give.

This is the machine, I am using for last 9 years.

13- Helps in Saving Time

​Time is money and we have read and heard it numerous times. But what does it anything to do with gifting?

Why? If you could help ​someone saving tremendous amount of time, then it's going to be awesome! Saving is the greatest saver of all!

14- Helps in Saving Efforts

A good sewing machine saves in efforts by pitching in with multi utility features and benefits. One can turn a simplest scrap into a great designer piece.​

While the older models of sewing machines may give you speed with single stitch feature; the new models add life to creativity.​

15- Acts as Investment or Creates an Income

​To sum up everything, if we could earn by doing what we love, then nothing is like that!

Sewing can never go out of fashion. In fact, the whole fashion industry's backbone is sewing. So, help someone be self reliant and create an income by a decent sewing machine.

Let's find out how one can earn money in sewing industry.

When you choose a sewing machine for a loved one or someone in your family, then it's not just a gift but a long time investment which is Useful, Unique to the needs of that individual, Creates Value, Makes Life Easier and can also give pleasure by solving the problem of last minute mending. In fact, it serves all the purposes mentioned above.​

What do you consider while buying a gift?​

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Best Sewing Machine for Beginners That Will Last Decades

Best Sewing Machine for Beginners That Will Last Decades

If you are looking for best sewing machine for beginners  and seeking honest reviews, then there is a sincere piece of advice. Trust the opinion of those who have themselves tried their hands on actual sewing! A real experience can never equal mere words. People who are sewing for decades and who know exactly what it takes, do know the relation you build with your sewing machine over time.

You would be amazed by looking at the wide range of sewing machines available in the market - offline as well as online. They start from the range of stapler like hand held sewing machines to heavy duty speed monsters. People have obsession with the BEST but even you would agree that 'best' is a relative term. It all depends upon your need, usage, skill level, budget and interest. All these things, determine a sewing machine that is best suitable for you. 

How to learn sewing?

Should you buy a hand operated Sewing Machine?

I tried my hands on my mother's Singer hand wheel operated sewing machine. It was fixed in a rectangular wooden case. We used to place the machine on some table. It used to take so much time to sew even simple things. As kids, it was kind of a toy for us, so we did not bother. But keeping one hand occupied while sewing affects quality of output. 

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to use & easy on the pocket too! Straight & reverse stitch only. Very Basic.
  • Either get a stand with this for the sake of your health or better increase your budget a little.

​Then, neck and shoulder pain is also a common problem among people who use hand operated sewing machines. 

How to buy a sewing machine

How to buy Sewing Machine as Gift

Why it's best time to buy a sewing machine.

Use Stand & Table for Domestic Sewing Machine for Speed & Health

With my experience of over thirty five years, I suggest that it's better to use a sewing machine which is foot operated. May be a treadle ​machine is better than a hand wheel machine. 

Even if you have a hand wheel sewing machine, it is a good idea to get a treadle or foot pedal fixed to your machine.​ Believe me, you would be much happier.

A Brief History of Sewing Machine

A long time ago, people knew stitching by their humble needle by hands only. It used to be a time consuming and strenuous work.

Though, embroidery and certain types of designer stitches are still done by hands even now but the invention of Stitching Machines brought revolution in the lives of millions of people worldwide. Sewing Machines changed the way garment manufacturing was done in mass production.

Basic Sewing Machine for Newbies

Though, Stitching Machines’ invention work was in progress in late seventeenth century but a successful wooden sewing machine came into existence around 1830 by a humble tailor of France.

A lot changed for betterment in the manufacturing of Sewing Machines and even the metallic spare parts were being made in good quantities.

First Sewing Machine by Singer

A gentleman called Mr.Singer invented a good quality sewing machine for us in 1851 and it was a revolution in Stitching World when Singer became a household name.

Singer sewing machines have undergone a huge change since then. Now, Singer has introduced state of the art features to their machines.​

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to operate, Automatic Machine with zig zag stitch, Low maintenance, Hassle free
  • Basic features. Not for advanced users.

Good Sewing Machine for Sewing Lovers

Some more companies introduced their Sewing Machine models in India but people preferred Singer or USHA. In 1935, USHA Sewing Machine factory was the first one to start production of Sewing Machines in India.

Pros & Cons

  • Really handy & light weight compared to other machines. Smooth & easy to handle. No special training required. Got good features for everyday use.
  • Usha Company people take so much time to come for demo. Even I had to unbox & explore my Janome machine myself. By the time, Demo guy came; I had to explain & rectify him for so many things.

