Should You Buy New Sewing Machine or Fix Old One ?

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Buy New Sewing Machine or Fix the Old One with New Parts?

Buy a New Sewing Machine or Fix Old Machine, depends on how much the repair costs, how much trouble you can take, new sewing features you want and how old existing machine is.

I am sewing for more than 31+ years and I have switched from most basic domestic machine to high speed monster sewing machines in this time span.

I have faced this dilemma at different stages to buy a new sewing machine or fix the old one to carry on with my hobby or work.

I did realize that many of you are also struggling with the same question that I have faced so many times.

When I get emails, YouTube comment questions and Facebook queries - asking my opinion on making this important decision of buying a sewing machine. I share my heart and emotions candidly.

Because I know a sewing machine is not a machine but it becomes your companion. You start loving it over a period of time.

Moreover, you get an emotional satisfaction working with it.  That's why this is a decision close to your heart.

You need your emotions to decide the way you would be creating what you love.

he Sewing Machine Problem of Ms.Rita Dave in her own words :

I have Singer fashion maker machine, more than 30 years old but in good condition. Once the motor was burnt I changed it to peddle type with table top. I use it for my own domestic purposes, don’t have extensive use.Now the problem is, now a days I avoid using it due to leg fatigue.Please advise, shall I go for fitting motor on the same Singer machine or purchase new Usha Genome kind of machine?

The Solution I suggested :

Sometimes back, I had a similar problem when my machine's motor was giving trouble, and I started using it with foot pedal.

Very soon, I realized that I had to exert and spent four times more energy for sewing anything and that resulted in the avoidance of sewing altogether.

Ultimately, I got a new motor fixed in my decade-old machine and this machine (with motor) is working perfectly great.

In your case, you can take the decision of buying or fixing your present sewing machine based on -

1. Your present sewing machine internal parts are not worn out and rusted, then go for a motor fitting.

2. If you need an up-gradation of features and stitches, go for a new sewing machine. 

5 questions before you buy New or fix Old sewing machine 

#1. Can your old sewing machine troubles be fixed? You must know this machine is how much old!

Some sewing machine troubles like -

1.bent or broken needle,

2.fabric not feeding properly,

3.thread breaking,

4. skipping stitches,

5.bobbin tension inconsistent,

6.uneven seams stitches and many other such issues can be fixed easily.

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Though,  the internal rusted parts can be replaced but if most of the body of a machine is rusted, then you need to get it replaced with a new one.

In a nutshell, to buy a new machine or fix the old one, depends upon the design, brand and upkeep of the critical components.

As long as critical parts are working, one can manage with existing machine by attending to minor repairs.

In the following conditions, my above advice regarding fixing the machine may not be appropriate.

1.Where quick and efficient service is not available.

2.When you cannot bear even occasional downtime.

3.When you have got a poorly designed/ constructed appliance.

It is a good practice to go for a new machine when it has served its normal useful life. Reliable maintenance personnel would be able to advise you on this matter.

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#2. Is your machine demanding repairs too frequently.

If you are paying too many visits to the repair shop, either you are not handling your machine in the right way, or the quality and condition of the machine is not good. 

Try to understanding the operation of it but if your know-how is up-to-date and you know how to operate your machine; then change it.

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#3. Has your machine completed it’s life cycle?

Not everything is worth fixing if the parts cost a lot or are hard to find, or the time involved makes it unworthy. 

Sometimes, the reparable parts are no longer available or are of a higher version which is not compatible.

If the Machine is nearing the end of its life cycle and cost of repair is say 40 to 60 per cent of the cost of a new machine,then think of buying a new appliance…and scrap the old one.

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#4. How well you take care of your machine.

Each machine has a normal useful life when used/ operated in a reasonable way.

A well maintained machine lasts a very long time. Make sure you regularly oil, clean and cover your machine to prevent rusting. 

But if you feel that despite all your efforts your sewing machine is a pain in the neck, change it.

#5. Your Skills are upgraded but your machine is outdated.

 This is a serious question. If you have upgraded your sewing skills and crave for better features then you deserve it!

No matter how hard you try, your old machine can not give you new features if it is not built for them.

In short, I'll take these options if I have to make a decision about buying a sewing machine -

  1. First, if the machine is old, then that means other parts (not just the faulty parts) are getting worn too. So, there comes a point when it doesn't make sense to chase problems in an old worn out sewing machine.
  2. Second, if the part that has to be replaced is going to take a lot of time, or is just very difficult to get repaired, then I might opt for a new machine in lieu of repair.
  3. Lastly, if the part costs a significant portion of what I can buy a sewing machine for new, then I will probably just buy another machine.
  4. Moreover, if I need more features then I will go for a new sewing machine definitely. 

If you are a beginner sewing machine user, what’s the best sewing machine for you, manual or electric? It depends on some important factors.

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