Best Guide to Buy Stitching Machine (Honest Tips 2023)

Stitching Machine

How to Choose and Buy Best Sewing Machine | Stitching Machine, depends upon your purpose of usage, skill expertise and your budget for this purpose.

If you wonder how to buy a stitching machine, then consider that buying a stitching machine is a long time investment, because you don't change the model of your machine as frequently as you may think at the time of purchasing it.

If you already having a sewing machine, then you know the pros and cons of it, and decision to upgrade your existing machine may come easier. But if you are learning sewing as a beginner, you may be wondering if you sew on your grandma's old sewing machine or buy a new one.

On top of that, there are many emotions attached to that piece of plastic and metal, which does not allow you to replace it so easily. 

Singer 1409 and Usha Dream Stitch: Which is Better

My Second Stitching Machine (Umbrella Sewing Machine) - After a few years, when I was married  and had two small kids, one day the hubby dear came and announced that one of his friends's wife was closing her boutique. So, she was selling her Umbrella Stitching Machine.

Before I could think about it, that machine was in our home.

It was a big industrial sewing machine, which was meant for heavy duty work. For me, it was too much.

I didn't know how to even start that. It was a speed monster and I couldn't lay my hands on it for a few day.

But now I show almost all my sewing projects to you, on this umbrella machine.

My Third Stitching Machine (Usha Janome Stitch Magic) - My Usha Janome Stitch Magic was gifted to me by the husband when I left my job and wondered "what to do?"

It is an easy-peasy stitching machine, which is a delight for any beginner and slow-to-medium movement stitching lovers.

I still have it and use it for fun and fancy projects when I need more creativity and less speed.

More stitching machines in my life (boutique sewing machines) - Later on, I got a number of stitching machines added, including an overlock machine, for my boutique business.

There are a number of stitching machines for different purposes. The level of your usage and expertise will decide which machine you should go for.

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Your first stitching machine

How would you buy a stitching machine for yourself, your loved one or for gifting someone ?

Whether you are upgrading your old machine to a new one or buying a stitching machine as a beginner for the first time, I take you through this important decision, revisiting my experiences.

3 reasons to buy a stitching machine 

It is simple - If you are fond of stitching, you lay your hands on the nearest available stitching or sewing machine (your mom’s or grand mother’s old domestic sewing machine) for your adventurous sewing projects.

As you grow with confidence, it is sometimes the desperation to get your clothes mended on time or your curiosity to try out new crafty projects, that itches you to buy a new stitching machine.

Whatever is your reason, first of all, be clear, why you need a machine?

What is your reason to buy a stitching machine?

1) You want domestic use stitching machine, which is good for beginners.

If it’s just for mending or occasional stitching projects, then any machine which can straight and reverse stitch will do. USHA and SINGER machines have a good grip in the domestic market and you can rely on a basic hands-on stitching experience with them.

If you are shortly infatuated with the idea of stitching then don’t invest too much on a sewing machine on the first call. Be patient and understand your requirement.

Check this guide when You Are Buying a Sewing Machine for the First Time...

Understand your purpose and utility of the sewing machine in the long run. These tips may help you in making your decision -

2). You are a Creative person and love to create and design so many cute things.

If you are that creative and leisurely type of a person, who gets a high out of making mess of all the things (so much like me) and come out with a beautiful creation, then go for a high end designer machine.

A number of models available in different price segments. I have USHA Jenome Stitch Magic. There are some better models and some models with lesser features.

I suggest you buy a sewing machine which is one level higher than your skills, because you will soon upgrade your skills and yearn for something more to do.

3). You want a heavy-duty machine for boutique business and you need speed in work.

If you are considering starting a boutique business, then buy an industrial use machines.

These are heavy duty sewing machines, which gives you volumes of work in lesser time.

Heavy-duty sewing machine for all types of fabrics and boutique

What is Your Budget for a Stitching Machine ?

When you are clear with the purpose of buying a stitching machine, the next step is to work out your purchase around your budget for your dream machine.

It happens that whatever budget you will assign for your purchase, you will end up selecting a better model with more features. It always happens with me and I know what feelings arise then.

One of the misconception almost all of us have is that we wish to get the BEST machine for ourselves. This term BEST is a relative term. It depends on many factors like the purpose, you budget, time duration you need machine for.

Therefore, check out the money in your pocket. Based on the purpose of the machine, the features you would be needing in your sewing machine and based on that make a decision.

To Sum Up - 

1. Compare the features that you want, considering your budget

Want is something that we desire and Need is something which is quintessential to the core purpose. For example, you want to buy an automatic zig zag sewing machine to start a boutique business from home. And you love designing, so this machine serves your purpose very  well.

After some time, you decide a part time tailor to make the dresses, on full speed and you want mass production of your designed dresses. Now, in this scenerio, an industrial umbrella machine would be much better than a designer automatic machine.

Because an industrial sewing machine is metal body and it is cheaper than an automatic machine. It also gives a mass volume of production. 

Whereas, a designer machine will be best suited if you work on it yourself or the volumn of work is not high enough. 

So you decide on which of the features you can not do without. Based on that compare the durability and work capacity of a machine.

Sewing Machine (1)

Bonus Tips -

  • Initially a sewing machine with straight and reverse stitching and some zigzag combinations for hemming etc. is good enough. Don’t get carried away with fancy features. Most of the times they are not used at all.

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