With time, many other companies also introduced their Sewing Machine models. Some are really good and some of them failed with time. Though, the brand name helps you to get the required service and spare parts from their authorized dealers;

I think even using a locally made machine serves the purpose as well if the reputation is trust worthy and you get service on time. I am myself using a Rohilla Sewing Machine for more than thirteen years with utmost ease and problem free sewing but for designing purposes I use USHA Jenome StitchMagic.

I love my Sewing Machines and I think they also love me back. If you take care of your machine by oiling and regular cleaning, they never trouble you. Sewing machine is an investment. Sooner than you realize, you get your money's worth by sewing a lot many dresses and fun projects. 

Let me know your views on your first Sewing Machine and your experience with it. I’ll be waiting to know your machine.

Do you want free tips & tutorials?

Other Resources

Tips to Buy Best Sewing Machine for Boutique

Tips to Buy Best Sewing Machine for Boutique

I have an excellent sewing machine for two decades and I must say that it's a best sewing machine for any boutique owner. I got it when I knew nothing much about treadle machines or boutique machines. But later, after fifteen years, when I opened my fashion boutique, this sewing machine got so much of boutique work done in a jiffy. My workmen were more than happy to work on this speedy monster. If you are also thinking of opening a boutique then you may check out why I loved my umbrella sewing machine!

What to consider while buying an industrial or boutique sewing machine?

1.Easy to Operate even for a Beginner!

In a boutique or production house, generally a sewing machine is handled by many hands. Almost all of them handle your machine roughly because the workers are in a hurry to complete their share of work as soon as possible. Machine's wear and tear; upkeep is none of their job. Therefore, it is important that the sewing machine you buy is sturdy and got a strong metal body.

How to learn sewing as a beginner?

How to buy a sewing machine?

2.Repairs & Spares should be easily and locally available.

No matter, even if you are running an online business, you would have to set up a brick and mortar production house. It is always better if you face sewing machine break down, you could fix them up quickly and economically. Prefer a sewing machine which has a sturdy body. A machine for which spare parts are locally available. If your work stops, workers would find an excuse to roam around. You would also lose man hours and money.

How to fix fashion boutique everyday challenges?

3.Sewing Machine for Boutique has to be a Work Monster.

Even if sewing or fashion designing is your hobby. Your customers would not wait for completion of their orders till eternity. With my own experience, I can tell you that no matter how organized and well planned a customer is; most of them would approach you at the nick of time with their order request. Can you risk denying them! Your business has a peak season. If you say no, chances are - these customers would not come back. So, you better get a sewing machine which works overtime and works unstoppable.

How to run a boutique profitably?​

Story of my Boutique Sewing Machine

When I got my first sewing machine, I knew nothing about it. It was gifted to me by my husband, who knew my fascination with stitching or sewing.

I used to try my hand on my mom’s humble domestic sewing machine, which was very basic and simple to operate and needed no expertise. You just move the wheel and it used to go slowly and steadily with some hiccups of reluctance.

Well, one day my dear husband announced that his friend’s wife was closing her fashion boutique and selling her sewing machine.

Even before I could react, he bought the machine home. I was told that it was an Umbrella Sewing Machine. It used to work like a thunderbolt and I used to dread it’s speed.

For a few days, I reacted the way babies react to a very enthusiastic pet but later when I got the idea of how to react to it, the experience was ecstatic.

I tried my level best to decipher how come it is Umbrella machine with NO UMBRELLA ATTACHED!

I even went to the length of imagining that may be this machine was meant for stitching umbrellas only.

I tried to make sense out of nonsense by figuring out that may be at some point of Sewing History of this machine, an umbrella would have been a part of it, because in my childhood, I had seen so many roadside tailors, working under harsh Sun, wind and rains under an umbrella on their machines.

This way I made my own explanation of an Umbrella Sewing Machine.

Why I love Umbrella Sewing Machine as Best Boutique Sewing Machine?

High Speed Straight Stitch Work

  • It is a high speed straight stitching sewing machine mainly used for heavy sewing materials. You get different kinds of orders and you have to use different fabric and sequin materials to sew on. Though, a sewing machine can be set according to the fabric you need to stitch on. But the basics of a machine have to be strong to get the settings right!

How to increase your sewing machine speed?

No Fancy Fairy to Keep Workers Distracted.

  • It is a heavy duty machine with no Umbrella attached. Wow! Moreover, this machine has one simple straight and reverse stitch option to do its job perfectly fast. Anyways, when you have to do fast and massive load of production, you diversify functions. That's why you have to get different machines for different purposes. If you try to diversify your workers' skills, the speed of work would suffer.

