Where to Buy Fabric for Your DIY Sewing Projects 2024

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Buy fabric from your local wholesale or retail clothe markets, scrap markets, textile exhibitions or online fabric stores for your long term sewing projects.

But when you start sewing your dresses as a beginner, the first important question arises is,"Where to buy fabric from for small sewing things?"

Because initially you need a good number of fabric pieces. But at the same time you want variety of textures and designs, to try your newly acquired skills.

Moreover, even if you do not sew yourself, you need fabric for different purposes.

To meet your everyday and special occasion fabric needs, you end up frustrated or end up paying much more than required.

1.Use Gifted Fabric for Sewing

you can use fabric material or dresses that your relatives gifted you on different occasions.

But you could never gather enough courage to wear them.

These fabrics or dresses are lying under some drawers and cursing you endlessly.

In return, you look at them at the time of annual cleaning session and pack them back. 

Now is the right time.

Get those fabric or dresses out. Reinvent those dresses or fabric materials to make something new, which you could adore.

2.Local Scrap market could be a Gold Mine!

Explore the local scrap market for huge variety of fabric materials, that also within your budget.

You may wonder if any such market exist around your residence.

But when you inquire a little within your neighborhood, you may get valuable information.

Visit these local markets. Do not buy anything in your first visit (if you are not confident).

But subsequent visits would make your comfortable to bargain and buy your kind of stuff.

Anybody who loves sewing, such scrap markets are like heaven.

You can get a huge variety of fabrics at dirt cheap rates.

You get to know different materials in such markets. You can bargain and buy in retail or bulk. 

3.Check out local Export Market or Custom Seize Shops

While scrap markets are good for fabric material shopping, you can get your hands on some of the branded stuff on custom seize shops or export surplus goods stores.

Generally, the rates are low but you can still bargain at forty percent down.

If you do not get your desired sizes, you can still buy dresses and alter them to your size.

4.Save Commuting time by Visiting Online Stores

There is one more option, online purchase of fabric material.

Given the easy return policy of most of the online stores, even I prefer saving my time in commuting and order online.

If the fabric is really not up to your expectation, you can try something else. 

Check out some of Delhi’s popular markets

Chandni Chawk, Kinari Bazaar –

Whereas you get a good variety of fabric materials from cloth markets of Chandni Chawk, some lanes of Nai Sarak and whole of Krishna cloth market.

You can make these fabrics embellished with flowers, motives, buttons, laces and all sorts of trimmings from Kinari Bazaar.

Kinari Bazaar is a hub of a huge variety of trimmings and embellishments.

No matter what is your budget, you get to have things from duplicate to original.

If you know what you want it’s a heaven of must buys.

And if you are skeptical about things then buy from established shops here rather than from the road side vendors. The market is closed on Sundays.

Lajpat Nagar Central Market –

The roads leading to Lajpat Nagat Central Market have many export fabric shops.

The fabrics sold in these shops are really awesome.

A great range and variety of fabrics are available for a designer’s imagination.

You get fabrics from moderately to highly priced but they are worth their cost.

Market is closed on Monday.

Shahpur Jat –

Shahpur Jat is home to big brands in fashion.

Besides, you can find good craftsmen and embroidery workers, too.

This place also has many shops of stitching and embroidery material and variety is huge.

Mangolpuri Scrap Market –

Mangolpuri Scrap Market is a roadside informal makeshift shops selling all types of export surplus scrap fabrics.

For a first time visitor, the market may look unattractive and clueless.

But if you know how to use which fabric and you could assess usage of different textures of fabrics to make designer dresses then this market is quite useful and economic.

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