How to get most out of work?

A Business is for Lifetime. So should your machine. Well Almost!

  • When you open a business, even if it is a boutique business; you want to run it for the longest possible time. Businesses are not opened in the hope of closing but to gain profit as long as we can.  A boutique sewing machine is a long time investment. It gives you good value for money. The major difference lies in a domestic sewing machine and an umbrella sewing machine is its body which is heavier and durable in nature. It lasts a good long time.

Is Partnership Good for Your Boutique?

Servicing & Spare Parts are Easily Available.

  • Five vital components like needle bar, link,gear rod,bush of all type and take up lever all are heavy duty, specially designed and forged for durability and longer life of the machine.

One thing is for sure that once you buy them you don’t have to worry about everyday tit bit of problems. You just pick any fabric, with whatever layers and textures- it will never ditch you.

If you oil your machine and dust on regular basis, it gives you money’s worth of work with a few months’ time.

My Umbrella machine hides all my worries under it’s cover. Such a machine is low cost, low maintenance and always productive with no hassles at all.

Why I don't like  look of my sewing machine?

Though, look wise it may not appear as beautiful or as attractive as my Stitch Magic in plastic body but I swear by my umbrella machine for it’s work. It’s an obedient servant with no tantrums. But yes, I must admit that with almost the same price better sewing machines with more features are available. Given a choice on date, there are some really attractive yet efficient machines exist, which is just mind blowing!

Do you want more free tips and tutorials?

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Sewing Machine Safety Measures When Kids Are Around

Sewing Machine Safety Measures When Kids Are Around

Sewing Machine is an Appliance & Not a Toy For the Kids!

It’s amazing that people give their sewing machines to their toddlers to play with. It is right that kids’ toys are more complex and mechanical than your sewing machine but it does never justify giving the machine to a kid to play with.

It may not look like a big deal to you that your kid is with a machine which can pierce, tangle,shock and hurt your child for his innocence and your carelessness and you must take a stand before it’s too late.(I know, I’m being harsh on you but being a mother of two I know you care for your child the most).

Stitching is not complicated but knowing how to use the machine makes it productive otherwise accidental.

The purpose of this article is not to scare you off the machine but to make you more informed on how your sewing machine can be your best buddy.

You should keep your machine out of reach of any person (including kids), pets, elders or anyone who has reduced physical, sensory or mental abilities.

It may not seem like a health or safety hazard to you because you are experienced enough and you have the knowledge of your machine but the person or pet who is just toying with the machine may get hurt.

Even if you have anybody at home especially young adults, whom you are teaching to stitch,they must be supervised or given instructions to ensure their safety.


Non electric sewing machine is not less complicated and you need safety measures to follow even with that.

You are used to using your machine with care but your child may not be knowing these safety measures. So, be careful because a domestic non electric sewing machine can also hurt by :-

  • Breaking needle and accidentally piercing in eyes or skin.
  • Needle piercing through the index finger. It is very common and painful. Children have the tendency to put their finger between the pressure foot and needle to check how it touches their finger and hurt themselves.
  • Getting their feet hurt by putting feet under the stand of table sewing machine and not able to pull themselves back on time.
  • Thread seems to be very simple harmless thing to play with but polyester threads are very sharp and if pulled tightly may cut the skin. I have seen some small children wrapping thread around their necks,which may also prove to be fatal.
  • There are many small parts like bobbins, screws etc. which a child may choke itself with.
  • Generally, for ease of access we keep button cases, needle case, small scissors, cutters etc. along with the machine, a child may reach to these things and get hurt.


Very well, your child is smart enough but you’ll also agree that he’s a child after all. Will you give your gas stove, microwave, iron, dish washer or any other appliance to him to play with.

Why not because now most of these things come in a beautiful plastic body which looks more or less like a toy.

If your child has attained an age when he understands things,even then you need to give instructions on how to use. Here, I share what I know for using a sewing machine with utmost safety.

Generally, we use non electric and electric sewing machines at home. There are some common and some special points to remember with respective machines.

Non Electric Sewing Machine :-

  • If children,pets,mentally or physically challenged persons or very elderly are at home, then keep your sewing machine out of their reach.
  • If it’s not practically possible then remove the needle, scissors, small detachable parts and keep them in a separate box safely.
  • Keep your machine covered. The cover will keep your machine clean and dust free, too.
  • Keep machine in a corner place. It should not be a center of attraction and should not be grabbing attention at the first place.
  • Keep machine in such a way that it does not drop on anything if somebody touches it by accident.
  • Remove the handle of your domestic hand operated machine, when not in use.
  • Remove the thread spool and bobbins also to store separately.

Electric Sewing Machine:-

  • A sewing machine should never be left unattended when plugged in otherwise there could be a risk of electric shock.
  • Always unplug from the electric point immediately after using and before cleaning the sewing machine.
  • Always unplug before replacing sewing machine bulb, removing parts or oiling etc.
  • Children have a curiosity to know what you are doing. Therefore, very close attention should be paid when sewing machine is operational and children are around.
  • Sewing machine should be used for stitching only and not be given to children to play with because there could be risk of burns, fire, electric shock or injury to them.

If we take these small steps of safety then not only we and our children be safe but our sewing machine will also thank us for taking care of it.

It’ll need lesser visits to mechanic and will not trouble you if only you take care that it is not troubled by anybody,who does not know how to operate it with love.

What Are the Sewing Machine Safety Tips

What Are the Sewing Machine Safety Tips

Sewing Machine will be your best friend ever. If you know how to take care of it and be safe while working on it. As they say-safety first!

But, due to any reason we skip some safety rules. We will just have a ride to the safety road of stitching of both the machines – Electric as well as non electric sewing machine.

1. Different machines are for different purposes. 

Sewing machines come in different models and capacity to sew. Some basic domestic machines can stitch everyday use fabrics and a couple of layers of quilting. If this is the case and you try to stitch thicker fabrics and material on this machine. This machine will definitely break down. So, first of all ensure what purpose your machine is and then go ahead.

2. Read and understand the operating manual.

If you have sewing machine operating manual. Read it. If you don’t have a manual, then check with the person, who was using it before you. You may also check your sewing machine model online to gain understanding.

3. Do not lend your machine to others carelessly.

Any machine works best if it is in a single hand. If you lend your machine to anybody and everybody, there would not be standardization of operation. Different people have different way of treating a machine. Some people are careful but some are uselessly careless.

4. Use recommended spare parts and servicing.

Every sewing machine model and brand has it’s unique set of spare parts. Use only attachments and spare parts recommended by the manufacturer.

  • Learn to set,oil,clean and take care of your sewing machine yourself on routine basis.
  • For complex fittings and internal cleaning, take services of a reliable mechanic. Don’t try half knowledge.
  • If your machine has a damaged cord, plug or any part is broken, then do not operate your sewing machine.
  • If your machine is not working properly, if it has been dropped or damaged then don’t operate it. Get it fixed first.
  • In any condition, do not try to operate an electric sewing machine if it has been dropped into water or a good amount of water has been dropped on it.It may give you a shock. Get your machine check by the mechanic.
  • Take your sewing machine to an authorized dealer or service center for repairs, electrical or mechanical adjustments.
  • If there is any air opening in your sewing machine, then never block this air passage. Keep ventilation openings of the machine and foot controller free from lint, dust and loose cloth.

5. Operate machine in safe environment.

Some soft plastic bodied designer sewing machines are meant for indoor usage only. They are not meant for outdoors. Read their manual before use.

Electric sewing machines should not be operated where aerosol products or any type of gases are being used in close proximity.

6. Keep it off when not in use.

When your electric sewing machine is not in use, then turn all controls to the off position and remove plug from outlet.

Never unplug by pulling on cord. To unplug, grasp the plug and not the cord.

7. Take care of your eyes and fingers when needle is moving.

I have warned you many times the danger of sewing machine needle. Be very careful and keep your fingers away from all moving parts especially needle and cutting blade.

Do not use bent needles. They will destroy the machine and spoil the fabric.

Always use proper needle plate. A wrong plate can break the needle.

Allow your hands to support the fabric while stitching. Never pull or push the fabric. Otherwise, needle may break.

Keep your eyes covered with glasses or keep your head away from needle if you are working on a thick textured fabric. Once, I skipped a point of a needle by fraction of a second when it broke suddenly. If I was not careful, I would have been with one eye today:)

While making any adjustment in the needle area of your electric sewing machine like threading the needle, changing the needle, threading the bobbin or changing the presser foot or anything which require you to put your fingers inside, then please switch off the machine first.

Remember to unplug your electric sewing machine from the electrical outlet when removing covers, lubricating or making any adjustments to avoid electric shock.

These safety tips may be scaring you today but don’t worry just read them lightly and share with your loved ones who love to stitch for their safety.

When next time, you will be on sewing machine, you can take care of your safety while sewing.

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